apple & snake illusion - magic created by Florian Zimmer

Uploaded by mfoster20 on 23.05.2011

The symbol of temptation
An apple: the perfect inspiration for an illusionist.
That`s it. The forbidden apple.
How could Eve bite in there?
Yes, this trick Eve probably would have also liked to known..
And then.. things would have been different.
In the world of illusions nothing is as it seems.
And sometimes even somthing dangerous appears.
Moses turned a stick into a snake.
When I am in the supermarket in the queue..
I would like to turn this into somthing.. maybe in a stick
or simply make it disappear.
Come with me.. here is a stick already.
If I just brake this here off..
Exactly. If you`d be so kind and reach out both hands.
Nicely done. This also off..
Reach out both hands. Dont`t worry.. nothing can happen to me ;-)
The magic happens on the count of three.
One, two, three!
An object is apparently brought to life.
A miracle? In any case: magic.
Moses would love this show - but what do you think?