Pro Tools® SE Installation - Windows 7- Troubleshooting

Uploaded by avid on 16.09.2010

Getting up and running with your Pro Tools SE recording system
is easy to do.
Just follow the instructions during installation
and you'll be recording your first tracks in no time at all.
From the desktop of your computer go to the Start menu and open up My Computer.
Then right click on the DVD drive to open the tray by choosing Eject.
Put your Pro Tools SE
installation DVD into the play and close the tray.
Once the disk is read
the name will show up.
Just double click it
or wait for the Autoplay window to pop up.
Pick your preferred language for the installation they click okay
to start the Installer.
Now take this moment right now to verify that the Audio Interface that came with
Pro Tools SE is not connected to your PC.
If it is,
then please a unplug it now.
The installation is a two-step procedure,
depending on the speed of your DVD reader
the installation could take as long as thirty minutes.
Agree to the License by clicking the radio button,
and here, we can verify
that both the Pro Tools SE software
and the content are both being installed.
Now we're ready to begin the installation.
Click Install to start.
The progress bar will begin to increase as each software component is installed.
At a certain point you may even notice the Pro Tools SE Shortcut appear
on your Desktop.
Progress will continue as Plug-Ins are installed,
moving forward a little
you can see the Loop content being installed.
Fast forward again to the end and you can see the Demo Songs being Installed.
Now once this has all been completed
step two will begin,
Driver Installation.

Again, do not plug your Audio Interface into your computer
keep it unplugged.
Simply choose your interface from the Icons,
The Key Studio
The Vocal Studio,
The Recording Studio, or any other SE compatible M-Audio Interface.
Once you've chosen your device click next
and the driver Wizard begins.
Agree to the license and then
It will only take a few seconds for the installation to complete,
but once it's done
click finish
and now choose whether to Restart now
Restart later.
I choose to Restart now.
While your computer is restarting, prepare to plug your Audio Interface into your computer.
Once you get back to your desktop
Plug the Audio Interface In
and after a few seconds you'll get confirmation from a pop up menu on the right-hand side
of the Taskbar.
Now it's time to launch Pro Tools SE
double click the icon on the Desktop to start Pro Tools
and the Splash Screen will appear.
And after the Quick Start Menu wil pop up, and that's it, you're now ready to start making
music with Pro Tools SE