Кубанские казаки / The Cossacks of Kuban

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KUBAN COSSACKS Musical comedy
Directed by Ivan Pyriev
Written by Nikolai Pogodin
Lyrics by M.Isakovsky, M.Volpin
Cameraman Valentin Pavlov Music by Isaak Dunayevsky
Cast Peresvetova - Marina Ladynina
Voron - Sergei Lukyanov
Dasha - Klara Luchko Fedya - Boris Andreyev
Long and wide's the Kuban river, Wave is chasing after wave.
Wheat and rye crops in the fields here
Whisper we will win the day.
Our farmers are so happy.
They will work from dusk till morn.
And will fill this country's granary
With a million tons of corn.
Oh, my vast steppe,
Oh my horse,
My comrade,
Run, run fast...
- Howdy, grandpa, - Howdy, dear women.
Why sing so sorrowfully? Doesn't the steppe gladden your hearts?
Look at those stacks! Such harvest!
We sing different songs.
They holler so that the oxen are stunned.
Drive on or we'll be late for the fair.
It's oxen, not motorcycles.
Six versts an hour at most.
- You're still alone. - When will you find a man?
- There's no man. - Tell me another.
If only old Kuzma.
Will you take me?
The eye sees but the tooth can't reach.
- We'll help you. - Just say the word.
Forget it. I've got much work to do without the man around.
She's kind, our chairwoman.
She surely has a good head on her shoulders.
Beautiful, clever but no husband, no kids.
Bitter is a widow's lot.
You can say that again.
Beware of widowship and a fire!
I'd rather lose a home in a fire than be a widow.
- Good day, comrade Voron. - Good day.
- Good day, Gordei Gordeevich. - How do you know me?
Everybody knows you.
Where do you come from?
Good oxen.
They are ours. We're from the 'Lenin's Commandments' farm.
I know the farm.
- Going to the fair? - Yes.
Good poultry. Why sale it?
- It's for sale. - We've got thousands.
- You're rich. - We don't complain.
We've won the Red Banner in a competition!
Yes, I know. You've got a smart leader, Galina.
Give her regards from Voron.
She's just overtaken us.
- She has? - Sure.
That's good. Well, see you.
Here's the right man.
My compliments, Galina. You know me?
Of course, I know you, Gordei.
- I could see you miles away. - Am I that outstanding?
Your mustache is.
It's for kicks. I'm a Cossack, ain't I?
Cossacks don't wear a mustache anymore.
I'm my own master,
I may even grow a beard, if I want.
You may even grow a plait, if you want.
That's a good cart.
But given your big ways, you need a Moskvich or a Pobeda.
How do you know about our ways?
A little bird told me.
I hear about electric lighting...
The farm will soon be fully electrified.
- Really? - Come and see for yourself.
Many people come.
Why do you dislike me?
What are you talking about?
Don't you understand?
I don't.
You've ruined my life.
You haven't changed.
You have not changed,
You are the same still,
My brave Cossack,
My dear man.
Why did we meet again
After those years?
Why did you break my heart again?
You have accused me
of your losses,
You say
that I have gone astray.
But let me tell you
that my only fault is
I can't forget you try as I may.
they are staring at us.
Let them.
- I wonder. - I don't care.
You have not changed, you have not changed, my darling,
But I like you the way you are.
Look at that dark-haired guy.
Maybe you know him.
- Gee! I know him. - Which one?
The tall one.
Hi, girls. Where are you heading?
- Your way. - To the fair.
- Yes. - That's great.
- Where d'you come from? - We're lonely and unhooked.
We're looking for what we haven't lost.
You'll never find it.
We have found it.
Where's your find?
It's you, my beauties.
Let us introduce ourselves.
Hey, stay away from my produce.
Keep your hands in check.
You're rude and we could be buyers.
- Buyers? - Yes, cooperative buyers.
- So you're agents? - Right.
- What's your choice? - Marriagiable girls.
I'll show you, shrimp.
I'm only a match-maker, pop.
A shaft's cryin' for ya.
Those are uncultured words.
Watch me getting the best one.
What cheek!
- Ready? - Ready.
You go this way, we go that way.
Go while the going is good.
Wait! Wait!
See you at the fair, pop.
Come on, pop.
Put your heart into it.
I'll remember you.
Yes, remember me, pop.
Come to the central square
for the opening of the fair!
