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'My truth is that I Don't have any truth. '
'I have so many names. '
'So many faces. '
'I speak lies. '
'I hiDe faces behinD faces. '
'I work for the Intelligence Department. '
'At times, willingly. At times, unwillingly. '
'people call me an informer. '
It's me, calling from the battlefielD.
Countless of our men have become martys.
Satan wants to capture our lanD anD sheD our blooD.
He wants to erase our iDentity.
It's wrong.
It's wrong that a thought captures the entire worlD.
AnD tries to kill everyboDy.
We will take our war to every country, every city, every street.
Enemy is hiDing everywhere.
We have to annihilate him.
Either he will Die or our last solDier. . will Die fighting.
We are fighting not for our own self but for our chilDren.
For our truth anD to keep our worlD chaste.
A new methoD of war has starteD.
Which the worlD has never seen. . or imagineD.
Do you accept our mission? - Yes, sir.
I am not afraiD of any army in the worlD.
I am just afraiD of informers.
Because they get close to us as our frienD.
AnD they break us from within.
If possible, be alert from them.
'I have aDorneD my life like this. '
'I have aDorneD my life like this. '
'Every time I DonneD a new mask. '
'The lines of fate stoppeD miDway. '
'Destination came to a stanDstill with the sounD of footsteps. '
'I eraseD the Desires of kin. '
'Every time I DonneD a new mask. '
GoDDess, Your son pleaDs for Your shelter.
Accept his offering.
AnD fulfill his Desire.
On unfamiliar paths.
Carefully! Carefully! Slowly! Slowly!
Here! HolD this!
Come insiDe. Come.
Sir, please get in.
Hurry up!
Come on ! Come on ! RaigarD !
We have founD MahenDra Thappa, sir.
We have him on our sight.
A big fish.
Morning, sir. - Morning !
GooD morning, sir! - Show me!
Sir, he is MahenDra Thappa ! Nepali !
Six months ago, he crosseD the borDer anD he entereD InDia.
He is a very Dangerous man, sir.
WanteD for 20 political murDers.
Interpol has DeclareD reD alert on him.
20 minutes ago we receiveD the news that. .
. . he is roaming arounD with a Naxalite group in AnDhra praDesh.
In fact, right now, we are going to him. .
. .with the aiD of GpS tracker. - Show me.
Sir, we will have to launch a surprise attack tonight itself.
We neeD your orDers.
Attack anD kill !
He will get neither a warning nor a chance to save himself.
Sir, we can't take a chance with these people.
We won't get such a chance again.
First, tell me, where DiD you receive this news from?
Sir, Sp intelligence RathoD.
Right now, he is on the spot. He has sent this news.
Is any informer of the Intelligence, a part of the group?
Sir, only RathoD has the information about that.
Call RathoD. - Yes, sir.
From this cell.
Sir, your phone? - Yes!
Hello. - RathoD ! This is Subramaniam.
Yes. Hello, sir. I was waiting for your call.
Home Minister wants to talk to you. - Give!
Hello! Sp RathoD reporting, sir!
Is the news confirmeD?
Yes, sir. Right now the moving mark on GpS, is my man.
He has iDentifieD the target.
I am giving the orDer of a surprise attack.
Surprise attack!
Tell him to clear the area immeDiately.
But sir, there is no means to warn him.
Doesn't he have a cell?
Sir, they Don't allow him to keep one.
If they finD any such thing then they kill the person on the spot.
Can our commanDo recognise him?
No, sir.
What DiD you say his name is?
I DiDn't give you his name, sir.
If you DiDn't tell me then he too will be killeD !
I am sorry!
Sir! Sir, one minute!
Sir, Don't Disconnect! please!
Sir, I have a request! - Yes!
At the time of attack, I want the permission to remain on the spot.
GranteD !
Thank you, sir!
Sir. . is this your personal number?
Can I save this number?
First, save your informer.
Interesting fellow! RathoD ! I woulD like to meet him.
Yes, sir!
Frisk them!
BenD !
An outsiDe leaDer has come. That's why.
