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An ambitious effort for an interstellar travel planning organization officially kicked off
this week, after DARPA awarded $500,000 to form the 100-Year Starship initiative. Former
astronaut Mae Jemison, whose proposal was selected earlier this year, will lead the
new independent organization. The goal is to ensure that the capability for human interstellar
travel exists within the next 100 years. It may not look like the starship Enterprise,
but a real interstellar vessel is possible within that timeframe, Jemison said. “Yes,
it can be done. Our current technology arc is sufficient,” she said in a statement.
In its first year, the organization will seek new investors and develop new ideas for interstellar
exploration, the new 100YSS website says. A public symposium is planned for September
in Houston, where anyone from engineers to philosophers will be able to present papers
and host talks about the challenges of such a project. The 100-Year Starship is not necessarily
a ship per se, but an organization that can last 100 years and potentially carry out the
vision of a real starship. It will look for input from scientists, engineers, doctors,
sociologists, writers, ethicists and public policy experts.
The 100-Year Starship project also has a new scientific research partner called The Way,
a cleverly named spinoff that will focus on “speculative, long-term science and technology,”
according to the project. Update complete.
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