All to the central square!
- There she is. - Where?
- Over there. - I don't see her.
Look at the rostrum.
Dear comrades!
Let's come closer.
Let me tell you the good news.
Our district has delivered crops
ahead of schedule.
Never have we taken in
such a bumper crop as this year.
What is that?
Or God's help?
No, dear farmers.
You did it.
With your own hands.
You did a good job.
We can congratulate ourselves on this great achievement.
Our Motherland got
146,000 poods of grain
above the plan.
Every hectare yieded
26-28 centners of grain.
This is a holiday of dedicated labor.
We'll sum up the results of the socialist competition.
You'll see amateur performers,
attend sports events and horse tournaments.
I wish you luck and success.
Enjoy yourselves! Have fun!
Attention! In the regional salons
you can buy Moskvich cars
with a guarantee of six months.
- Hey, Marko! - Howdy, friend.
- How's it? - It's okay.
- You buying it? - No, trading.
- In horses. - Bloody millionaires!
Salting money away, aren't you?
You've got a lot more.
Oh, no, not us. Let's have some beer.
- I don't drink. Liver you know. - Liver?
It's cos you're a miser.
You still go around cossacking, eh?
I gave the country what I owed
and can have a spree, okay?
There go our girls.
This is our heroine Dasha Shelest.
Hi, girls.
- Hello. - It's our capital.
- Not for long. - Why not?
They'll get married and leave your collective farm.
We've got our own eligible men. Right, Dasha?
No answer... Well, have a good time. But don't look at strangers.
See you.
- There he is! - Where?
Oh, that's not him.
Come, girls.
- Hi. - Hi.
Is this your team?
I see you're good friends.
The region rings with your fame.
- How's the fair? - It's fun.
- My head is spinning. - Any buys?
- No, just window shopping. - Right, have a good look first.
Galina Ermolayevna, please.
- Bye. I must be off. - Bye.
So buy 10 boxes of glass.
- Electric bulbs... - Horse collars.
See out a miniswitchboard
and telephones.
- What about the collars? - I'll buy them.
You bungled it last year.
- Hello, Galina Ermolayevna. - Hi, guys.
- How are the horses? - Fine.
- Where are you staying? - Near the racecourse.
Don't let us down, guys.
Voron's broght new racers this time.
- We've see'em. - Nothing special.
- Ours aren't worse. - See you next morning.
- Have a good time. - And the collars?
- There she is. - Where?
- No. - What a shame.
I got an idea.
Follow me.
The 'Red Partisan' collective farm.
Wait here.
Hey, buddy, is it the trading spot
of the 'Red Partisan'?
- You bet. - Can I see Dasha?
- Is that you, pop? - Yeah, that's us.
- Hi. - Hi.
- Trading? - Trading.
- Selling? - Yes.
Never fry a fish till it is caught.
Words are not birds - out you let them
and back you never get them.
How about that?
You can't.
You can't get me with your rhymes.
I can make a report in verse, right here.
- Oh yeah? - Try me.
Fedya, put this agent out of the way.
Now get the hell outa here.
Careful, don't break him.
He's scared stiff.
Serge, find Gordei Gordeevich and tell him
the situation is not so good.
Listen to me, chairmen!
We are listening.
Friends, we have always
acted in unison at the fairs.
- Remember, Marko? - Sure. I do.
We always fixed prices and controled the situation.
Do I know the situation, Marko?
- Who does if you don't. - Smart aleck.
Collective farm trade is a public matter
and very serious.
Aren't we dumping?
Voron talks sense.
We should raise prices.
- And increase farm revenues! - Hear, hear.
- Save money! - Clever guy.
- We sell cheap. - At a loss.
We may go bust.
Listen, the 'Lenin's Commandments'
sells its produce at 25% less than we do.
- Hear that, Gordei? - I'm not deaf.
- That's a how-do-you-do! - Galina has outgalinaed us.
She must be out of her mind.
I'm gonna bring her.
Some collars!
What's wrong with them? Standard collars.
- I can see that. - What do you want?
It won't fit a horse.
I beg your pardon?
- It won't. - Our products--
- You and your products! - You're asking too much.
No, I'm not. I'm going to complain to the fair committee.
- No big deal. - You'll be thrown out.
- What's the buzz? - Gordei Gordeevich!
Look at those collars!
They are no good for men, let alone horses.
