[Real 2PM] M/V making video(Woo Young's Birthday)

Uploaded by 2pm on 27.06.2011

Hi. Everyone
We are 2PM.
We are making music video of Put your Hands Up right now.
Wow! Lots of…
We really have lots of things to do.
I don’t think I have finished much so far.
My birthday is coming soon.
Hit me.
You are watching the best of best performance now.
Who are you?
I am 찬성.
Hey, I am going to attack you.
You are from humble Wangshipri.
Hey. Hey.
You are from humble Daegu.
You, too, come from Daegu.
우영, they attack me.
What’s this?
It’s Iron man’s punch.
It is mine.
I lent it.
You should pay back as soon as possible.
Isn’t it 20000won?
It is expensive, you guy.
Turn it off.
I can’t. It doesn’t work.
It is not fun at all. I can’t do anything about it.
Sad. 우영 was so excited about it.
Cries. He cries.
It is 우영’s birthday. Please don’t do that.
It is 우영’s birthday.
Birthday punch
It is our day.
닉쿤, get away.
Go. Go.
Where are you going?
우영, I am giving you energy.
Get off. Get off.
What? Hold?
I did.
닉쿤, I let you off because of others’ eyes.
Today is my birthday.
I will not let you go.
Hold 김준수.
You come here.
You, get a hit.
Today is my birthday. Hit.
I will never hit you.
Is it free-calling time?
Yes. I guess so.
No, it is my birthday.
Tomorrow will be a big day.
Wait. When it becomes 12,
Gate will be closed.
12 o’clock? 12 is far away.
I thought some taints were on it.
Sorry. I said sorry.
Sorry, everyone.
You don’t come on this music video. You were cut.
Get away.
Only the present one will be on air.
Stop. Stop it.
I didn’t do it.
You boasted of your bracelet to me before.
You boasted you wore a bracelet finally.
I did a bracelet and a ring.
Finally, I got my style ones.
Let’s go.
We need to make film.
You can be here.
Let’s start.
There is something for you.
Surprising fireworks
I will show you a magic.
One two three go
So boring
This fire is
A lie detector.
Hold my hands.
If you lie,
my body gets bigger.
You make up story well. Go ahead.
Do you have girl friend now? No?
Next question
Did you drink yesterday?
Well…you don’t cooperate.
Come here.
Come here. You need to be attacked once, too.
I am always attacked.
I will show you revenge.
I love you.
Lovely 장우영
Thank you.