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There's a storm coming
It sounds like you're looking forward to it
I'm adaptable
What are you?
I'm Gotham's Reckoning!
We're constructing a very elemental conflict between good and evil
Why didn't you just kill me?
Your punishment must be more severe
Did they kill him?
I'm not sure
It's the true completion
I won't bury you, I've buried enough members of the Wayne's family
It takes everything to a whole new level
We were in this together, and then you were gone
It's a multi-layered story with massive amounts of action
The Batman has to come back
Chris (Nolan) was able to amp up the stakes for this last movie
and really take it to places that I don't think anyone's expecting
What if he doesn't exist anymore?
He must…he must…
In the beginning of the Dark Knight Rises
We find a Bruce Wayne who has been damaged by his experiences as Batman
You are as precious to me as you were to your own mother and father
I swore to them that I would protect you, and I haven't
How much longer can he allow this pain to control his life?
Alfred feels that it’s his duty to help him find a way to put it behind him
You're not Batman anymore
It's eight years that Batman has been missing
We've got to see what government has become
Everything seems fine on the surface
But it's all built on this lie
I am the main sort of facilitator of that
It’s a secret, I think, that’s why are you
So the Dark Knight Rises is about how that affects Gotham and how things begin to get worse once again

He is forced to deal with a new threat to the city and to himself
The choice has to be made: is Batman gonna return?
It’s the true test of a hero
Confronted with their darkest fears, being taken all the way to the edge

Do you think he's coming back?
I don't know
In the Dark Knight Rises, we have an incredible ensemble that we’ve put together
I remember seeing Christian in the make-up chair
There’s a 3 year old in me that says ‘that’s Batman’

It never stops to give me goosebumps, standing in the suit
When you walk down the steps and everyone just stops
I really wanted to see Batman meet his match
There’s a new kid in town
This is the first time that Batman has come across anybody who is superior physically
Bane’s not really to be reasoned with
When Gotham is ashes
You have my permission to die

Some people wanna watch the world burn
Well, Bane has come to pull the pin on the grande
Tom Hardy is an extraordinary actor
What Tom is able to do just with his expressions and his eyes, it’s terrifying
Through the course of the Dark Knight Rises, we’ll uncover
More about what drives Bane, where he comes from
What he wants
And none of it
Is good news
You made some mistakes, Miss Kyle
A girl's gotta eat
Selina Kyle has her own
Code of ethics
Sometimes it involves doing things that other people might consider questionable
We have to have a way of grounding her character
Realizing that
Catwoman could just be this conwoman, this grifter, this classic movie femme fatale
That's a brazen costume for a cat burglar
Yeah? Who are you pretending to be?
I think Anne understood
Right from the first that she was gonna have to do
Almost everything from herself, she has to be the character, she took it on the most extraordinary way
The most important thing is to fir into Chris’ Gotham city
My Catwoman
Has to be Chris Nolan’s Catwoman
Don't be shy
When you cleaned up the streets, you've cleaned them good
Pretty soon we'll be chasing down over-due library books
My character, John Blake is a police officer
And in the midst of, i think a lot of cynicism
He remains really idealistic
And somewhat really believes in what he does
We have a new character played by Marion Cotillard
Miranda Tate
A member of the of the Wayne Enterprise's board and she's trying to pull him out of his shell
And get him back into world
Don't worry Master Wayne
Takes a little time to get back in the swing of things
Alfred is played by Michael Caine and has always been the emotional heart of these movies
You know what Alfred is?
He is "us"
In this incredible world
He’s not tough like all the others
This conversations used to end with an unusual request
I retired
I would say Lucius is the brain
I call him The Bat and yes Mr. Wayne it does come in black
but he’s also grown to have a great fondness for Bruce
Lucius and Alfred, between the two of them
We’ve tried to keep the moral compass point
In the right direction
Commissioner Gordon, to some extent, have been left on his own, running the police in Gotham
Jim Gordon really is the conscience of Batman, isn’t he?
What’s great with Batman’s allies is that they really bring
Interesting questions that Batman has to answer in his life
Chris has always had such a strong sense of spectacle
With his good human story to it as well
He turns these big action movies
Into something very intimate and emotional

You feel very close to all those people
In every movie that Chris has made in the Dark Knight trilogy
He’s been able to
Keep to great filmmaking
In terms of the great characters
And the great characters
He creates
Whole worlds that you really can't get lost into
What does that mean?
The Dark Knight Rises is certainly the biggest film that I’ve ever undertaken, by far
We really went back to the silent era motion pictures
When the image was paramount
When all you had was the scope and scale of the location
Thousands of extras, that kind of thing
That’s the kind of storytelling I was interested in exploring
Dark Knight Rises is about trying to get some of that romantic scale and
And modernism into it, into sort of epic way
We started to shoot in India, then we moved to the UK
After that we went to Pittsburg, Los Angeles, Manhattan
It’s been relentless action from start to finish
We’ve expanded into the largest of genres
The war movie to the disaster film
They add scale, raising the stakes, from the place where they were already extremely heightened
We do get a great kick at doing this action work
To be in inverness, Scotland, flying explosion aircraft and for stunt men
Hanging off an airplane
With Chris Nolan, as much as we can physically do, inside of that land is where he would like to go

We had them on the outside of the aircraft
Shooting through the windows and it was a big thing to come together
He has this Wow factor
We’re back at Cardington, which is this large hangar
A lot of the film takes place underground
So we’ve built the
Gotham sewer system
We’re pumping an enormous amount of water around it

We wanted to fulfill the promise Batman Begins, which is the Wayne Manor would be rebuilt exactly as it was
That the Batcave would be expanded and
Brought forward technologically
My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men
This isn't a car
One of the biggest creations was the new flying vehicle, The Bat
It’s 30 foot long and 70 foot wide
It needs to travel very fast on roads

it needs to climb up over buildings

Chris and Chris’ designs are just phenomenal
It’s a wonderful new gadget
We have a big stadium that we have to blow up
The Pittsburg Steelers have kindly allowed us their stadium
We have almost 11 thousands people turned up for 1 day’s shooting to play fans of the Gotham rogues
The biggest challenge is
Just the sheer scale operation
That's going on
We’ve got thousands of people in the stands
We’ve got multiple cameras, IMAX cameras
This is probably going to be one of the biggest
Most demanding visual effects sequences in the film
We needed to up the scale of the city and there’s only one place

Where you could do that, that’s New York.
In the Wall Street sequence
There’s a big battle
Between the police and all the mercenaries
Chris really wanted to shoot everything as real as possible
So there’s no visual effects
Enhancing the amount of people that are in that scene
This was 8 months of preparation
That’s gone into what you
Seen here
Working with the city, the department in order to control this set
Seeing that many bodies in the middle of Wall Street, fighting each other
Even if it was controlled chaos, it’s still kind of like Wow!
People of Gotham
We have not abandoned you
What does that mean?
It means we are heros
This is certainly the biggest movie that I’ve ever worked on
Then, emotionally it feels like something that a lot of people can tap in to
It’s wonderful, it kinda brings everything to a full circle
You see only one end to your journey

A man rises from the darkness
Every great story deserves a great ending
We’ve really tried to be true to that
The Dark Knight Rises is our attempt to
Give that great story, it's a great ending
You don't owe this people anymore
You've given them everything
Not everything
Not yet