Watch me.
And you say they don't fit.
- Allow me. - I'm sorry.
May your heart trouble you all your life!
Don't move, you may choke.
- Look at him! - Don't move I said.
- Did you try it on your head? - It's standard.
You should be tried for it.
- I'm sorry. - Let's go, Galina.
I need to talk to you.
- She's collared him alright. - You bet.
Why do you dump prices?
Can't I?
You should first ask people.
- What people? - My board.
You should ask experts.
- Who? - Marko and me.
We control pricing at the fair.
Be modest, Gordei.
- Me not modest? - You make much noise.
It's my voice, not my fault.
- Control your voice. - Should I whisper or what?
What an idea!
Let me tell you, Voron.
you and your Marko
are skinflints.
You are jealous
of our farm wealth.
No, I am not. You disappoint me.
You're a forward-thinking man
but you don't know the new situation.
Don't I?
Don't I?
- What? - Isn't that a bit thick?
Anton says the situation isn't good.
- What situation? - I dunno.
What kind of a situation do you have?
All buyers are gone.
Only Galina is selling. We're nibbling sunflower seeds.
Look, it's perishable. We can go bust.
- Don't push me. - We will.
Don't push me I said.
Now, Anton,
let's lower the prices.
What about the board?
Do it! By 25%!
- By 25%? - No, 30%.
Thirty percent?
And the board?
Dasha Shelest, see your 2 friends at the movie theater entrance.
What is that? Two friends?
A liking may come of it.
Right. Let me say...
They met on the way to the fair.
Then came here and dropped hints.
It was dearly matchmaking,
they're after the best girl.
Masha, I mean Dasha.
- Who are they? - Agents.
That's what they call themselves.
They are actually from Galina's farm.
Oh, that's how it is.
Well, well...
So you mean to outdo me here too, Galina?
Fat chance!
Where are those guys?
Hey, Vasya!
- Right here! - Good.
- Go do your job. - Mind the board!
Off with you!
Look, Vasya.
Galina's guys want to grab our best girl.
And you won't lift a finger.
I've tried this and that but Dasha couldn't care less.
Court her, try to win her, fight for her.
You are a Cossack! If I were your age...
Oh yeah!
You're right.
Don't tear your eyes off her.
Buy her icecream, take her to the merry-go-round or movies.
At the farm's expense.
Now you're talking.
And smarten up!
Buy a tie and a hat, curl your forelock.
Pity you've no mustache.
The fair sex loves mustache...
Well, you know what I mean.
You'll unswer with your life for Dasha.
- Go do it. - I'll have a go at it.
Have a go.
We'll see, Galina,
if I know the situation or not.
Attention! This is Anton Mudretsov.
Anton's at work.
You will be surprised to know:
our prices are so low!
Buy our pumpkins, vegetables,
corncobs, water-melons, apples.
By 30% did we scale down prices
to make our produce nicer and nicer.
You are welcome to our kiosk, we have all for what you ask.
I am farm manager Mudretsov.
Hurry up!
- Hi, girls. - You look smashing.
- Like an actor. - I AM an actor.
- Ain't I, Fedya? - Sure.
We've been looking for you all day.
- Where are you hiding? - We've been shopping.
- Let us go, Luba. - Let's.
- Hang on. Wait. - No, we'll be late.
- Adieu. You may drop a line. - Thank you. You're so kind.
The address is the wide world, the anonymous farm board.
Are you sure?
Yes, I'm sure. Let us go for a walk.
No, we can not even talk.
At the post office your letters are awaiting us. Good luck.
- We are going your way. - How strange. What d'ya say?
To the world's end we'tll go Just to be with you. And so...
- Am I right, Fedya? - You are.
In that case just to spite you
We will go to the zoo.
- To the zoo? - To the zoo.
Then it's settled.
- Why stop in your tracks? - We are truly outa breath.
To get our wind back let's sit down
and have a snack.
My treat, I pay. Have your fill, pray.
You so generous today.
That I am, I'm proud to say.
Dasha Shelest, meet
your two friends at the movie theater entrance.
Not a chance.
- She'll hear it. - Yeah, but will she want to come?
She will. The radio is a great invention.
There she is.
Yeah, with escorts.
One sec...
Sold out...
Let's go to the circus.
Excellent program... Performing animals...
We have two tickets to the cinema.
- Fine. - Any more tickets?