FounD a policeman in the afternoon.
There were two more. But they ran way.
What is in this?
Get up!
HolD this!
1 km from here. 60 7 metre. Got it?
60 7 metre. - Yes, sir.
RathoD ! Sp Intel !
Captain Dorjee! Special Task Force! Grey HounDs.
AnD he is Captain Veer Singh.
For the past one hour, their position has not changeD. Why?
They have put up the camp.
Where is the wooD? - There.
Go anD get it.
No, you get it.
ComraDe! Get up!
What's the Duty of a true solDier?
To fight unto Death, comraDe.
To fight till you Die!
Go to sleep. - You sleep.
Sir, camera has been installeD.
Switch it on.
Clear the path anD go back! Over anD out!
prepare for alpha.
Alpha ! Combat position !
Your man is with them too.
That's why he has come. To save him.
Is someboDy else in the jeep?
He has worn clothes like them. Who is he?
Some extremist.
Must be a rapist or a serial killer.
He must have brought him from the lockup.
When their people will Do the boDy count. .
. .then the number shoulD match.
Oh !
What's the next plan?
Everything is in position.
The firing will start as soon as I give the orDer.
I have a request.
First, kill this guarD using the silencer.
Then stop the firing for seven seconDs.
Seven seconDs is too long. They will start firing.
Okay. Five seconDs.
Not a moment more than three.
He is the one!
HolD on !
No! No!
No! - No!
Don't shoot him!
No! - No!
No! - Don't shoot him!
No! No!
No! No!
Sorry, sir! - Its okay!
Captain Dorjee! Thanks!
Let's meet over a Drink sometime.
You are welcome.
'Unknown life. Unfamiliar paths. '
'The Distances walk together. '
'The Desire to live. . maDe me an informer. '
'The Desire to live. . maDe me an informer. '
'Every time I DonneD a new mask. '
'I have aDorneD my life like this. '
'Every time I DonneD a new mask. '
What happeneD, Dear?
We have just receiveD the news that Dangerous. .
. .was killeD by Grey HounD's commanDos in an attack.
Interpol haD DeclareD reD corner notice against. .
. . MahenDra Thappa, ageD 34.
AnD he is a Dangerous arms expert.
We receiveD MahenDra Thappa's correct. .
. .whereabouts in InDia, a short while ago.
Home Minister's post is miles away from the reality of the fielD.
That's why I wish to know.
No neeD to reveal the name.
I just want to know what kinD of a man is he. .
. .to play with his life, again anD again.
He is not a man. He is a boy, sir.
AgeD 1 9 years olD.
I see! You make chilDren Do such things?
This is the story of all the informers in the worlD, sir.
His parents DieD in a train acciDent. .
. .when he was 12 years olD.
He DiDn't gel with his relatives. He ran away.
He came on the street.
At the age of 18, he was caught in a rounDup.
As such, the boy was innocent, sir.
I DiD what every intelligence officer Does.
'You will be in prison for six years. '
'When you will be releaseD, you won't be able to recognise yourself. '
'I DiDn't Do anything. I DiDn't Do anything. '
'There is one way. '
'You will escape the sentence anD you will earn some money too. '
Do they work for money?
When the worlD is harsh with a kiD. .
. .though he is innocent, then to prove himself right. .
. .that kiD is reaDy to Do anything.
Money isjust an excuse, sir.
To support their existence.
I openeD it.
Fine. Now try to open this.
That was a 3 lever. Not with the key.
With the wire.
My heart searches.
My heart searches.
Come on ! Come on !
Since ages.
Since ages.
On unfamiliar.
On unfamiliar.
My heart searches.
My heart searches.
Since ages.
Since ages.
On unfamiliar.
On unfamiliar. - GooD ! Fire!
He is an orDinary man like you anD me.
He has many Desires.
The only Difference is that we Don't see Death.
AnD he sees it everyDay.
AnD. .
Shall I leave, sir?
You want to say something else too.
Sir, the informer Doesn't face Danger from his enemy.
The intelligence Department.
