Vampire-fighting Pork Stew | Halloween Recipe

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>> Hilah: Hey dudes. I’m Hilah and today on Hilah Cooking I’m really excited. I’ve
got a special guest, my friend Mel, who is a blogger, the writer over at The Clothes
Make the Girl but also really, really amazing author, cookbook writer of this beautiful
cookbook Well Fed. It’s amazing. You should check it out. So presenting Mel! Ta-da! Hi!
Thanks for coming.
>> Melissa: Thanks for having me. Well, I popped in.
>> Hilah: Yeah, just thought you would drop by. So we’re going to make something today.
>> Melissa: We are. We’re going to make vampire-fighting stew for Halloween.
>> Hilah: Awesome.
[Paleo Pork Stew Recipe]
>> Hilah: OK. So first bring out the pork.
>> Melissa: Yes.
>> Hilah: Why?
>> Melissa: So vampire-fighting stew incorporates ingredients that are going to keep away the
vampires and lard is one of the things that medieval people say can help fight the vampires.
They would take a questionable corpse and cover with lard and the idea that that would
it keep it in its grave.
>> Hilah: Maybe it’s too slippery to crawl out and they will just keep like trying to
get out of the grave. But it doesn’t.
>> Melissa: So that’s why we’re going with pork and you want to use a cut of pork
that’s a little fatty.
>> Hilah: OK.
>> Melissa: So shoulder, butt, not the loin.
>> Hilah: OK. You said butt.
>> Melissa: I said butt.
>> Hilah: I went ahead and cut this up and then onions. Does it have any special thing?
>> Melissa: It’s delicious.
>> Hilah: OK. OK. So I’m just going to dice this, right?
>> Melissa: Yeah.
>> Hilah: And then we’re using a whole boatload of garlic too.
>> Melissa: Yes. So everybody is probably familiar with the idea that garlic keeps away
vampires. Back in the times when people were actually concerned about vampires, they would
hang garlands around their windows, put it on their bed, put it under their pillow. I
actually read that you can rub it in your armpits to smell worse than you do.
>> Hilah: I don’t know. It’s also really good for you, right?
>> Melissa: It is really good and there are all kinds of health benefits. It helps lower
blood pressure, helps prevent blood clots. There’s some evidence that it helps fight
cancer and of course it tastes good.
>> Hilah: And it fights vampires. So …
>> Melissa: And it fights vampires.
>> Hilah: … pretty much just healthy any way you cut it. Anything you’re worried
about, garlic will take care of it.
>> Melissa: And if you rub it in your armpits, it will kind of keep everyone away from you,
so if that’s a problem. You got that going for you too.
>> Hilah: Yeah, yeah. If you put on a little bit too much of AXE body spray, you just got
the ladies all over you. No problem. Fix that with some garlic in your pits. OK. So we’re
going to brown it.
>> Melissa: Yeah, we’re going to brown the pork and take advantage of the vampire-fighting
>> Hilah: OK. Good.
>> Melissa: Make some slippery corpses.
>> Hilah: OK. So I’m going to try to get this on a single layer. Let’s see if my

>> Melissa: Don’t be crowding that pork in there, sister. Yeah. For people at home,
when you’re browning your pork, you don’t want to crowd the meat in the pan because
it will steam and we want it to brown and get a nice little crust on the outside.
>> Hilah: Yeah. Look at that.
>> Melissa: Yeah.
>> Hilah: Look what I did for you.
>> Melissa: It’s beautiful. It’s nice and brown and crusty.
>> Hilah: OK.
>> Melissa: Shiny from the lard.
>> Hilah: Yay!
>> Melissa: Yay!
>> Hilah: OK. Tell me what we do next.
>> Melissa: OK. Next we’re going to throw the onions into the pot and take advantage
of the remaining fat. You want to assist?
>> Hilah: Yes, please.
>> Melissa: And then when the onions are almost done, we will throw the garlic in but we don’t
want to throw the garlic in [0:03:23] [Indiscernible]. You don’t want it to burn and get bigger.
>> Hilah: Yes, that’s gross.
>> Melissa: It’s terrible.
>> Hilah: OK. So this will take a few minutes, I guess.
>> Melissa: Maybe five, seven minutes to get them nice and golden.
>> Hilah: OK. So those look good.
>> Melissa: Those onions are golden so we’re going to add the garlic. Just as soon as it
gets fragrant, we’re going to add the rest of the stuff.
>> Hilah: Most of it.
>> Melissa: [Inaudible] we just throw the pork back in to the pot.