- I pay double. - Sorry, just two.
Well, guys, we are going to see the movie.
- Are we, Dasha? - Yes.
- Thanks. - One moment please.
- May I? - How much?
- Five rubles. - Too much.
- The best seats. - I'm not sure.
- You can check. - Here.
- That's him. - Who?
That guy, what's his name... the agent.
What's that? I pay for the tickets,
they go with our girls and you say nothing.
I can't possibly fight, can I?
- Tut, Fedya! - What about Fedya?
May roses in blossom
are growing by the stream.
I'm in love with a fellow.
God knows how I feel.
As ill luck would have it,
I fell in love with him.
I'm hard put for words - Oh!
My love is inside me.
As I look at you,
my heart is ringing.
They sing well.
He has no idea, not a single clue.
That one good young woman
Thinks about him.
May roses by the rivulet
are shedding their leaves
But the young woman's love - O!
Still does never cease.
Keep them in your range of vision.
- Who? - Sh-sh-sh.
- Keep your head-- - Who?
My love grows stronger,
Stronger every day.
I must pluck my courage,
I must have my way.
But I do not dare
To open up my heart.
Oh my own darling,
Please guess what I hide.
- I'll elope with you. - What?
Take you to my collective farm.
Why yours? I have my farm.
Oh my own darling,
Please guess what I hide.
Our show goes on.
Now a Kuban dance. Oh!
The dancers work on the farm
where I'm manager number one!
So, a Kuban dance,
a sight for sore eyes.
He's my manager. A great guy. There's no one like him.
Don't brag, Gordei. I hate bragging.
You do?
This is Vasya, my horse breeder. There's no one like him.
- Not again? - All right, all right.
Vasya is a great guy.
Hey, young man!
- Where's your buddy? - Why do you ask?
He took our Masha... er... Dasha.
- Good for him. - It's your fault. Where's she?
The girl is seeking happiness, don't stand in her way.
Don't sweet-talk me. Where's she?
Don't unnerve me. It's my number now.
You shrimp!
Aren't they great?
Marko, Nekai, they are all mine.
Well done, Vasya!
You let'em slip again!
Didn't I tell you?
I kept an eye on them but--
I ain't their guard.
And I can't possibly force them.
I must lift weights and set records.
- Good music. - It's my friend playing.
- He's funny. - Why funny?
He's great. We breed horses together.
- We have lots of them. - We too.
I'm a team leader. I deal with grain.
- I know. - It was hard this year.
Not much snow. Strong winds.
The winter crops were in danger.
But we saved them.
Made shields, barricades, banks...
Then came summer rains.
The crops are ripe for harvesting but no.
- Hard work yours. - Not hard, troublesome.
I met you on the train. Remember?
- Yes. You met me - and forgot. - I tried to find you.
You didn't try hard since you didn't find me.
What's that for? I was thinking about you.
- When I saw you yesterday-- - You didn't even say hi.
I couldn't. We were not introduced.
Now we are.
And now specially for you
humorous rhymes
by our poultry-dames.
First of all we'd like to thank
Authorities for the fair.
Hey, you don't bow well, Nikanorovna.
It's because I have a swell, Christoforovna.
When we came to the fair We went shoppin' around there.
A dress length we were offered made us cry 'Oh my God.'
Aren't they smart!
It's old-fashioned rayon, Nikanorovna...
No good for our region, Christoforovna.
Dressed in golden crepe de Chine, Clasping at the Moskvich wheel,
I'll speed past old and young Across my collective farm.
- Imagine! - Here we go!
Soviet woman at the wheel, Nikanorovna?
They can reach the Kremlin hill, Christoforovna.
This oft happens, I grant that, But you never should forget:
If the engine sud'nly fails, Traffic jams'll be everywhere.
And there is another thing, Christoforovna...
You may run outa benzine, Nikanorovna.
Voron here told his aide: 'I will teach'em how to trade.'
And - can you believe it? - A situation came out of it.
What are we to make of this, Christoforovna?
Why'd he raise that price of his, Nikanorovna?
At the saddler's, where we were, There are shortcoming's galore.
Their horse collars and all - True! - are no good at all.
For a horse they are too tight, Christoforovna.
I am sure you are right, Nikanorovna.
Their horse collars and all - True! - are no good at all.
Clap your hands
or don't clap,
They'll be back,
and that is that.
