Letters from Syria - Graves: The Tough Achievement

Uploaded by Amer9973 on 09.05.2011

Graves: The Tough Achievement
Here in the cemeteries of Damascus
Each grave costs at least $10,000
And the price differs depending on the location
If it gets sunlight, if it's quiet around it...
If there's space for visitors...
The price differs
Some cost $4,000, but others are $10,000
So it's better to be buried in a village than here
Why are you looking here? Go to the village!
And what if I have the money?
If you have money we can work it out
It'll be your property, like your house
And the solution?
"Commercial Bank of Syria"
Do you need a loan to buy real-estate?
Unfortunately, no I don't want real-estate
So is it a car that you want?
Used or brand new?
Actually, I don't want a car either, I want a grave
Sorry, I can't help you, goodbye
Thank you, thank you
How are you? For $1,000? Of course!
Most definitely! Come be buried here!
Want to buy a grave? For $1,000?
If you get buried here in Homs it's much cheaper!
What's wrong? Why all this fuss?
Come buy graves from us here in Aleppo!
Come to Aleppo! Why are they all so expensive?!
That's impossible! Here we'll bury you for free!
Look at here my friend. We don't want problems
If you marry someone from here you'll be OK!
Why put yourself in all this mess?
Good day!
Don't believe them! We're the cheapest!
Leave Damascus and come here. Burial for free!
You're welcome! It's all here!
Money? I'll sell you my house and car!
You want money for a grave?
Go ask around my friend, go ask around
Go see if graves are for sale in villages!
Go, god will help you, go!
Filmed and Directed by Amer Abdul Salam
Edited by Sudad Kaadan
Produced as part of Shankaboot video workshop
Shot with a Nokia N8