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Oh, I'm sorry, I thought this was 607.
This is 607.
Looking for someone?
I don't work with couples.
I don't meet with couples would probably be a more client-friendly way to put it. Work sounds too much like work.
Some of my clients like to be reminded that it's work for me. It turns them on.
Take your clothes off.
What's your name? Vera.
Vera, I like that name. What're you into Vera? What do you like? Not being asked.
Ok, I get it. I hate being asked too many things as well. I prefer to just let us be together.
You know? Watch, listen, touch, feel. Draw our own conclusions about each other.
I mean, if you want to hear someone's life story, go on a date, right?
Your turn.
I'm not a client
I have my own agency and I'm here to talk to you.
Anything you have to say to me you can say to Cynthia. Well, this was her idea.
What was her idea? That I talk to you about coming over to me.
Why would she do that? Because she owes me more money than she can pay.
Cynthia's doing fine.
Yes, but her husband is over extended, and I've had to bail them out a few times.
So she's paying you in cattle? I'm not hers to give away.
No she said I could talk to a couple of her best earners, and if they agreed to join me, that would settle part of the debt.
I mean, you're not cattle, you're a free agent.
Why would I want to come and work with you? Because I can get you more.
How much more?
My commission's the same, but my clients pay more. Fifteen hundred dollars an hour.
They're not gonna pay that much for me.
They'll pay what I tell them. Plus it's a better class of client.
How many girls do you handle?
If I told you that, you'd be an accessory to pandering. What does it matter? You and the other girls will never talk and never meet.
And we'll never know how much everybody makes.
That is correct.
Here's the deal, I'll get you the clients at that rate, 15 hundred an hour or more. You will work at least 5 hours a week.
No, that's too much for me.
Less is not worth my while, or yours, I would think. How much are you working now?
One, or two a week. So work more.
I don't want it to take over my life. Blue, you're a pro, not a Sunday driver.
You'll be no more a pro if you work twice what you work. From what Cynthia has said, your clients like you a lot. I believe it.
You're a natural.
A natural whore, thank you. No.
You're a natural at making people feel good. You're not condescending or aloof. You're not threatening. You're warm, appealing, approachable. Just a regular girl.
You're the kind of person that makes nervous clients feel good.
And you know what clients pay the most?
It's not the ones that get good sex. It's the ones that can get away, the ones that can close the door on all the crap in their lives, and spend a little while with a pretty, sensible, understanding, decent girl.
You have that. That can't be taught.
Vera, right?
It's all very flattering. It is. So thank you, but it's not for me. I'm not in this for the long haul, I'm just trying to make some extra money. I don't even know if I like it.
But I'm almost 30, and I have a teenage son with no Daddy, so I've got to provide. So...
Also, I have a day job, and I can't quit that and have everybody wondering where all the money comes from, so...
How long have you been doing this? In some form or another, since I was twenty.
It's nice meeting you, Blue. I hope I see you again, if not as an agent, maybe as a client.
And the room is paid for. Take a nap.