Lensbaby Scout with Fisheye How To

Uploaded by LensbabyMovies on 11.10.2010

See far and wide or extraordinarily close with Scout the first Lensbaby
lens that doesn't bend.
Scout comes with the Lensbaby Fisheye Optic giving an ultra wide
160 degree angle of view.
With this 12mm optic get as close to a half-inch from your subject
and explore your world on a macro level.
You can create eye opening fisheye photos or dive into the creative
possibility of the other optics in the Lensbaby Optic Swap System with
this fun and easy lens.
Shooting with the Scout is a great way to learn how to use all the Lensbaby
optics because you won't have to worry about tilting your lens and placing
the Sweet Spot of focus.
Simply bring your subject into focus with the manual focus ring and
take a picture.
The circular fisheye image or the circular Sweet Spot of the other
Lensbaby optics will always be perfectly centered in the camera's
rectangular frame.
The Depth of Field or sharpness of your image is controlled by your aperture.
Smaller aperture openings create sharper images.
To change your aperture, first unscrew the top of the Fisheye Optic then either turn
the lens upside down and allow the aperture disc to fall out
or touch the magnetic tip of the aperture tool to the aperture disk.
Remove the old disk and drop in a new one.
Due to the extremely wide angle of view of the Fisheye Optic, shooters with
a full frame sensor will see an almost completely circular image.
Crop sensor cameras will produce some vignetting around the edges
of the frame.
Whenever there are bright sources of light in the picture, shooters with a full frame
or APS size sensor will also get an extra flare effect.
The Fisheye Optic's unique flare capability causes the edges of the frame
to glow with color.
The Scout gives you access to the Lensbaby family of lens bodies,
interchangeable optics, and optic accessories.
Explore the Lensbaby Optic Swap System for even more options to help you
express your creative vision.
Lensbaby gives you tools to transform your photography.
For more information please visit lensbaby.com