You mean to say our men kill them. Why?
AlreaDy I have revealeD too much, sir.
I am going to retire after a few months.
please, sir. I want to spenD the rest of my life peacefully.
Return after a week to HyDerabaD.
To my house.
Anju !
How are you? - I am fine, aunt.
Who is it? - Kailash has come.
Rahul !
Aunt! - Yes.
The tap at the back is leaking.
AnD there is no bolt on the Door too.
I will just repair it.
I will make your uncle Do all these chores.
You eat.
Aunt, he again saveD my life.
How will I repay his favour. .
Don't be inDebteD to policemen, Dear.
They put you into trouble. AnD then they only save you.
Ajay! - Yes.
Again you put Kailash's life in Danger.
How many have DieD till now?
Eleven? Twelve?
Kailash shoulDn't Die.
promise me.
Uncle. . I want to leave this work.
What will you Do?
What Do you know besiDes thisjob?
I have money. How much have I earneD?
ArounD 4. 5 lakhs.
That's it? One anD half years of toil, facing so many Dangers. .
. .anD just 4. 5 lakhs.
Money is DistributeD amongst everyone. .
. .from the senior level to the junior level.
You Don't worry. I won't senD you back to the jungle.
At least, earn 10 lakhs.
Then you can leave. I won't stop you.
Don't change the lock. Don't stick the poster.
Don't put up the roD.
Don't bring your frienDs. Don't play music.
AnD Don't make a noise.
Oh ! So the kiDs were right!
You stuDy in class 10th?
You sit in the class with a bearD?
I haD to leave stuDies for a few years.
So I have forgotten everything.
So, now it must be Difficult. You want tuitions?
No, I will Do it by myself in a few months.
I like that spirit. Roshni.
Kailash. - Bye.
I have nothing besiDes you.
My heart is crazy for you.
You Don't get the one you want.
I have founD the worlD of Dreams.
BeloveD ! BeloveD !
BeloveD ! BeloveD ! BeloveD !
I have nothing besiDes you.
My heart is crazy for you.
How long will you lie to that innocent boy?
For so many years, you DiDn't even realise this.
In my worlD, truth anD a lie are like twin brothers.
Who is who? At times even parents can't Differentiate.
Again you are lying.
Why Does my heart beat with you?
What love sways in my eyes?
The capricious birD of my heart.
Follows you.
Why Does it suffer?
Why is it neryous of the beloveD?
No! - Yes!
Sing like this!
Hey, come on !
Okay! Try this!
Wow! Great!
I met you anD everything became beautiful.
Brother Kailash, your uncle has come to pick you up.
You go. I will just come. - Okay.
My uncle has come.
There is a weDDing in his family.
I will return in a week.
Have faith.
'I coulD never belong to my kin or to strangers. '
'I coulDn't fulfil the Desire of breath. '
Come on !
'EveryboDy forgot my existence. '
'Every time I DonneD a new mask. '
What Do you Do?
I? I open locks!
What's your name? - Kailash. AnD yours?
Vinayak Marathe.
'Your new name is Vinayak Marathe. '
'Your father's name Devi prasaD Marathe. '
'HyDerabaD's Don Mamu's olD shooter. '
Do you know? I am from Nagpur.
In Nagpur, you finD such beautiful girls.
Do come with me someDay.
'You have to learn to talk, walk anD think like him. '
'You have to pick up all his traits. '
'Very soon. '
AnD I have learnt how to shoot too.
Do you know how to open locks?
I will teach it to you.
I will open this in a jiffy.
'Remember, you won't get much time. '
Come on ! Get out!
Come on !
'I have aDorneD my life like this. '
'Every time I DonneD a new mask. '
Come on ! Come on !
'The lines of fate stoppeD miDway. '
'Destination came to a stanDstill with the sounD of footsteps. '
'I eraseD the Desires of kin. '
'Every time I DonneD a new mask. '
If you want to console yourself then listen.
He was in prison twice.
For the charge of raping 10- 12 years olD girls.
He was releaseD.
The gang where I am senDing you, its boss is Mamu.
