Raju Maharaju Telugu Movie - Part 04/11 (English Subtitles)

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You all...- We arethe children of your staff, sir!
It's not wrong to win me...
But the way you have chosen is wrong!
You have kidnapped all our people...
But...you know that my love is greater than your strength!
You think to kill a man easily...
But I think of the number of dependents when the person is killed!
If I had killed your son there itself... what about your situation?
What about your daughter-in-law's situation?
What about their children's future?
You alway.s want the victory... you can't bear the defeat!
Therefore...the enemity and the revenge!
I accept either victory or defeat happily...
As I know the love and passion in the family...I leave you!
Hey...As I left you, if you plan again... I will kill you!
Be careful!
After that...I will be looking after all of them!
I would like to come to your house and tie Rakhie on the Rahie festival day...
Ahall I come?
Not "Ahall I come"...you may definitely come!
If you want to tie Rakhie... I will come to your house and get it tied!
No brother! I will come to your house...
Do you tie Rakhie for my enemy? - If he is your enemy...
He is my God who forgave my husband!
Not only tying Rakhie to him...
It's not wrong though weworship him!
Have you seen?
He has prepared the opposite party at your homewithin 5 minutes!
That is chakravarthy!
I don't say what this JP is!
I will do and show you!
Greetings sir! -Greetings! - very glad to see you....
Thank you very much! Who are you?
I am Aneha!
Air! Boss doesn't mean that pay.ing only salary to the employees...
You proved that he was a good man who thinks of their families!
Not only that... I have come to know about the
Educational Trust and Healthy society that run by you!
One person's earning...
...will be useful for Thousands of people!
Really the people like you...
...give oxygen to the missed goodness in the society!
Knowing about me... coming in front of me...
and talking about my good deeds! Here...
Herewhere your goodness is exposed!
Do you have coffee or tea?
Okay.! I take shake hand, sir... - Thank you!
Best of luck! - Bye, sir! I meet you again...
What happened? - I have failed!
How would you fail? come on...Iet's see once again!
What dear? Have you failed?
Do you know one thing?
You have passed... but I made you get failed!
If you fail in the examination... only 1 year gets wasted!
But if failed in love... my life gets wasted!
As I wanted to make you understand my pain...
For example...
I have made you fail in your exam!
Not to look with anger...
Learn to love a bit!
You apply for revaluation then... I will let you pass!
What would my darling be doing?
As you made her fail in the examination.. she would be worrying!
Ahe loves studies...
I guess that she may. go to commit suicide!
My girl friend is not such a timid...
Ahe would bethinking of me and my love!
You have made her fail unnecessarily...
If she doesn't love me... I will make her life fail!
Only if you are left alive, right? ...to make my life fail!
Have you come to threaten me?
How would you shoot your darling?
Hey... Why have you shouted so loudly?
Have you dreamt any bad dream? -Yes father!
Here it is!
Drink water and lie down happily!
What dear?
You said that some wedding alliance had come for me...
Why is that issue at this time?
If they like...we shall have the engagement! call for them, father!
What is this?
As you had no safety... you took it for your security!
Why do you return suddenly?
I don't need it, sir!
I am bold enough to have the weapon with me...
But I am not bold enough to use it, sir!
Not only you...
No woman tries to use weapons!
Because! Pity...Kindness...Patience!
These are the weapons of a woman...
Enduring the pain and may. die as she can't bear...
But she doesn't try to kill anybody!
Ahe is my daughter, Aneha!
Greetings! -Greetings! Be seated!
Do you likethe girl? - Yes...I do, dad!
Hey...who are you? - You wait for a minute, uncle!
A small gift for you...
Daddy! I have lost my job... - Not lost!
I have made you get ousted!
What for?
You have come to see this girl, haven't you?
It looks like a double decker issue...
Our greetings to you... and bow to the alliance!
Go...come on!
Who are you?
You behave too much... - Look uncle!
Your daughter won't get a guy more handsome...
wealthier...richer than me!
Ao...you all together sit and discuss! And make a call once you cometo one decision!
I finally tell you...Iisten!
Though you revolve around me and die... I don't care! Get out!
You will definitely cometo my track!
And say., "l LOvE YOU"
Aorry father!
I did not think that he would come up to our house!
The one who is honest towards love can come anywhere...
He has done such deeds... why do you support him?
Aneha! There lies sincerity in that guy's love!
But...the approach is wrong!
Air! I want leavetoday... - What for?
I am going to a movie along with a girl friend!
Ohm Raja! Why do you think I am having drinks sitting here?
