Cooking Tips : How to Trim Fat from Pork Tenderloin

Uploaded by cookingguide on 27.10.2008

To trim your pork tenderloin, lie your tenderloin horizontally onto your cutting board. Next
take your knife and a fillet works really well with this because it's able to bend with
the tenderloin. You'll see that the tenderloin has some what's called silver skin and that's
very tough, you can't eat it and it's very, very chewy. So we're going to cut that off
and get rid of it. So just take your fillet knife and right under the skin you want to
puncture and come on through. And then you're going to take your knife and gently, as you're
kind of putting a little bit of pressure up, cut off the silver skin. And then go along
the other way. We're going to do this all the way around the tenderloin to remove any
silver skin that you may see. It's called silver skin because it has a little bit of
an iridescent sheen to it, looks a little silver. Also if your tenderloin has a lot
of excess fat you can also trim that off as well. We're going to remove just a little
bit of this fat. A little fat is not bad, that's just extra flavor. And that is how
you trim a pork tenderloin.