ELIXR - Social Documentation Overview

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The class that I am going to be talking
about is the Social Documentation Class.
It's a sort of visual sociology class.
And the particular one
in this case was called Documenting Resistance and it uses text
that students read as well as films and short movies for them
to look at to see and think about - think critically about -
the representation of resistance and what that means.
...and the feeling that you would get.
My students are mainly working class students and they come
with a range of skills.
Some of them have a lot of education and are really familiar
with working on a computer.
Some of them don't -- are afraid of computers
and they have less educational skill but a lot of experience.
So I want us to do something that would really affect all
of them and engage all of them.
They're doing 3 projects: a PowerPoint Presentation,
a webpage and then iMovie project.
And the iMovie project is actually a group of still pictures.
They don't really use movie footage.
So it's an idea that makes things simple
to really do successfully.
I was really inspired by Rina Benmayer
of Cal State Monterey Bay who did a Visible Knowledge project
that used storytelling: visual storytelling.
I also was inspired by the Center
for Digital Storytelling out of Berkeley.
And they work internationally with all kinds of groups,
having people tell their stories.
And they have a formula which I adapted to our class.
I wanted to really engage students in thinking
about visual media critically.
I also wanted to improve their writing skills.
And I wanted to engage their imagination.
And then I wanted to do that in terms of a theme
which I provided with the reading.
They worked in a computer lab
and they learned these 3 different programs,
so in a way it was a very hands on.
And the assignments for the reading would have to be done
in writing but also using visual techniques.
So the use of PowerPoint Presentation and the webpage
and the iMovie to engage with the reading
and they wrote a critical reflection paper for each one.