He looks like an olD man. But he is very smart.
AnD then pasha anD Biju.
You have to get close to pasha.
Fool, are you listening to me? - Yes.
If you pity him then you will forget everything !
Then it will be your turn. Got it?
Drop him to Charminar. - Yes, sir.
I will wait for you at Different places thrice in a week.
Where is the paper?
Everything is written in this. ReaD it.
AnD wear this.
Hail Hussein !
There is a prayer on my lips.
please, appear before us.
The Dawn of Mecca. please, appear before me.
There is a prayer on my lips.
please, appear before us.
Who are you? Why have you come?
Vinayak Marathe from Nagpur.
Come! Come!
Hey, he is our man. - Okay.
Any cell phone? - No, nothing.
'Don't take your cell along. '
'If they saw it, then they will immeDiately slit your throat. '
Vinayak Marathe has come. From Nagpur.
'The gang where I am senDing you, its boss is Mamu. '
'He looks like an olD man. But he is very smart. '
Greetings, sir. Uncle Mamu.
Call me Mamu. It's sufficient.
You were supposeD to come in the morning, right?
Why are you late?
I got late because of the rally.
Father has sent this for you.
The first bullet of your father.
He fireD it 30 years ago.
Riots were going on near Charminar.
An insane man came to kill me with a sworD.
Your father fireD. AnD he saveD my life.
Look. . the names of both of us are written on it.
Is that so? - Yes.
You DiDn't know what this envelope containeD?
'My father! He Doesn't Do anything ! '
'He just sits at home! He Doesn't say anything ! '
No, Mamu !
Give me your resiDential number.
Hello! - Devi !
Who? - How are you?
Mamu ! I am fine!
You DiDn't tell your son what the envelope containeD.
Envelop! I Don't think I tolD him.
Okay. Talk to your father.
DiD you reach there? - Yes.
DiD you reach there?
If you act smart, Mamu will teach you a lesson.
Give the phone to Mamu.
Yes, tell me.
Mamu, if he DiDn't work properly. .
. .then remember our olD formula.
Your father saiD, if you Don't work properly. .
. .then to beat your bare boDy with a stick.
Where are you going? Sit! Sit! Sit!
Do you play carDs? - Yes.
Which game Do you play? Rummy, three carDs game.
Do you have money?
Yes. - Take it out! Come on ! Take it out!
Take out some more.
But. .
Do you have more money?
No. My pocket is empty.
Empty? Then go anD learn the work.
Mamu, can I borrow 100 rupees?
Go! Show him the work!
You lost anD you are asking for a loan !
Come on !
Chhotu ! - Yes, Mamu !
IntroDuce him to sister. - Okay.
pasha. . he. .
Vinayak Marathe.
That Devi prasaD.
Our olD shooter from Nagpur.
His son.
'You have to get close to pasha. '
Greetings, brother pasha.
What else Do you know?
I Do small menial jobs.
You Don't know how to play carDs?
I improveD after playing with Mamu.
Don't ever play with him. He has markeD all the carDs.
He senDs you home empty-hanDeD.
He emptieD my pocket as soon as I came.
AnD you stole my heart.
Go. I will call you again.
I will just come.
If you smile anD flirt with her again. .
. .then I will cut your lips with a blaDe.
Why Does pasha always talk angrily?
I will narrate the entire story in short.
Mamu's son-in-law was beaten up. .
. . by the policemen in the lockup.
Because of that, Mamu suffereD a heart attack.
AnD he became weak.
Sister anD Biju are looking after the entire business.
AnD Mamu, he only plays carDs.
Who is Biju? Mamu's son?
He is Mamu's mistress's son.
His mother is a Muslim. We are HinDus.
His mother can't come here.
Biju Doesn't have any support. That's the problem.
But pasha too is a Muslim.
pasha is sister's lover. Mamu heeDs sister.
Things are like this since the beginning.
A couple of years ago, pasha was a shooter.
Now he rules over us. That's the problem.
Clean it quickly.
ToDay is a big Day.
The planning has been going on for many Days.
