C'était un rendez-vous - Lelouch - Making-of - English Subtitles

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I got out like this, and off I went running. hop! hop! hop! ...
And this is where it happened.
- Do you recognize it? - Yes, it's the same. - It's this one? - It's this one!
We put the camera here.
And we had a small remote to control the aperture.
For the focus. There was no problem:
We set it at 4 or 5 meters for the maximum depth.
So, there were three of us in the car.
We were strapped in like crazy!
It was the same color.
It was, by the way, my personal car.
- There, I recognize it. It's not outdated. - No, no. - It will still hug a curve. - Yes, yes.
Yes, you'll see.
- There, it is there ... - Okay, we went really fast here...
We started off...
The car is not as solid as before!
I noticed it doesn't have...
and the brakes aren't there.
I drove past here.
- There's no brakes. - No, no.
I hit hard here.
I started hitting it hard here.
We hit 200 here, but not today. She won't do it.
- We won't make it today. - No, it's okay, it's okay.
Okay. We've had our adrenaline rush!
- Don't do it again. - That's how it was during...
We believe you! We've seen the film several times. It's OK.
- We can still force it a bit! - It's not necessary to do it again!
I saw you holding on there.
The fact that it was shot very early is also part of your personality?
Lelouch really gets up every morning at 5 a.m.?
It's just that you get the feeling that the world belongs to you.
Look around, this morning. Paris belongs to us!
This movie, we decided to do it over-night.
- Really? It wasn't premeditated? - Not at all.
I said to my cinematographer and my key grip...listen:
"Come tomorrow morning. We meet Porte Dauphine. We are going to do this!"
There were Jacques Lefrançois and Henri Cayrol in the car with me. We were three.
I told them: "We can only do one take. Either it works or it doesn't."
"We'll have the cinema gods with us or we won't"
Of course, I was prepared in case of extreme danger to...
... I wouldn't have hesitated between someone's life and a film.
A film is just a film.
But I really never felt I was taking any risks.
And here we were going, I remember, about 160 here.
I felt the car was at its limit.
We need to clear up the mysteries surrounding this film.
So, who was driving the car?
There was talk of Jacky Ickx, Jean-Pierre Beltoise,
, Jean Ragnotti, Jacques Laffite.
- No, no. - So, it was you? - It was me. I just showed it to you.
But why didn't you get a professional driver?
You took some big risks.
Well first of all, because it was decided at the very last moment.
It was decided at the very last moment and besides, I really wanted to do it myself.
I mean, it was a movie that... The main interest in the film was to drive the car. I mean, that was the only interest.
- You wanted to enjoy yourself? - Absolutely!
Here, I put a safeguard in place.
Because it was the only spot I lacked visibility. It was the "Guichets du Louvre".
I had visibility everywhere else.
It meant, if I had a problem, I would crash alone.
But here I couldn't see what was coming from right or left
- So my assistant, at that time Elie Chouraqui... - There, ... at the intersection of the "Rue de Rivoli".
I had him there with a walkie-talkie.
And I told him: "If there's a problem when you see me coming and you think that I can't go through, warn me!"
And he never warned me. Later, he explained to me that the walkie-talkie was broken!
So why a Mercedes instead of a sports car
that might have been better for this kind of thing?
Only because of its suspension. It had hydro-pneumatic suspension.
It was absolutely necessary that the image be smooth.
Here you had to go around ... at the obstacle over there.
The light was red with cars in the way. See? so...
So I had to do something like this.
- With a bus coming your way. - Don't worry, I'm watching out.
So I did this.
I couldn't stop because the idea of this film was not to stop.
How did you do the sound?
I redid the course with a Ferrari to change the sound
because I wanted people who love driving to feel the power of the engine and shifting gears.
Is it true, the original title of the film was "Red Light"?
No, not at all. They are only myths about this film.
It was always called "Pour un Rendez-vous".
The film tells a story.
If there isn't...
this man getting out of the car (me, from the back) and meeting that woman,
the film has no meaning. It's gratuitous.
What's great about cinema is when you can tell a story, when you have a point of view.
A guy, who is going to meet a girl can take unnecessary risks
because he doesn't want to make her wait.
- And you're never late? - It's an obsession.
Not only I'm never late, I'm always early.
So here...
- I should have gone up "Rue Lepic". - You should have gone "Rue Lepic".
But there was a truck there.
- He was unloading yogurts, I believe. - You saw that right away,...
- ...because, we see you turning around immediately. - Well, I did this.
I saw he was there, and so I did this.
- Look, he's still there. - Yes, that's crazy!
At that point I told myself. "Will there be enough film?" because of the detour.
30 years later and we have the truck again. We didn't arrange that. I swear.
- Crazy? You saw that? - We didn't arrange that.
And I had the same light. That's what's crazy.
Here I accelerated very fast
because I had to make up for lost ground.
You must have been worried because you changed your planned route for about...
- ... about 3 or 4 minutes - I was very afraid that I'd run out of film.
I went up this way.
I took a one-way street over there. We'll do that again this morning.
I was already very happy, but I was praying...
that a car wouldn't block me in or the film could have ended here.
Because there was no other possibility. Imagine a guy who...
- We too are lucky. - Yes, we are. - He is stopped right on the side.
This was a one-way street, and it still is.
I sped up here.
And I didn't honk here.
I didn't honk because it would have signalled my wife who was waiting over there.
We rushed up here.
Then, the car skidded at this turn.
The daylight was the same. Exactly the same!
It's incredible!
We came up here.
I had just enough time to do like this.
I did this.
- You did brief your wife previoulsy. - I honked the horn here.
The light was the same.
I got out like this, and off I went running.
And this is where it happened.