Here they are!
As the poultry-maids, of course
We sing of cocks and hens and birds.
What birds, dear? Come on say, Nikanorovna.
You all know their names, Christoforovna.
Galka-Daw and Voron-Crow Are both perched on a bow.
He is casting sheepish glances At his turtle dove Oh!
But you can not tame a crow, Christoforovna.
He'll be tamed before you know, Nikanorovna.
From the old wives' tales.
Brawe Cossacks, stay away.
Their wagging tongues
Will ruin you at once.
Speaking of the tongues that wag, Christoforovna...
They got quite outa hand, Nikanorovna.
Leaves in spring are all green, Leaves in autumn will get auburn.
Guys in spring are footloose, Guys in autumn will get noosed.
They will go on wedding sprees, Nikanorovna,
All hell will break loose, Christoforovna.
Oak-tree and rowan-tree in a grove stand side by side.
Our Voron and Galina very soon'll be man and wife.
Why do they keep it secret, Nikanorovna?
They don't know about it, Christoforovna.
Sang and danced for you right here
Amateur artistes from the people:
Poultry-women and horse-breeders,
Tractor drivers and team leaders.
And we ask you merely
Not to judge severely.
Our Motherland is cherishing
All talent in every way,
So the gifts can be developed
Of a smith or poultry-maid.
All the avenues are opened to the ordinary folks.
Amateurs become quite often Profies in all life walks.
Now give us a big hand, Give us our due
And in wrapping up the show
We say ciao and thank you.
Hey, chairmen!
Congratulations, Galina!
Congratulations, Gordei!
Your amateur groups are super.
- Is that true? - What?
- About the horse collars? - It's true.
Gordei can confirm it.
Yes, I do.
Those collars are only good for mules' heads.
- You mean I'm a mule? - Oh no.
You have a low opinion of yourself, comrade Voron.
Not me, but those who write all sorts of songs about me.
We'll live, we'll see.
Gordei is touchy
and doesn't like being criticized.
The fair president wants
to have a word with you.
Let's step aside please.
Attention! Attention! Now see weight-lifters in action!
A misconception still persists:
Strongmen were only found in Rus.
This is utterly wrong.
Russia has many men that are strong.
There's one in our territory,
If anything, he is hunky-dory.
Now watch strongman Grusha-Pear
Setting a record beyond compare!
Hey, Vasya, come over here.
Have a beer, my treat.
You danced like a tornado.
You're an artiste!
Hey, where's Dasha? Why are you alone?
I want to tell you--
What? No liking?
I don't believe you.
You are an artiste!
She won't even look at me.
You just lost the initiative.
Put it back and go find her.
It's uncultured...
And mind you: you answer with your life for Dasha.
Okay, I'll try again. Hope you won't regret it.
Voron is no relation of mine.
He was dad's friend.
I was orphaned in the war
and he took me.
I'm on my own now.
So much for my short life.
Short you say?
You're wrong here.
Your life is long and interesting.
Long? But I am not yet 20.
So what! Some guys live to be a hundred and do nothing.
You are a Soviet Hero.
I haven't done much.
Oh, I forgot to tell you.
I was in Moscow last year.
Walked along its streets, rode in the metro, went to the theatre,
circus and planetarium. But all the time I longed
for my homeplace
our field and steppe.
I love our Kuban steppe.
Do you?
You are wonderful, Dasha.
As soon as I saw you, I decided--
- What? - Shall I say it?
Say it.
You are the best in the whole world.
I am like many others.
You are unique - to me.
I love you.
Why do you say that?
Did I hurt you?
You're angry.
I had better...
- ...go. - No...
I like you too.
There you are! Well... well...
Hey, hey.
How dare you tail me?
I told you not to pine for me.
I'm not.
Gordei Gordeevich made me.
Oh, he did?
- I'll talk to him. - Yes, do.
- I will. - Yes, do.
I will.
- Kolya, let's go to a dance. - Let's.
- You're late. It's over. - We'll make it.
Yes, we will.
Some beau!
If Fedya wasn't on stage now, we'd have given it to you...
Our women have married you off.
To whom?
Galina. She'll cut off your mustache.
- Pardon? - She doesn't like a mustache.
Who says I'm gonna marry her?
How interesting. Everybody knows and I don't.
- Hey, Vasya! - No, Gordei Gordeevich.
