Tuto nail art fleurs bande dessinée / How to do comic flowers nail art

Uploaded by tartofraises1 on 09.01.2010

Hello, this is the nail art tutorial
So they are pink flower petals
For the hardware you just need a thin brush and a doting tool
I'll take the glitter polish Opi holographic
And then with a fine brush I draw three wide arches
Then I'll do the outlines of these arcs
Then I will add glitter inside. I chose a red nail polish
And always with the brush I will draw the outlines
We must take very little bit varnish on the brush, otherwise it will make large packages and thick line
Then I took a glitter liner of all colours
And I put some at the centre of the flower
And then as it is not dry I put a pink rhinestone in the center
Then with a doting tool I take the red nail varnish of the beginning
And I make a line of dots
Then I put the transparent nail varnish only on the side and on the light pink polish
And I will take a brush that I will dip in the glitters. There is nothing on it but it will still hang
And then I sprinkle my fingernail so the flakes must catch where there is the base.
So if you put the transparent nail polish where there's the flower it’s going to stick and it will spoil the picture
That’s it, and do not forget the top coat at the end!