MSI Z77 MPOWER: Change the Game of Overclocking - World's 1st OC Certified Mainboard

Uploaded by MSI on 28.08.2012

It all begins with a simple question.
24 hours of endurance racing requires the driver to balance speed
against the mechanical capability of the car.
What mainboard can run 24 hours under extreme conditions?
can pass a rigorous 24-hour durability test with a high CPU overclock?
Now, MSI applies the toughest standard to the all-new Z77 MPOWER mainboard,
with a 24-hour Prime95 burn-in test under a water-cooled overclocked CPU.
Z77 MPOWER mainboard is equipped with an enhanced PWM cooling design
to ensure maximum performance under low airflow conditions.
Z77 MPOWER mainboard maintains high system loads over a long period of time,
proving the ultimate in overclocked CPU power stability.
We are changing the game of overclocking!
The ultimate overclocking mainboard - Z77 MPOWER