- What's going on? - Enough!
Hey, Gordei,
let's show them how we can dance.
- I can't. - What's eating you?
The wedding?
Whom are you trying
to marry me to?
That dancing dame who is laughing?
What's with you?
I was lovesick before the war.
It's back.
How does she return my love?
She put a horse collar on me. Disgraced me with those prices.
Her hen-maids or goose-maids sing songs about me
before regional leaders.
She even called me a mule
in front of Denis Stepanovich!
It's all a big joke to her.
And you took it lying down, eh?
What could I do? She is a woman.
Moreover, an old flame...
See you.
Hey, Marko! And where is your friend Gordei?
It's not right, not the Soviet way.
- What? - This crooked little dame--
- Me a crooked little dame? - Who else?
Who collared my friend?
Who's floating the wedding rumor? Who is disgracing him?
Me disgracing Gordei?
Yes, it's true, Denis Stepanovich.
It's not!
Why are you saying this?
You don't know.
I love him.
Always have.
She doesn't love me.
She doesn't.
What's in me for her?
Am I special
to be of interest to such a woman?
I've grown older...
I'm not in step with the times...
And this mustache.
Do I really need it?
It's funny.
You're getting old, Gordei.
Gordei Gordeevich!
A record! 645!
Tell me, Anton.
You can't. You can't see
and you can't feel anything.
Yes, I can.
To be, or not to be -- That is the question.
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows
of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles...
The Fair Ophelia. - Nymph,
in thy orisons be all my sins rememb'red.
Are you nuts?
I am not. These are great words.
- Shakespeare. - Shakespeare?
You are an actor. A real actor!
What was that? Ophelia...
- Nymph. - Nymph.
Imagine! Nymph.
Well said.
Come with me.
- Hi. - Hi.
Well, what do you think?
- All first prizes are ours. - You wish.
What do you say, Galina Ermolayevna?
- Please! - Give it a rest.
It's a life or death matter for him.
Okay. Who is she?
Dasha Shelest.
Are you nuts or what?
- How's Globus? Still limping? - Not anymore.
- He can race. - Okay, let him race.
Galina Ermolayevna, please!
- He must put it out of his head. - He might.
- But not out of his heart. - He'll survive.
- He'll pine away. - We'll send him to a resort.
Why don't you give your consent?
I can't. Voron will be mad. We're trying to win over his worker.
But he loves her!
But she's a Hero of Socialist Labor!
Can't heroes be loved?
Loved - yes, enticed - no.
- So it's no? - No.
Then Nikolai'll go to work for Voron. Ciao.
- How do you mean? - He will.
- Is that your idea? - Nikolai's.
Why didn't he come himself?
He's too shy.
He's shy, she's shy and I have to pay.
It's sheer hell for me to talk to Voron.
See how terrible he is.
So you've missed Dasha, eh?
Don't let us down at fancy riding.
Don't dishearten me please.
As to your Dasha, after yesterday's fiasco...
- ...I'm not interested. - Fiasco?
- Duet. - What do you mean?
- Hi. - Hi.
Are you ready?
What do you want?
You promised to do the shopping with us.
For our club.
Stop that clamor!
Where's your team leader?
Where's Dasha?
What's so funny?
Daily performances
Cyclists Pik, Pak, Pok
Boxing bears
Panthers - Alexandrov
Flying acrobat - Lesko
Animal acts
Juggler - Kisov
Magician - Alli-Wad
Boa trainer - Godov
Frog-girl - Zoya Orlova
Clown - Kostya
Oh! Uncle Gordei's here!
Kazbek, please.
- That's about all. - What about the piano?
What for?
You promised!
- What'll the board say? - They'll sanction it.
Using foreign words?
Bye, Nikolai.
This is a good instrument
made at a Leningrad factory.
- Would you like to hear the tone? - Can you play?
Like Emil Guilels.
Do play. I've heard him only on the radio.
Pure tone.
Good piano. Emil would be jealous.
Could you play some quiet music?
My pleasure. Chopin.
Let's buy it.
What? Buy the piano?
But you promised.
I didn't.
Some guys have a club, a stadium and are gonna buy a piano.
And you're sitting on your millions.
- We grew up without pianos. - You - yes, but not us.
- Yes. - Cut this yessing!
- Let's go, I can't bear to see it. - Let's.
Thanks. I take it.
Very well.
