Interview with Empire-blowyourbrain (English subs)

Uploaded by MoscowFive on 12.07.2012

What's up, everyone. Once again, we are at StarLadder #2, and now I'm with BlowYourBrain from Team Empire.
- Hi, dude. - Hey, man. - How's it going? - Just fine.
So, you're not upset with your recent results?
Well, we are, but we don't give up just yet. We will try to change things around and fight back.
I've noticed people switching back to DotA from HoN (like fnatic and and it seems like a trend. Is it possible for you to go back to HoN and what is necessary for it to happen?
I doubt it. I don't think I'm getting away from DotA because I really loved the game. Moreover, DotA is way more competitive as an eSport-title than HoN.
- What if there will be more money involved? - I don't think this will alter my decision much. I'm satisfied with DotA's prize pools. It's possible to live off of it while performing really strong, so I'm sticking with DotA.
Were there enough prize money for you in HoN?
I wouldn't say that. The support of the game was really terrible at the moment. The number of tournaments was not enough.
So, is it fair to say, that one of the factors for you to switch was the money?
Nah... I liked the game. That's the thing. I mean DotA 2 was like a copy of the first DotA, but at the same time there were also many good things implemented from HoN, like interface, controlling. The whole game was pretty comfortable to play
What are the main differences between DotA and HoN for you personally?
The dynamics. HoN had much more of it. It's more comfortable to kill, to run in HoN, than in DotA. The latter, in its turn, is more likely to be a teamplay-based game.
So, you're saying that DotA 2 is slower than HoN? According to this logic it should be easier to play it after switching. Is that so?
I don't know if it's EASIER, it's just too different games. But the general concepts are the same. You just need to adjust your playstyle accordingly.
Do you think you've completely adjusted your style from HoN to DotA or there's still a big room for improvement?
There's always a room for improvement, but I think I've already established myself as a DotA-player.
Then what kind of weaknesses do you still have to strengthen as a player?
Well, I think I lack some macro, deeper understanding of the game, so that I could've helped my team better with the coordination during the matches.
How many matches have you played in HoN approximately? Is the number still bigger than your DotA-matches'?
Not quite sure. I've been playing HoN something like 2-2.5 years. As for DotA – it's 7 years already. But speaking about DotA 2 only, it's definitely not even close to what I've played in HoN in terms of matches.
I see. Now, you've been playing in the International-qualifier along with Scandal for team I've already asked your mate about this, and now am going to ask you. It seemed to me that you both had a way higher level of motivation comparing to the other three players of that team. I judge only from the positive results perspective. Do you agree with me?
Well... I had kind of the same feeling, you know. It's like they let us down, not us failing them. I think we made a lot of impact for
So, it's them who are to blame for bringing you down?
I don't want to be that rough on them, and the words are useless. You can just watch the replays and see everything for yourself.
Did you instantly accept their offer or were you pondering on whether to join them because of Empire issues?
Actually, there was some disagreement between our organizations, but as players we wanted to try our best and gather the best roster possible for the International. There were no second thoughts about this decisions.
Did they explain why they had two vacant spots in the roster at that moment? Or just offered you to join them without anything to add?
It was pretty obvious that they had some conflicts within the team, so they decided to alter their roster by inviting us to join them. There was no need to explain anything, actually.
Gotcha. You have to rush here from your bootcamp, sort of. When StarLadder is over, are you going back to bootcamp or just relaxing at home?
We will go home, because we had been bootcamping for like 2.5 weeks already. So yeah, going to take some rest.
Did that bootcamp affect your team in a way of improving your teamplay or is it too early to tell?
It sure did improve our game a lot, actually. We play way better than we used to, but it's LAN and the guys mostly don't have such experience. They get nervous and distracted at times. There is too much “white noise” for them around. May be our results don't prove it just yet, but to my mind the bootcamp really helped our team to stay alive. It has united us in a certain way. And as I mentioned, we used to play not that well before the thing. It's all about improving the teamplay, you know.
Great. Now, what's up with your long nicknames: BlowYourBrain and IalwaysWannaFly? Did you offer your other players to turn their aliases into something longer just for fun?
Ha-ha, didn't really think about it.
But how do people react to such relatively long nicknames? Or it doesn't really matter for anyone?
I don't think anybody really cares about it. It's more important how a person plays and behaves rather than what nickname had (s)he chosen.
And it also doesn't affect your game, right? Your mate isn't really flying and you don't... well, you know what I mean.
Ha-ha, no. When I was making up my nickname I was 14 years old, very young. May be even 13. And now I'm 19.
- So, you were MUCH younger, eh? - Well, just younger than now, ha-ha.
I was trying to come up with something threatening like “I'm going to destroy you” or similar. And then it was just that everybody kept calling me “blow” and stuff, and I decided to keep it original, so I went with it and really liked my nickname.
Nice. Well, we're gonna wrap it up. Anyone to salute or thank for?
Yeah. I would like to thank all of our fans. We hope you guys exist and we need your support. Also, thanks to our sponsors: Adidas, Seagate, Intel and Razer.
Ok. In my turn, I'm going to thank BenQ and MSI for making this coverage possible.
- That was BlowYourBrain, guys. Thank you and good luck. - Thanks, man. See you.