Lao Che - Koniec (with translation)

Uploaded by caireann on 19.04.2006

Say, my graceful kobza (ad. Kobza – regional lute-like instrument used by court musicians in Central-Eastern Europe )
My cheek - your pride
What could be more fair
Than a chivalrous man?
Whereas a hussar in a strong armor
Stays in a fortified camp
Who after a satiating dinner
Will at once let down his guards
Under sacred banners
Loud with horns and drums
Rides he, leaning through forest
For fame, and sometimes for loot
A soldier walk by forest, by wood
Starving to death sometimes
He doesn't lack his clothing
Wind blows through the holes
One ought to help him out
Don’t stint on the salt for him
Say, my graceful kobza
My cheek – your pride
Until someone starts to think
To use me to wipe his gob
Be prepared!
(gen. W.Sikorski: Wherever you are... ! Poles!)
Translated by Ika