- Hi, Galina. - Hi, Gordei.
Buying playthings?
A couple of oxen cost less.
Times have changed.
- A different situation? - Exactly.
I need to talk to you.
- Must you? - Sure.
Okay. What's the subject?
- Serious subject. - Serious?
Let's step aside.
- It's about the wedding. - Whose wedding?
- Ours. - What?
- We're in for a wedding. - We?
- Yes, as chairmen. - Whose wedding is it?
- Ours. - Ours?
- I have the man. - Who?
- Nikolai the horse breeder. - Congratulations.
- You have the girl. - I do?
- Dasha Shelest. - Dasha?
Are you in your right mind?
It's love. We should help them.
Oh, that!
I see.
- Hey! - What can I do for you?
- Wrap it! - Wrap what?
This here... er... piano.
It's sold.
Another one then.
Stop sneezing, start doing your job.
In a minute.
Forget it. We'll never give you Dasha.
You forget it. You've no heart.
Luring them with culture?
I can give them culture too!
High time.
Gimme the check!
And don't sell it to anyone!
Come, Xenofont.
- Comrade Mudretsov! - Right here.
Come over here.
- Trade's in full swing. - Hold it.
- Fantastic! - Hold it I say.
Go to the musical shop,
pay the bill and get the piano.
What's the big idea?
I'm gonna learn to play.
What about the farm board?
They sanctioned it.
We should know the cultural needs of youth.
We're not an old-time village.
- Do it. - Yes, sir.
Wait, wait.
Find Dasha and take her to the hotel.
I'm gonna talk to her.
So you've decided to quit
our collective farm?
I'm getting married.
It's not marriage, it's daylight robbery!
I wonder how Galina managed to buy you.
You should be ashamed!
Am I a plaything?
Aren't YOU ashamed?
We've raised you to fame
and you are deserting us.
We've lots of eligible guys.
Take Vasya. He's a nice lad.
I don't deny it, but--
Handsome, hard-working...
His picture is in a mag.
- His and mine! - You see? It's fate.
He's pining for you.
I am not.
Vasya is a great performer and dancer!
A dashing horseman!
He'll make mincemeat of your Nikolai today.
This remains to be seen.
Don't you have faith?
You've no faith in your collective farm!
I do
but Nikolai can't lose to Vasya!
Oh, he can't?
- You know me, right? - Yes, I know you.
Let's make a bet.
- It depends. - A secret bet.
If Nikolai comes first today,
I give you to him, myself.
- And if he doesn't? - Then put off your wedding
till next year.
Think about it.
You're not afraid to remain single, are you?
You're the best catch in the region.
A better guy may turn up. A prince.
- No one can be better. - It depends.
So make up your mind.
I say this as your father.
If you hurt my feelings I won't come to your wedding.
- Can you keep your word? - I can. Can you?
I can.
If it's fate--
I'd hate to hurt you.
Good girl.
Wise girl.
Participants in the obstacle race
are these collective farms:
'October,' 'Struggle,' 'Red Partisan,'
'Lenin's Commandments' and 'Victory.'
It's up to you, Vasya.
Don't worry, it's in the bag.
We outdid tougher guys than Nick.
Don't let us down.
I'll try.
Hey, Nikolai!
Guess what...
- No! - It's true.
- Who told you? - Luba.
Dasha told her.
- So... - I tould him.
He knows.
- Don't be nervous. - I'm not.
- Yes, you are. - Not in the least.
It's them!
I can't watch. You tell me.
I'm afraid too.
Go! Go!
Go ahead!
Come on, Vasya!
Come on, Kolya!
- He'll beat Kolya! - He will.
- What's he doing? - Lagging behind.
Move, Kolya!
Kolya's overtaking him.
Come on, Kolya!
Congratulations, Dasha.
- Congratulations, Galina. - Thank you.
You won. Attaboy Kovylev!
Thank you on behalf of the collective farm.
You've done me,
circus clown!
You belong in the circus not the racecourse.
What a disgrace!
Now the trotting race
with farm chairmen as riders.
Voron from the 'Red Partisan,'
Dergach from the 'Struggle,'
Shesterka from the 'October,'
Plyasov from the 'Lenin's Commandments.'
It's Peresvetova, not Plyasov.
Chairwoman Peresvetova
will take the place
of horse-breeder Plyasov.
There's Galina or you!
