Deluxe Framed Kobe Bryant Signed Jersey

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bjbj Welcome to the framing center. My name is Jason and today
we are framing a Kobe Bryant jersey. We are going to frame that with the purple outer
mat and the yellow inner mat.
First thing I m going to do is measure the jersey. I m going to cut an insert for the
jersey to make sure it stays nice and stretched out. This is what you d get once you cut an
insert. Make sure it s going to fit nicely and I m going to get this in there. Since
this is a deluxe frame, I m doing this jersey horizontally in the frame so that I can place
two photos on the side of the jersey. Right now I m fastening the jersey using the same
thing a department store would use to fasten the prices on it, the labels. There we have
our jersey set up. Now it s time to cut the matting. So I m going to get our yellow matting
and put it on our mat cutter. Here are the photos we re going to use. Here is your certificate
of authenticity. I m going to go ahead and get ahead of ourselves while the mat is cutting.
Place this inside the envelope and put that right by our photos. So here is our yellow
inner mat. I m going to go ahead and place our purple outer mat on the machine so we
can have that cutting as we re doing other things. As our purple outer mat is being cut,
I m going to place these photos. Once again I m using an acid free tape to hinge our photo
to an 8 x 10, 16 x 20, 11 x 14, any time there is a photo involved, I m hinging it with an
acid free tape, ph neutral. Flip this over, I m going to use my burnishing bone to make
sure we get a good adhesion on the photos. What I m going to do now is place a piece
of mat board behind the photos to keep them protected on the back. What this does is keep
a nice hard surface behind your photo so the photo doesn t get pushed through. See now,
there s a hard surface behind the photo and we are set for our purple outer mat. First
thing I m going to do is apply ATG which is the double sided tape. This is what s going
to hold our matting together. Now let s place our purple outer mat, make sure it s nice
and square all the way around so we get an even quarter inch on the inside everywhere,
around the photo, the outside of the photo, around where the jersey is going to go. Our
next step would be to cut our spacers. Our spacers are going to elevate our mat slightly
to give room for our jersey which is going to be sitting on the inside. So I m going
to go ahead and cut four spacers. Here are our spacers. Spacers are strips of two inch
foam board, two inch by quarter inch foam board. Now I m going to apply ATG to the back
of our mats. Once again this is a double sided tape. The next step, since we already have
our double sided tape already on there, I m going to place our spacers. In the framing
world this would be called the showcase when you elevate the mat a quarter inch from the
lower mat. Anytime you elevate the mat it is considered a showcase, doesn t matter if
it s a quarter inch, half inch, two inches, three inches, twelve inches. Put our last
spacer on here. I personally like to use a little tape on the corners to make sure everything
is nice and together. So here s our matting. Now what we re going to want to do is place
our backing, our back mat, which I like using a dark color. So I m going to go ahead and
get a black mat now. Place our black mat here and I m going to flip this over. We use ATG
again and this is what s going to adhere our top mat to our bottom mat which creates our
sandwich. Now I m going to square these two off. Place a little ATG just to hold our Kobe
Bryant jersey in place while I secure it to the matting. I m going to go ahead and secure
this against the back. What I m using now to secure your jersey into place, make sure
it doesn t move around in your framing is something we call T-pins. This will not damage
your jersey in any way. It will literally just hold it in place. What I used in the past is Attach-Ez, which is
what I used to secure everything in place, the fold in the jersey at the bottom. I came
to realize that it just isn t as strong as these T-pins. We want to make sure our jerseys
and everybody s memorabilia gets shipped to them safely. I find that this is the strongest
and the safest for your jersey. What these T-pins do is pretty much push this thin little
pin through the foam or mat board that I use inside your jersey and I shoot it through
the back of the other matting to secure it in place. This does not damage your jersey
in any way. See, it s all set, it s not going anywhere. A little ATG here to keep your labels
and tags down. Make it nice and taut. Sometimes I use a little ATG. It will not damage your
photo or jersey or whatever it is that I m framing for you. Next step, our backing. This
is the last step before your piece gets the frame, plexiglass or acrylic. This is what
s going to bring everything together to make it one solid piece. I can shake this as much
as I want and this is not going anywhere. Looks great. Certificate of authenticity.
I m going to ATG this to the back of your jersey. Okay, quick overview. Once again,
this is a Kobe Bryant deluxe framed with the purple outer, yellow inner, and black background.
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