The Controller - Battlefield 3 - Episode 3 "Bombs Away"

Uploaded by gamespot on 04.11.2011

I'm excited for today's challenge, especially if the challenge is more physical because
Leroy's an absolute tank, and myself I'm not in too bad out of shape, for a gamer. If it
is something physical I think we'll do extremely well.
Running, diving, swimming, whatever it takes, I'm ready.
What's up guys and girls. I'm Jonny Moseley, welcome back to the Controller: Battlefield
3. Today we are bringing an element of Battlefield 3 to life. That element: demolitions. Just
think about it, grenades, you, and your competition. It just sets the stage for a battle royale.
We're giving you the opportunity to show your competition how you really feel about them
in a game we like to call, Bombs Away.
Here's how it's going down. Behind you you see this huge mud pit. Behind me, life-size
cutouts of each teammate and their team colors. In the pit also you'll see grenades. On my
signal, you're all getting in to the pit. Pick up two grenades each, bombs away. Let
'er fly at the opponent that you want to see out of this competition the most. These life-size
cutouts have three removable parts, the two arms and the head. Once a team loses all six
of their body parts they are not going to be able to win this challenge. The winners
of this physical challenge will get exclusive access to the AMD war room and get pick the
team of their choice to head into the Battlezone to compete against the last place finisher
from today's challenge. Now, this is going to be important, it's an elimination day.
So this physical challenge could very well determine who goes home today after the Battlezone.
Bombs Away, round one, coming up!
Round two, bombs away!
Here we go, round three, bombs away!
Coming up on our fourth round, it looks like red and blue are in the most jeopardy.
Black team is out and is headed to the Battlezone, although they still get to take out other
Going in to the Battlezone I think that we'll have to bring our A-game, go in focused. Have
the mindset like Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, take it down.
Looks like blue is hanging on by one arm, and red by a head. Let's go round five, coming
Alright, round six of Bombs Away!
Red's out, but they can keep throwing.
Red Team has been eliminated, Black Team has been eliminated.
This is a challenge, you're not supposed to be friends. When they're money on the line and there's
a challenge, you are supposed to be fired up.
After six rounds, red is out, black is out, and most recently, purple. This leaves light
blue and dark blue.
It feels great to finally win something in front of alot of people to see that you can
actually do stuff and win just like everyone else.
Good job you guys, well done. In the end it was the black team that got taken out first.
You got pwned right away. How do you feel about that?
Great, we're happy.
Then next out was T-squared's team, the Red Team, then it went to Purple, sorry guys.
And Light Blue got taken out next, which left Violence and Dark Blue as the champions today.
Why don't you guys come on up here. So, for winning today's physical challenge you get
some extra time in the AMD war room with the new AMD core FX8 processor, it's going to
help you obliterate your opponents. And, more importantly you get to pick one of these teams
to head into the Battlezone to compete against the Black Team. Ultimately, someone is going
home out of that competition, so who's it going to be.
Going to have to go with Purple Team.
Mrs. Violence has been crying for the past two challenges and I've been by her side trying
to make her feel better and then she throws us under the bus?
Purple team and Black team, you guys will face off in the Battlezone. Let's go.
They're taking it so personal. It's not a personal thing. It's going to be a great game.
That's it.
Alright, so when we get into their base, you know there's going to be people there, you
always want to toss the nades. Slightly look up, hold it, toss and go. Keep running, keep
moving out. You can see your sides alot, so you definitely want to arc your nades to lay
right into the objectives.
Alright man, let's get going to the Battlezone.
Dark Blue team is back. It's that time again, prove yourself in the Battlezone. Now last
time the Dark Blue team came in here and pwned the competition, and took away $2000. But
this time things are a little different. This is an elimination round. Make sure you treat
every kill as your last, because it could determine your fate on the Controller, you
could be going home today.
Why don't you guys take your stations, Purple against Black, hit it, let's go.
Line is cut, challenge is officially going to start, there's going to be some dirty playing
now, it's on after this.
Battlefield, Rush mode, 24 players, either attack or defend the station.
Alright, Elimination round is over, line it up, line it up, good job you guys.
Tried to congratulate her, and my boy X, but they just didn't seem to have it, and kinda
disappointed me, but you know, this is a competition.
People will vote you in and then cheer you on from the sidelines and say "You got this,
you got..." Shut up.
Alright, Elimination round in the Battlezone has come to a close. Ayiiia, Mr. X, nice work.
Bomb plant and the detonation, I heard alot of cheering over there. which of course, means
your opponents, Black Team, Leroy, Neighbor, come on up here.
I'm sorry to say but, game over.
Alright so, tell me what happened. Leroy from your perspective first.
I suck.
We heard you over there. Have you been owned by Ayiiia before?
No, this is the first time.
You guys are buds right? Cool.
What do you think of Leroy's skill set?
It's a bummer that I couldn't use Leroy's physical power, but I think Ayiiia's kind
of an in-the-closet nerd, because she's extremely good at the game, and I think they're going
to go far for sure.
Alright, big round of applause for the Black Team, thanks for coming on the Controller.
I'm happy to have had this experience, to have done this, and to learn more about gaming
and see how hard it is so if ever anyone says anything slick about a gamer, I can check
I love you Leroy, but man, stick to running and lifting, man.
It was just a really fun time, and even though we were knocked out second, doesn't even matter
to me. I gained alot from this show.
The rest of you guys, congratulations. You've lived to see one more day of The Controller.
We'll see you back out on the field.
By being thrown into the fire, we're looking for heads now. We're heated. We don't care,
we're going to run through everybody. We got some tricks under our sleeves, we're about
to plant some bombs on people. It's going to get nasty.