CGRundertow NFL BLITZ for PlayStation Video Game Review

Uploaded by CGRundertow on 17.08.2012

With the kinder, gentler National Football League that we see today, sometimes I like
to go back and play some american football the way I remember it. The kind of american
football that was all about insane throws, smash mouth running games, and hits, hits
and even more hard hits. I like to relive these memories with NFL Blitz.
Ever since its release, every arcade football game has been compared to NFL Blitz to no
avail, including other games in the series. For some reason, nothing can compare to the
game’s speed, style and glorification of cheapness. There are only a couple game modes
to choose from. You can either play a single game, enter into a tournament, or play through
a season with your favorite team. The game has an NFL license, these were the days before
only one franchise had it, so all the teams are represented. So pick your favorite team
and play some football.
The rules of the game are a little different than normal american football. It is thirty
yards for a first down now instead of the normal ten. To someone who has never played
a Blitz game before, that may make them think that it is difficult to score, until they
see that many plays go for over twenty yards if not more. There are no running plays in
the game. Everything is all about passing for big yards. The plays that you never see
in real life are the foundation for the game. Don’t be surprised to see a double flee-flicker
to a 70 yard pass, while the ball in on fire. That is the standard here.
But one the main things that got NFL Blitz so much heat, and one the things that made
it so much fun and that was the hits. I’m not talking about wrapping up and bringing
down, you know, proper tackling. I’m talking about launching yourself from 10 yards back
to rattle the opponent's teeth and bones. The hits are big and brutal, and we wouldn’t
have them any other way. No one can talk about NFL Blitz without mentioning how much fun
it is to do a late hit. Play the game with a friend and after every play you will see
players flying and getting in the extra cheap shot.
NFL Blitz proves something that many games today don’t realise. And that it you don’t
have to have realism to have fun. NFL Blitz is one of the most unrealistic football games
ever made, but it is also one of the best.