[FCU2 - GALAXY Note] Ep.1 Moby's Grammy

Uploaded by factcheckersunit on 07.12.2011

So Amy
You going to the costume ball, fundraiser, thingy on Friday?
You know, I’m just gonna go ahead and pencil in a dance with you. That way I won’t forget
cause my memory is not what it use to be. Believe me. And this way
if it’s right here in black and white…
Sorry. Sorry, I’m just testing the effectiveness of these new butt-firming sneakers.
Russell, is it working?
Yes, I think it’s actually working a little bit.
Alright. Hey, how’s your rash?
Seriously? Yea, I wanna know.
I’m studying the effects of flea medication on human skin. No big deal.
Just like for fun, or…
Eh, to make a statement.
Because why shouldn’t we do human testing on products made for animals.
And for fun. Just gets really itchy when I’m nervous.
Hey, uh…Yea. Ugh.
That’s great. Where are you going? Oh…somewhere.
Hey, hey, hey. Watch it moron. That’s an original France Francis.
You’ve never heard of him. No one has.
Heey, Jordache?
Amy. What do you think of these shoes? They’re Malaria, right?
What? They’re sick.
We can’t invite the Fact Checkers to this year’s costume-ball fundraiser thingy.
Remember how they ruined it last year?
The ethanol in alcohol can cause acute respiratory failure
So when I say “party” you say “resp onsibly.” PARTY.
They showed photos of drunk driving accidents. Yea. Those freaks are going nowhere near our fundraiser ball thingy.
Hey, Jordache. You wanted to talk? Come in.
I have a mission for the two of you. There’s a rumor going around that
Moby’s bones are unbreakable.
Find out if this is true.
But Moby lives in Arizona.
So do his bones. Road trip.
This eyeliner is so twenty minutes from now.
Metal detector.
Night vision goggles.
Ok, is that everything? Yup. All the essentials.
Who the hell are you?
I’m Russell, and that’s Dylan. We’re fact-
Ssshhhhh. You idiot. Shut up. My Grandmother’s sleeping.
I’m sorry. I’m also sorry for what I’m about to do to your bones. Aaahhh!
My back.
You want a piece of this?
Break me off a piece, Moby. Aaahhh!
are you having one of your erotic parties?
o, no, no. Go back to sleep. Oh. It’s just a dream.
Hey, you broke your arm. Your bones are breakable.
Sshh. A beautiful sweet little dream with these weird elves.
No. No, no. You can’t. Don’t send that to anybody. What?
People need to think I’m invincible.
Too late.
Plus, you woke my Grandmother.
Cool guitar? Aaahh
It’s a really great song.
Yea. You haven’t heard it before. No one has.
We’re back. Fact checked. Already? Yea.
Well, I have other missions for you.
They are secret. I can’t talk about them openly. I will email you.
Now get those shoes out of here. They’re tuberculosis.
You mean they’re sick?
No, I mean they’re killing me slowly. Go.
Bye Amy. I’ll see you at the costume ball fundraiser thingy,
which we will definitely be back for. Don’t worry.
Uhh. I hate those guys.
She loves us.
She cares about us as employees and people.
Let’s check some facts.