The Buffy Mustache - "Robots Attack" Written By A Kid Ep 6 Behind The Scenes

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MILEY: The mad scientist has a Buffy mustache.
JOSH FLAUM: A Buffy mustache.
WILL BOWLES: Like big?
MILEY: Uh-huh.
Like whoop.

KIM EVEY: Oh, the Buffy mustache Yeah.
DAN STRANGE: This is where the tragedy comes in.
Oh, man.
A single tear rolls down my cheek.
It didn't make it in.
WILL BOWLES: I remember when we were doing the interview,
and she started talking about the Buffy mustache, I think we
were like oh, yeah, Buffy, ah, that's great.
And I think we were all visualizing it very quickly.
JOSH FLAUM: It's one of those things that would have been a
great detail.
It something that she created.
It's something that a director could have had
a lot of fun with.
DAN STRANGE: It was one of the first episodes we did.
It's a learning process.
And after that, we were like, wow, we can't ever let that
happen again.
We've got to make sure that we focus in on those moments that
don't make sense and specifically do those.
KIM EVEY: I think it made us realize that there is a
certain tone that we want to achieve.
And when something like the Buffy mustache happens,
because it's not a word, because it doesn't mean
anything, we want to see how does an adult
interpret that visually.
WILL BOWLES: You could probably cut one out of paper
and hold it in front of you while you watch the episode.
And I would recommend that to people who want to have that
But it's not the same.
It's not the same as an actual mustache on the evil doctor.
But that's life.
Sometimes that happens.
JOSH FLAUM: How there's no such
thing as a Buffy mustache.
But they say on moonlit nights the Buffy mustache grows an
inch on a person's face.