- Good for her. - My brand of mettle.
- It's a female sport. - See you're not blown off, aunty.
Why'd she do it?
- It's not right. - Watch it!
Poor Galina. It was a close shave.
I guess she lost to Voron
- But why? - It's not that simple.
Pack up, guys. Time for pleasure, time for work.
It's sowing season.
Next fall we'll take all prizes.
This is Nikolai.
The Nikolai.
I told you about.
We've met already.
You're a good lad.
A dashing Cossack. I love your likes.
Well, send your match-makers.
But you'll move to our farm.
We'll give you a new house, a garden, beehives.
Why your farm?
The wife should go to her man's place.
It's a tradition.
We'll do the other way around.
And your future wife
is a Soviet Hero.
That's not to be sneezed at.
You too will be better off.
Our stud farm is larger than yours.
You'll be in charge...
Become famous, get a medal.
I'm not hunting after fame.
Wait, wait.
You are dodging.
Going back on your word.
No, I am not.
But Nikolai will live on our farm.
Oh yeah?
Very well.
You don't know me.
Come, Kolya.
You'll get nowhere, Galina.
Why are you so gleeful?
We lost 30,000 by dumping prices.
- But we gained time. - We lost the cup.
- But we got a top rider. - How do you mean?
Nikolai has asked Dasha in marriage.
- I knew it. - I don't mind.
But he must live on our farm.
- You're a shrewd diplomat. - You bet.
- And? - There's nothing they can do.
It's love. I know it.
I'm lovesick too.
I was.
Who is it?
- Hi. - What is it?
Galina has the honor of inviting you to our farm
to the wedding party
of Dasha and Nikolai, with your assembly.
- What assembly? - Skip it.
Why your farm?
When they get married you come to our farm.
They were.
- What? - They were married.
in line with the marriage law...
Where's your chairwoman?
She's now getting into her cabriolet.
Hold her, Anton, cry for the police!
- Police! - Cool it, pop.
Thanks for your invitation, Galina.
But there will be no wedding.
Why not?
It's robbery. You've no heroes
and are grabbing ours.
It's a political matter.
It's their own business.
I am going to complain.
Go ahead...
I'm mistaken about you.
I hoped you'd changed--
You haven't.
Gone. They haven't come to terms.
And never will it seems.
Remember I told you the other day
I'd grab
the finest one? I did.
First listen to what Denis Stepanovich has to say.
What do you say?
It's robbery. I raised Dasha--
And who raised you?
Well, the party, the people.
And Dasha was raised by you alone, right?
Would you mind telling me in which country
the 'Lenin's Commandments' is.
What a question!
- Answer me. - In our Soviet country.
So why fret? You should be happy.
They are a match.
- I'm gonna congratulate them. - So Galina beat me here too.
What a snake!
Why offend the good woman?
Don't tell me about her!
She treats you more kindly.
Oh yeah? Ha-ha!
She has disgraced me.
The fair is laughing at Voron. The region too.
She loves you.
Are you kidding?
How do you know?
Who told you?
She did.
She did?
Yes, yesterday. To me and Dergach.
I don't believe it.
This can not be.
Ask Dergach.
Please come over.
Talk to Gordei.
What's up?
- What's with you? - Tell me in all earnest...
as a friend...
Did Galina tell you...
that she...
- ...loves me? - She did.
Yesterday in the presence of Denis Stepanovich.
I asked why she kept hurting you--
Thank you, friend.
Take care.
Galina, I'd like to say...
Say it, comrade Voron.
- I'd like to ask you... - Ask me, Gordei.
Is it true what you said to Marko?
- It's true. - But you said--
- I said I love you. - Galina!
It is not beyond the faraway oceans,
It is not beyond the thrice-ten land
Lady Fate, I'm saying with emotion,
Settled firmly in the Soviet land.
We had built our happy life for years,
We had fought for it with our foes.
We had sought the Promised Land and - cheers! -
Did we find it - everybody knows.
We develop our steppe expanses,
Cultivating orchards everywhere.
No strong and hot and dry wind - Fancy! -
Will dry up the Russian hearts, my friend.
Our country is a land of plenty,
We are doing for it our best.
Our future, so bright and happy,
Is around the corner, yes.
And the sun is generously shining
Upon us who live in Soviet clime.
Ours is a happy lot and thriving
We will be until the end of time.