The car has left from home.
It will reach there in ten minutes. - Okay.
1. . 2. . 3. . 4.
Car's number.
My number is 1. Yusuf, you are number 2.
Go from the left siDe. First, kill the gunman.
Then kill the Driver from the front.
Raza. - Yes.
You are number 3. - Okay.
Come from the left anD kill the minister. - Okay.
Empty all the six bullets. Don't worry. - Okay.
Shrikant. - Yes.
You are number 4.
Your target is minister's wife anD Daughter.
Vicky! ReDDy! Chalan !
Show the pistol to the people.
Kill anyboDy who stops you.
Shekhar! Raju ! Mastan !
RiDe the auto which Yusuf showeD you.
1 1, 12.
Chhotu ! Vinayak!
You people hanDle the public.
Who is watching ! Who is not running !
If anyboDy clicks photos from the cell phone. .
. .then immeDiately point him out to me.
Five minutes still left.
Don't make haste.
Everything will be Done slowly.
The car has left the staDium.
Near the staDium. Two more minutes.
pasha !
Tell me, beloveD.
DiD you give breakfast to Vinayak?
That poor guy must have come hungry.
Breakfast! I see!
I will just give it to him.
FeeD him properly.
Shrikant! - Yes, brother.
You go on number 1 1. - Okay, brother.
Number 4 is yours.
Number 4!
Wife! Daughter! Yours!
If you miss the aim, then I will kill you.
On the spot.
'I will keep my heart pure, uncle. I won't kill anyone. '
'No matter what happens. '
'You will have to walk on fire. '
'But your feet shoulDn't burn. Fire. '
O GoDDess.
What happeneD?
I Don't know, sir.
Reverse the car! Hurry up! Hurry up!
Okay, sir!
Hurry up!
A car is behinD, sir. - Reverse the car! Hurry up!
What happeneD?
Hurry up! - I am Doing it, sir!
Come on !
Shoot! Shoot!
Hey, why coulDn't you shoot?
Maybe the revolver got stuck.
No, brother! Brother, it's not my mistake.
Brother, the revolver got stuck. I DiD what you saiD.
please! It's not my mistake, brother. please.
Hey, Marathe!
Greetings! Biju !
Mamu's step-son !
Don't be afraiD. pasha won't be seen for a few Days.
We have to keep the police's honour intact too.
So he left!
Mamu is bribing them. Look.
This is the custom of HyDerabaD.
Here you Do your work lovingly.
Mamu plays carDs the whole Day.
The business runs smoothly.
If anyboDy has any problem then. .
. .come to Mamu with money.
Meaning you will lose your money anD the problem will be solveD.
Your language is so impure.
In HyDerabaD, you Don't talk like this.
So how Do you talk here?
The problem is alleviateD.
NowaDays, my luck is baD.
Why? What happeneD?
The police seizeD my gooDs worth two crores.
Mamu scolDeD me so much. Do you know?
What gooDs?
Our regular stuff. Cocaine, marijuana.
I Dealt with cocaine worth 10 crores.
With GoD's grace they DiDn't finD it.
Otherwise, Mamu woulD have beheaDeD me.
DiDn't you bribe the policemen?
I bribeD all the policemen !
From the senior level to the junior level.
But there is a new top force at Maharashtra borDer.
Task force!
That's what I saiD.
Task force! They seizeD the gooDs anD arresteD the people.
Now I Don't even have men.
Brother, I am there. I can Do anything you say.
Wow! Fine! I will show you something this evening !
Come! Come! Come!
I want to hiDe the gooDs in 2-4 carriages like this.
NoboDy shoulD finD out.
But brother Biju, why bullock-carts?
This is my new iDea !
Look, for the bullock-carts, you Don't neeD any Documents.
You can cross the borDer anytime by the unpaveD roaD.
No policeman. No check point.
Make a small box for me.
NoboDy shoulD feel suspicious.
No box can be maDe here. It's futile to think.
Look here. We can keep it here.
You keep grass here for the hay.
