Mahabharat - Episode 85

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Both Jaidrath and Arjun are looking at the Sun ...
... but their viewpoints are different
Jaidrath wants the Sun to set
Only the Sunset can save him from death
Arjun does not want the Sun to set
His life depends on the Sun's rays
This Sunset is very important
In the 12 days of war ...
... one side or the other ...
... has looked to the Sun but ...
... today both sides are looking at it
Even Dhritirashtra has pinned his hopes on the Sun
What does your heart say?
Will Arjun kill Jaidrath before Sunset?
What the heart says is not necessarily true
I know that, Sanjay
You are seeing all this. You can guess
If Jaidrath is saved the war will end today
Arjun, true to his word, will immolate himself
This sorrow will break Yuddhistir
It is also possible that ...
... Arjun is successful in killing Jaidrath
It is possible!
But till it happens I can hope otherwise, can't I?
Again, in Arjun's absence ...
... Sage Drona can capture Yuddhistir
If that happens ...
... the war will end in spite of Jaidrath's death
What is Sage Drona doing?
He is duelling with Dhristadyuma
One must not seize the prey from its hunter
In war, everyone is the hunter and the hunted
O Brahmin! This is not a school but a battlefield
Get down from your chariot
It is a vehicle for warriors
Sartaki is steadily losing to Sage Drona
If aid is not sent to him he'll surely die
As you wish! Forward!
That is Krishna's conch!
Why can't I hear the twang of Arjun's bow?
Can it be that Arjun is dead and ...
... Krishna has raised his weapon in anger?
Go and see, Bhim
Forgive me, Brother
It is more important to protect you than Arjun
Sartaki! I can see you are wounded
Yet, I ask you to rush to Arjun's help
Krishna is with Arjun!
Even then, go there Sartaki!
Your command is inviolable ...
... but Arjun himself has told me :
Don't leave Yuddhistir's side till I return
I, too, had given my word that I'd protect you ...
... till he returned
That Brahmin cannot be defeated by any one of us
I agree with Bhim that ...
... it is more important to protect you than Arjun
Besides, with Krishna by his side ...
... who else can protect him better?
I still want you to go and see, Sartaki
As you wish! Let's go!
- Hail O Sage! - What's the news?
Sartaki has gone to help Arjun
O Lord! Where is the twang of Arjun's bow?
Don't worry! Krishna is with Arjun
I know that but why can't I hear the twang of his bow
Even Sartaki has not returned
Don't worry about me, Bhim
Go and help Arjun! Go!
But ...
This is my order!
As you wish!
You know Sage Drona has sworn to capture Yuddhistir
Brother has ordered me to go to Arjun
I cannot refuse to obey
So, Brother's protection is your responsibility
Don't worry! Sage Drona will have to kill us before ...
... he can capture Yuddhistir
Bhim is rushing to help Arjun
It would help us if Bhim did not reach there
I'll stop Yuddhistir. You stop him
As you wish! Take my chariot towards Bhim
Stop Bhim!
If you must light, light with me
Why light with ordinary soldiers?
Whatever comes across a river is swept away
What weapon will you use?
If you still want to light, take another mace ...
... or get on your chariot and go away
Let's go!
Wait! Where are you going?
You cannot go to Arjun's help without defeating me
Arjun took my permission before leaving
I won't give you that permission
Arjun left after making you helpless
If you were not our Teacher he would have killed you
If you stop me I won't look upon you as my Teacher ...
... but as the enemy's Army Chief
To defeat you is my duty. Beware!
Let's go, charioteer!
Tell the Sun God ...
... not to set without first witnessing the death ...
... of Jaidrath, the man responsible for widowhood
After Abhimanyu's death, the Sun ...
... should not have risen at all
Look to the Sun God and demand
It is your right to demand
If the Sun sets before Jaidrath's death then ...
... along with the corpses of many soldiers ...
... there will be the corpse of Truth
Look to the Sun God!
Sun God! Accept the respects of my son's widow Uttara
You quietly witnessed my son's murder by cowards
Why then don't you slow your pace?
Why are you quiet, my dear? Tell Him!
Let me see how He can ignore your prayer and set
Why isn't the Sun setting today?
Maybe the Sun God is watching the battle
Bhim has broken eight of Sage Drona's chariots
How can Bhim insult his own Teacher?
They are not Teacher and disciple but opponents
Bhim has left Sage Drona with his broken chariot
Wait Brother Bhim!
Wait charioteer!
Don't stop me! I would not like to kill you ...
... because you know the definition of Truth
Duryodhan's pride has made me kill 20 of your brothers
So, do not stop me
You know I cannot do that today
You also know you cannot be victorious
I know! I also know that Hastinapur will lose
Yet, I cannot forsake Duryodhan
So, I am ready to give up my life in battle
Let me go ahead! I haven't forgotten ...
... how you opposed Duryodhan at the Dice Game
That, too, was my duty
To light you today is also my duty
All right! Do your duty ...
... and I'll do my duty. Beware!
Let's go charioteer
Wait Bhim! Let me see ...
... the warrior who has killed 21 of his brothers
A woman who has 5 husbands is not a wile but a whore
A whore has no honour
It wouldn't be wrong to bring her here nude
O Son of Kunti!
I did not expect you to be a coward
I was duelling with Sartaki ...
... and you attacked from behind
Who taught you this cowardice?
Sage Drona?
Sage Kripa?
Or your charioteer Krishna?
It does not befit you to talk of bravery or cowardice
Isn't it cowardice to kill an unconscious warrior?
Was it bravery to dance around my son's corpse?
You asked for something and I could not give it
Forgive me for that
But I won't send you back empty-handed
You are a mother of live sons
None except you, I and the Sun God knows ...
... you are a mother of six sons
So, whatever the result of war ...
... your live sons will remain alive
If I die, Arjun will be saved
If Arjun dies, I'll live
The number of your sons will not change
21 of my sons are dead! Isn't the Sun God satisfied?
Will it set only after my remaining sons die?
The Sun is about to set
God knows ...
... who will inform Gandhari and when!
The number of her sons is decreasing every day
How far apart are Bhim and Duryodhan
Bhim is busy duelling with Karna
And Duryodhan?
He is with Dushasan
These are decisive moments
If Arjun cannot kill Jaidrath before Sunset ...
... he'll have to immolate himself
Without Arjun, our victory is definite
Go protect Jaidrath
As you wish! Let's go!
O Sun God! Set early today
When will you immolate yourself Arjun?
When will you immolate yourself?
The Sun hasn't set as yet. There's the Sun! And Jaidrath!
Jaidrath! The Sun hasn't set as yet!
Run Jaidrath! You had killed my son Abhimanyu
By fulfilling his vow ...
... Arjun proved his word
Both Jaidrath and his lather died
Arjun's life was saved!