As the chair is here!
Not that...
I said, "l LOvE YOU" to a girl!
Do you know what that girl said?
Air! This looks like complicated, sir...I don't understand!
Everything should be practical for me! Tell me!
Let's suppose I am your girl friend... Tell me what had happened!
Aneha! I love you... -I too love you, Kalyan!
Why did you beat me?
Ahe doesn't love me...
Oh! Aorry sir! Aorry sir! It's been a mistake...
It's my mistake... Let's start freshly now!
Tell me now!
I will die without you... - You better die...
It's better to die than to love a nasty fellow like you!
To kindle fire at you... I avoided as it costs for that money!
Why have you beaten again?
That girl will not scold me in such a way....
Will the girl who loved you be softer other than harder?
That's why I have used that hard language!
Mr. Kalyan! What are you doing?
You come here...I will tell you!
Oh God! He doesn't listen to the words if he drinks water...
I don't know what he does as he drinks alcohol!
Greetings Mr.Dattu!- Greetings! - come on...sir! Be seated...
Air! Mr. Dattu is a great stage artist... He has got many prizes!
He is not an ordinary one!
Now you have to act like Kalyan's lover!
Air! You start beating...
He asked meto start saying... -That's it sir!
You ask him... - Ask me sir...I will prove it!
5How long should I say. that "l LOvE YOU" "l LOvE YOU" "l LOvE YOU"?
Answer him, sir!
Air's lover is thinking silently...
What dear? Aay either Yes or No... Air is waiting, isn't he?
What sir? As I am supporting you... why do you beat me?
Do you lay hands on my lover?
Do you have food or grass?
Don't you have ladies at home? Don't you have elder sisters?
Don't you have younger sisters?
Oh! Mr.Dattu...what an acting!
You are living in the character sir!
Junior sir! I have brought leg pieces as you like...
Leg piece? I like leg piece very much...
Why have you beaten me, sir?
Aay.ing that you won't like Non-veg... Do you eat Non-veg now?
When I said that I didn't like...
You is not you, Mr.Dattu! I will bow at you....
You are acting as his lover now, aren't you?
If you forget and eat them...
He will slap twice...and we don't know what may. happen!
You take them away.... you would come at the right time!
Look here! It's difficult to act without knowing the character...
How would I know that the girl was not Non-vegetarian?
I thought she would eat pieces!
Hey...Take them! Take them away...
Hey...Tell me if senior sir comes! I want to talk with him personally!
Being the lover of Junior sir... will you talk personally with our senior sir?
Will you kindle fire between the brothers who are like Ram and lakshman!
Will you beat me for that?
Won't I beat you then? What did you say?
You are a cook! Will you beat me?
I will come to kitchen and beat... Atop! -Mr.Dattu! Mr. Dattu!
I will surely win...
You have to surely love me!
If it doesn't occur... I won't be alive and so will you be!
I love you!
You have to love me!
Idiot! He has come again...
Ahall I talk with you for 2 minutes? - You?
The one who runs after you everyday.... Kalyan!
I am his sister-in-law! - I know what you are going to talk...
Kalyan appears bad... But he is a very good guy!
He loves you very much... He won't be alive without you!
You have cometo say that now... Am I right?
I have cometo tell you not to love Kalyan!
His love is one way. Iove...
I never support the oneway love!
But...he got disturbed a lot because of you!
Now it is dangerous to him because of him...
I ask you to do a small favour to save him!
Akid if he doesn't find thetoy he likes... he weeps for 10 minutes!
And if another toy is thrown before him... hewill play. happily with that!
Kalyan's situation is also same now!
As you denied him...he is becoming mad!
You stay as his friend for 1 0 days.. .He will turn as before!
Meanwhile... I will make him like another girl!
Friendship with him? I can't bear even for one day....
If you think with humanity... you feel what I asked is just!
To save my son...you have to do this small favour! You will do it...
Because... Kalyan told me that you are a very good girl!
Bindu! Bindu! -Yes daddy!
Agood news for you... -What's it?
Bad time has gone by today and good time has started!
I have correctly fixed a time...
If you go to Kalyan at that time and say,
I LOvE YOU... It will be grand success!
Thank you daddy!
No one will have a daddy like my daddy! - All the best!
Yes! Yes!
There will be no father who says such things to his daughter!
I said that I would raise your salary in this month, right? -Yes sir!
That is cut!
That guy's love has sincerity... but the approach is not good!
If you think with humanity... you feel what I asked is just!
Hey...Bindu! -Hi! - What's up? -Let's go!