If the buffalo put its mouth in it. . - . .then it will consume Drugs.
AnD it will start flying in the sky.
So what else to Do?
Hang on !
Brother Biju, it's Done.
Vinayak will make such a box for you. .
. .that forget the police. . not even a policeman's father can finD it.
So come on !
Get me the things. I will begin right away.
Okay! Okay! Okay!
Here is your box. Almost reaDy.
Is this a box? Its bullock-cart's wooD.
We will become rich !
My beloveD is a gypsy man.
Your heart is gypsy.
My beloveD is a gypsy man.
Your heart is gypsy.
Stop! Where are you all going?
We have to search the carts.
You people stanD asiDe.
Search it. - Yes, sir.
Search it properly.
Bangle of your name.
Bangle of your name. - Listen ! - Yes.
Become my partner. - What?
I trust you.
My youth is salacious.
My youth is salacious.
Your heart is gypsy.
Have a Drag !
Look, brother. A liquor venDor Doesn't Drink.
But you can smoke.
It's the sign of frienDship.
When two people smoke then their hearts unite, my frienD.
What if I get intoxicateD?
The girls are there. Come on.
In my house, at the village square.
The cot makes a noise.
The cot inflames my boDy.
The Dark nights.
The Dark nights.
The Dark nights.
The Dark nights.
Where are you taking me, brother Biju?
Vitamin pills!
Hi !
She is Mumtaz. AnD her frienD.
Hey! Mumtaz! - Hi !
I am still young anD single.
These girls belong to gooD families.
They are not call girls. Do it in style.
What Do you mean?
Violence won't get you anything.
If you ask lovingly, you get everything.
Got it?
Bangle of your name.
Bangle of your name.
ADorn me with it, gypsy man.
ADorn me with it, gypsy man.
Listen ! Are you a transvestite?
Why, brother Biju?
That girl saiD that the whole night. .
. .you people were just chatting.
She belongs to a Decent family. - So?
Girls from Decent family Don't like guys?
Brother Biju !
Here comes the ocean ! Here it is!
Here it is!
Allah, shower Your grace. AnD make me rich !
My youth is salacious.
My youth is salacious.
Your heart is gypsy.
I have hearD that you people haD great fun.
Come. Sit.
Show. Show me the carDs.
Enough, Mamu ! Enough !
Take it! Fill your pockets. I am giving you money.
Enough, Mamu ! Enough !
It's enough ! Not my pocket but my heart was empty!
AnD everyboDy's love has filleD it.
What else Do I want?
What's going on there?
I am just whiling away my time.
You are not Doing anything?
Not much, uncle.
Met pasha?
Who? Yes, he! I met him yesterDay.
Top level criminals come to meet pasha.
He is the most important man.
NoboDy knows his real name.
His coDe name is Saaya.
Interpol has DeclareD a rewarD of 1 crore on him.
AnD he is his Deputy. Mustafa.
Notjust that. CIA, too, is searching for them.
You will earn money from them too.
In Dollars.
Whom are you working with?
In his Drugs business.
Tell me about him.
I have hearD, he again starteD his business.
Is that so? I Don't know.
You went to him!
How DiD he hiDe the gooDs?
ToDay, it's my treat. I have got a part-time job.
O great! Congrats!
Cheers! - Cheers!
Let's go to watch a film tonight. - Okay.
Which one Do you want to watch?
Anything. Which gooD film is being shown?
You tell me.
Have your sanDwich.
So, say something.
You say something.
What is it? What are you Doing here? What happeneD?
You entice girls from gooD families.
Inspector, talk respectfully! I am talking to you respectfully.
Leave me! - What are you Doing?
Leave me! - MaDam, you Don't know!
Leave me! - We have his four years recorD.
He is lying ! What recorD? He is lying ! - I am lying !
Leave from here! I know everything about him!
You know everything? - Yes!
AnD I have come here willingly.
Let's go!
He is lying. He lieD. I. .
Roshni, I DiDn't Do anything. . - Don't say anything.
I know. You can't be what these people are claiming you to be.
But you are also not what you say you are.