>> Hilah: OK.
>> Melissa: And then this is where the fun really starts. We’re going to add extra
vampire-fighting abilities.
>> Hilah: Yes. Well I have the caraway seeds there. So these are seeds.
>> Melissa: So number one, we’re using caraway because we’re giving this a kind of Central
European-Romania-Prague kind of vampire-fighting power.
>> Hilah: Good.
>> Melissa: And the seeds come into play because legend has it that if you fill a vampire’s
coffin with seeds, when he wakes up, he will obsessively start counting them and he will
count them all night and he won’t be able to come and get you.
>> Hilah: Vampires are dumb.
>> Melissa: Vampires have OCD and then we’re also seasoning with mustard which you can
see this mustard has beautiful mustard seeds in it. So double counting.
>> Hilah: Yeah.
>> Melissa: Counting the caraway seeds, counting the mustard seeds. Salt is a good thing for
vampires too. Put salt around your bed and this is kind of catching the vampire. It’s
not really preventing the attack. You put the salts around your bed and if the vampire
comes and gets you, then people can follow the trail of salt that stuck to his feet and
hunt him down and kill him in his coffin. A stake through the heart.
>> Hilah: So they can revenge your death.
>> Melissa: Yes.
>> Hilah: Or your un-death.
>> Melissa: Yeah, but the salt is not really going to prevent it so that’s why we put
the seeds in.
>> Hilah: OK. About that much. And then some chicken stock.
>> Melissa: Chicken stock.
>> Hilah: And some black pepper.
>> Melissa: Uh-huh.
>> Hilah: And that’s it until we add the apple later.
>> Melissa: Yeah.
>> Hilah: This is a really simple recipe.
>> Melissa: It is.
>> Hilah: I like it.
>> Melissa: And powerful, powerful voodoo.
>> Hilah: Yeah. OK. So we will see you back in an hour and a half and for more pork stew
fun. I got you this apple to put in it.
>> Melissa: Lovely.
>> Hilah: Does it look like a good one?
>> Melissa: Yes, it does look like a good one.
>> Hilah: OK. So I’m just going to dice it and hopefully you’re not judging me.
>> Melissa: I’m not. I’m not judging you.
>> Hilah: For my crap knife skills.
>> Melissa: That looks god.
>> Hilah: OK.
>> Melissa: That’s exactly how I would do it.
>> Hilah: OK. Awesome.
>> Melissa: Be careful with your beautiful little fingertips. You might want to – just
for folks at home who don’t have Hilah’s awesome skills, you put on the flat edge so
it’s less likely to slide.
>> Hilah: Safety first, kids.
>> Melissa: Because you don’t want to have blood on the cutting board because it’s
just going to attract the vampires.
>> Hilah: Yeah, like sharks.
>> Melissa: Yeah.
>> Hilah: And the sharks actually.
>> Melissa: Sharks. So the apples just kind of give it a fall flavor. They don’t actually
have any vampire-fighting …
>> Hilah: Well, they’re just like onions. OK. So I’m going to add them to our porky
>> Melissa: Yeah, just toss them in there and they simmer.
>> Hilah: Another hour or so.
>> Melissa: Yeah.
>> Hilah: OK.
>> Melissa: Until they’re tender.
>> Hilah: OK. You have to stop reading that Dracula book now.
>> Melissa: But it is so good.
>> Hilah: It’s scaring me a lot.
>> Melissa: OK, but it’s really – OK. It’s really good though. OK.
>> Hilah: Well, here’s some stew for you.
>> Melissa: Thank you.
>> Hilah: Let’s try it.
>> Melissa: Let’s do it. It’s really, really good.
>> Hilah: Dude, good job.
>> Melissa: Suck it, vampires! But not on us.
>> Hilah: So I want to just show I got your book here.
>> Melissa: Yay!
>> Hilah: So this is her book. She wrote this and her husband actually took all the pictures
which is pretty amazing. Look at that.
>> Melissa: Look what we made.
>> Hilah: It’s colorful. So check that out. I will put a link to that and try the stew.
It’s really delicious. It should keep all the vampires away and …
>> Melissa: It’s super easy.
>> Hilah: … it’s so easy, like eight ingredients. Really easy. So I hope you like it. I hope
you try it. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and check out The
Clothes Make the Girl for more delicious, healthy, Paleo recipes.
>> Melissa: Come see me.
>> Hilah: Yay!
>> Melissa: Yay! And I got you a present just in case the stew doesn’t work.
>> Hilah: Ah! And for all you vampires out there, take that! Quit watching.