Waves in One Minute

Uploaded by Ivanoelito on 21.01.2011

A wave is a periodic disturbance in space and time.
Waves, such as this sine wave, can be characterized by its frequency,
which is the inverse of the time period, and its amplitude.
They generally propagate in two forms. Transverse waves oscillate perpendicular to
the direction of propagation while longitudinal waves oscillate parallel
to this direction. This standing wave on a string is an example
of a transverse wave. This pattern is formed by two interacting
waves that have the same frequency but propagate in opposite directions.
Longitudinal waves are also known as compression waves because the medium in which they travel
is compressed. A surface wave, which can be formed by a water
droplet, is a combination of a longitudinal and transverse wave.
Perhaps what is most important is that waves carry energy from one place to another in
the form of light, sound, and matter.