A Day in the Life of NHSC Medical Providers

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Hey, Mr. Brown, how are you doing?
My name is Emmanuel Isaac, I’m a family medicine practitioner
practicing out in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
It’s truly a great field of medicine to be in.
Where you can actually touch a lot of different people’s
lives throughout the course of the day.
I was a little hesitant to go into primary care,
part of the reason was because of the cost of the student loans.
I felt definitely more comforted when I heard of
the loan repayment program.
I’m going to start with the medicine,
we will do it twice daily.
I love working in my clinic, I love my patients,
this is the population of patients I was meant to serve
and this is where I came from, this is my roots,
so when I’m talking to these patients,
I’m talking to them from a place of,
I have been there.
The devastation that we experienced with General
Motors pulling out, left so many people without jobs
and certainly without healthcare.
Our patients would be unrecognized and not cared for
were it not for a program like this to provide access
for them.
You’ve got that crazy uvula.
Most of the providers are NHSC scholars and without that,
we wouldn’t be able to operate our clinics.
There are all his instructions, ready to roll.
Well, I was born in Haiti and of course Fort Lauderdale has
a large Haitian population, so I definitely feel the passion
for serving the people and being able to communicate to
a patient in their language and really get them the help that
they truly need.
I am very happy to have my Haitian doctor.
The way he works with me, I think he is the best doctor for me.
Such a great opportunity to be able to do what I love to do
and be able to also do it in an area that I truly
enjoy being in.
The difference of the loan repayment made my family –
I can’t even emphasize.
I went from $48,000 in student loan debt,
looming over me, to having nothing.
It isn’t just a job, it definitely is a mission that
you are on when you are performing this kind of health
care and it is very rewarding.
There is not a day that goes by that I don’t learn
something from my patients as much,
if not more, than they learn from me.
Have you ever done physical therapy before?
Okay, you are about to.
And to be able to make that kind of impact in a patient’s
life is enormous.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, take it easy.
Go ahead and find that place that you really want to
Most of us that went into medicine,
went into medicine because we want to help people.
There is so much more good that can be done with the
National Health Service Corps that we are just now starting
to see the impact.
You find the location that you know you want to be and get
there and serve there, because National Health Service Corp
is going to allow you to do it.
You brought me tricks?
You are too good to me.
For the time that I put in, it was a major pay out.
I would recommend that you do it,
you are going to find a rewarding career and hopefully
you will be debt-free when you are done like I am.