Babe (8/9) Movie CLIP - The Sheep Pig (1995) HD

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[P.A. Announcer] Entry number 23, Mr. A. Hoggett with Pig.
[Crowd Laughing]
[Commentator] This is just too crazy to believe.
And if that isn't enough. We have a stray dog on the field.
They trying to round him up?
The dog's gonna give a few tips on how to be a sheep pig.
Well, it's up to him now.
Away to me, Pig.
[Crowd Laughing]
[Laughing] Get off!
Baa, ram, ewe. Baa, ram, ewe!
To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true.
Sheep be true. Baa, ram, ewe.
What... What did you say?
[Man] Get yourself a dog, Hoggett.
There, there, Esme. It's not the end of the world.
[Commentator] Is hejust going to stand there until his time runs out?
Or could this be some sort of protest?
Maybe we should line up an interview with the sheep pig?
Or the sheep pig's trainer.
He's a lively sort of fellow by the looks of things.
[Commentator] Good heavens!
Hey! Shh.
[Horse] It's Babe!