Grief Prevention Tutorial [Bukkit]

Uploaded by CraftPotato13 on 04.11.2012

Sup guys, CraftPotato13 here and today I will be teaching you about the
grief prevention plugin for bukkit
this serves the same purpose as towny or factions
but has a slightly different use
and is more for playing alone
or with a friend or two.
So let's get started.
uh... of course this plugin starts out by you know, you having a house
and done.
as you can see, I have a house. It's a nice little house.
Not good for much and it's
sort of
small but *thinks as crafting workbench*
It's a little house. Not really good for anything.
I'm going
to start
a chest
a chest not too important not necessary but a great way to start the grief
system its
not the only way but it's one way.
uh... then you see we have these glowstone and gold block
uh... corner markers that tell you the area that you have claimed, now
this is
for me. I mean obviously I'm probably gonna want a farm over here or a garden over here and I want
all that to be protected
so I'm gonna right-click on one of the corners I'm going to right click again
where how what another quantity
and uh... these are faded by destroying the is this
it just gives me a book that was a really it doesn't
uh... doesn't give me this
time so yeah says just for you see
uh... or
you house anyway
so let's say discontinued
day amich
because they don't want these let's say
you don't want to c_e_o_'s well the way to get rid of them s too
dole really far away
far outweighs applaud
it soon for a while junior
game stops rendering a little bit
and you come back
uh... it's god that does not mean that your claim his com that just simply
means that does not show heat and the way to get it
it back
is a state on
anywhere in the claimant shows again part of course you can use your gold
and of course
consent to claim nothing can be placed
or destroyed
except for buddy so places indoor ocd scr
side by side or don't understand how trina looking story and marketplace and
unless you're a flash craftsman
slash transcend the player the player's name me one trust well let your trust
uh... notice when i get assessment claim asset base as i have one thousand forty
available claim blocks
this simply means that
accurately claim
that many more blocks of a land
uh... is
i did and i can go over that it won't let me resized not by obviously have a
lot because of i've been on the server longer the lowest in the server
or claim block to get
mathematical plug it protects thinks but
uh... let's say which have seen a lot of places chest
which by the way you can destroy clan will stop
uh... oak
okay cited by submitting a claim but
ask for simple reason you can also use your goal shuttle to quite mary cc
directly and
he's done blocks campgrounds
so or you can do
and after that just right click again where you want to max cordoba their
will make a claim obviously does not work if you have a nice clean box
and if you don't wine
to make the claim i bet
anybody recollect you can just simply put your shovel away and it will cancel
it but emerging so it's not cancel
benefit uh...
we'll show you
it's really great protect
consult further
use partly
ok sam had a test degree of protection
if it actually karen's greek now i had a friend claim this area roundhouse
so i can
demonstrates assad absurd stuffed so
doors are at work
i cannot digest
and i can destroy them
built-in van gogh's broken for about a one point four point two
uh... not having updated stuff usually talks towards but tina
discussing things so
i can't
it's inside the class
africa knew about it
can break anything
also so now account
can't break and so uh... you know how much right
bring it
doesn't lead budesonide beloved does not want a place anything it groups uh...
believes him
want money outside and does not lead lava and
into the claim
also does not let water into the claim who so you know now i'm really angry
really really agree for 'cause now like angelenos house what's the what's inside
that chest
break anything pours i panic targeted should not be able to right
um... can't breakdown
so birmingham
march eighteen west
that's looking for the camp replaced katie actually inside the clinton
southside point photo
hein season style
sniffle club
are you in the point is
apparently now letting me do that
should be okay
should work but apparently it's not
is that the deals that usually he plays t_n_t_ jeered my deadly force blow it up
will not go onto anything in the claim but it will leave flavor
philip detective
the gigantic
allowed destroy anything inside this claim
so yes they look great it would kind of devastating housing walking out in check
reader but elise my house that aspect
so hard working on
when her who aspire to work on it took so long
still better
now i'm really angry at the studio whatever how miss connelly
that's it for greater protection by hope that this plugin will help you and the
future to prevent great in your house
so that