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SHEENA: Paul McCartney composes for New York City
Ballet, Newsies celebrates its official opening, and LMFAO
gets sexy, and a Rosh Hashanah tribute.
You're watching Just Dance for September 29, 2011.
SHEENA: Hey, everybody, Sheena here, and it's time to buckle
up your dance belts, because we are going for a ride.
First stop, LMFAO is sexy and they know it.
Just like their first hit, "Party Rock Anthem," this song
is super hot, and the video is hilarious, with everything you
need while dancing--
Speedos, big hair, and what I like to
call junk in the front.
Anyways, I dare you not to smile while
watching this video.
It is so much fun.
I just downloaded the song yesterday to
use in my Zumba class.
And you might notice in the video Hok from Quest Crew, who
helped LMFAO with all their choreography.
Let's check in with them now to see how
that all came about.
REDFOO: And so we got with Hok, I seen him at the movies.
He was watching The Social Network.
I need a choreographer.
You know, who stands and makes some pictures and stuff.
And he came over, and he had this notebook--
I thought it was his journal--
and he drawed all kind of stuff.
It looked like hieroglyphics.

SHEENA: LMFAO just teamed up with Kia for what they're
calling the Soul Shuffle Slam, and all you need to do to be
eligible to win $10,000 is go to youtube.com/kiasoul and
upload a video of you shuffling it out to "Party
Rock Anthem." The competition ends October 7, so get on over
there now and shuffle it out.
SHEENA: Also speaking of LMFAO, a group of dancers from
Street Art Productions teamed up to make a pretty funny
parody of "Party Rock Anthem" entitled "Rosh Hashanah Rock
Anthem." Now I'm not Jewish, but if I was, I'd be joining
in on this party right away.
Let's check in with Joseph Birdsong for his
reaction to the video.
JOSEPH BIRDSONG: I think it's safe to say that the "Rosh
Hashanah Rock Anthem" is the best thing that has happened
to me, ever.
And it's great because the Jewish New Year fits in
perfectly during that slump between the Chinese New Year
and the calendar New Year.
I haven't been this excited about a New Year since Snooki
dropped in the big glass ball last year.
The song describes Rosh Hashanah as a great time with
wine and food and family, and as an overall life-changing
experience, but you guys had me at wine.
I watched the video with my friend, and we both agreed a
yarmulke has never looked more attractive than on these guys.
So if you want to see some awesome dance moves and check
out a really catchy song, check out this video ASAP.
Happy Rosh Hashanah!
SHEENA: Former Miss Africa USA Nyasha just busts onto the
scene with her new music video entitled "Rise Up Remix." Just
Dance got to sit down with Nyasha for an exclusive
interview on how this choreography-heavy project
came about.
NYASHA: Hi, guys.
This is Nyasha.
Check out the music video for "Rise Up Remix." The
choreography for the video was done by Karina Roitman.
My favorite part of the video is when I do the stomp.
Stomping is a big part of some African history.
You can expect a lot of dance moves, high energy.
You're going to see me wearing things that are heavily
inspired by my African background but a
large dose of glamour.
My album drops on Halloween this year, and it's going to
be available on iTunes, Amazon,
and Rhapsody worldwide.
SHEENA: Finally, after so much buzz, so much hype, Disney's
Newsies The Musical has finally had its world premiere
at Paper Mill Playhouse.
It went over so amazingly.
The choreography is so hot, it's crazy.
These men dancing all over the stage with their newspapers,
their hot athletic dancing-- it is seriously
something to see.
If you didn't get a chance to be at Paper Mill Playhouse on
opening night, Just Dance was there getting all the action.
JEFF CALHOUN: I'm sort of overwhelmed with the
audience's reaction.
I mean, they go crazy for Chris's work.
ANDREW KEENAN-BOLGER: The crowd goes absolutely
wild for the show.
It's, like, one of the most fulfilling experiences as an
audience member.
CHRISTOPHER GOTTELLI: The dancers, the whole cast, they
worked so hard.
And it was truly like a blank canvas.
It was, like, can you do this, yes.
Can you do this, no, but we'll do it.
ANDY RICHARDSON: During one of the first rehearsals, there
was just an entire hour devoted to, like, OK, what can
you guys do?
And so everyone was just, like, showing off
what they can do--
tumbling, flips.
JEFF CALHOUN: You know, the dancers
are always the underdog.
Trying to make a living in this business as a
singer-dancer is really hard, and this is a show that
celebrates that.
They're the heroes of the show, our singers and dancers.
SHEENA: Todrick Hall and Lauren Gottlieb were so funny
last week recapping Dancing With The Stars on DanceOn's
new show, FYI.
This week, you can check out YouTuber Lisa Schwartz and
choreographer Bobby Newberry as they talk about what
happened on week two of Dancing With The Stars.
Just when you thought that Sir Paul McCartney couldn't
possibly add any more achievements to his already
extensive resume, he goes and composes a completely original
score for a new full-length ballet.
The New York City Ballet is performing Ocean's Kingdom,
choreographed by Peter Martins.
Peter actually approached Paul, asking him if he'd ever
consider doing such a project, and now here we are-- their
project has come to life.
Also in the ballet, the costumes are completely
gorgeous, so detailed, and adding a personal touch,
they're made by Paul McCartney's
daughter, Stella McCartney.
SHEENA: Ovation is hosting a new online dance competition
in which the winning group will receive a $10,000 grant
for their school, plus national television exposure.
You and your dance company, troupe, crew, whatever you
call yourself, can upload a video to enter.
Get together some of those routines and send them in.
Go to ovationtv.com for rules and details.
Your group could be taking home $10,000.
Alright, guys, the ride's over.
Get out, take off your dance belts.
But you can get back in next Thursday for the
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