I Don't know what to think of you.
Roshni, listen to me. I. . - please.
Our frienDship. .
Our frienDship. . let's leave it here.
Roshni !
My heart searches.
Since ages.
On unfamiliar paths.
Got it, partner? Don't take it seriously.
What Do you mean?
Be like a man !
You too, brother Biju.
Mumtaz! Meenu !
Come on !
Listen. .
Carefully, brother Biju.
Brother Biju ! Brother Biju, what happeneD?
Vinayak! Are you. .
Who are you?
Vinayak, who are you?
Uncle, please! please!
'I coulD never belong to my kin or to strangers. '
'I coulDn't fulfil the Desire of breath. '
'EveryboDy forgot my existence. '
'Every time I DonneD a new mask. '
'I know you are risking your life. '
'But I promise you that this will be your last assignment. '
'Henceforth, you won't have to work as an informer. '
Vinayak! Get up!
Forgive me.
So many times you say this.
This is normal in this business.
What's your mistake?
You too coulD have DieD.
How is he?
Show me!
'Mustafa comes to meet pasha. '
'You help us nab Mustafa. AnD your work is over. '
The angle was wrong.
Otherwise you too woulD have DieD with Biju.
Enough of pampering.
Come on ! Go outsiDe.
Why DiD you tell him to go out? He neeDs rest!
If you want a chilD, I will give you one within nine months.
Got it?
Is that so? Give me one!
You are acting too smart!
All because of this Vinayak!
I feel like slitting your throat.
But actually you are lucky for me.
5 crores profit in Drugs.
Then Biju DieD.
Two jackpots.
Because of you.
No, brother. I DiDn't Do anything.
No, brother. I DiDn't Do anything. Why are you talking like a girl !
What's your age? - ArounD 20-2 1.
Still a kiD !
Brother, I am not a kiD. I am a man.
You are a man !
So talk, see anD Do things like a man.
Go anD wash that car!
pasha ! - How are you?
I am fine!
What are you looking at?
This is not a tourist place. Go anD Do your work.
'In InDia, humans are not appreciateD. '
'Life is of no value. '
'Whenever there is a flooD or an earthquake. .
. .then people shatter. '
'They become homeless. They Disappear. '
'poor people sell their Daughters. '
'Farmers are even reaDy to sell their own self. '
'They are in high DemanD in foreign countries. '
'A young boy ageD 1 9 is bought for 20000-25000. '
'By chopping their boDies anD selling their parts. .
. .you get 1 crore. '
'It's easy to nab pasha. '
'So I am searching for the Dangerous goons. '
'Like Mustafa. '
'By nabbing him, this business can be stoppeD. '
Closing your eyes won't Do! UnDerstanD?
What is that?
It's calleD enDoscope.
AnD that is a camera. To click photos insiDe the stomach.
With a small computer.
I see!
Come! Come! Brother Mustafa ! - Brother pasha !
You Don't miss me.
Shall I rip my heart apart anD show you? - You too!
Kasim! The boxes will reach the ship in one or two hours.
Quickly loaD it in the chopper.
'AnD he is his Deputy. Mustafa. '
'Notjust that. CIA too is searching for them. '
Nothing. .
Here comes the message.
Mr. Rehman, greetings.
Greetings. What are you senDing in the parcel?
I am hungry.
One Dish of chicken. AnD breaD along with it too.
Sir Doesn't know. The fooD is for free.
But the bearer shoulD receive some tip.
Thanks, brother pasha ! - Greetings!
Thanks, sir. - Greetings!
Come on !
Hurry up! Hurry up!
You DiD your work correctly. Great!
I DiDn't Do anything, brother. You DiD everything.
Whoever DiD it. . its gooD.
If you work like this. . then you will become rich.
Thanks, brother.
Here. - I Don't Drink.
Have a Drink toDay.
Oh no!
Turn arounD, my Dish of chicken !
'I have aDorneD my life like this. '
'Every time I DonneD a new mask. '
Hello! - Zero Charlie! - Yes, Charlie!
There's a special information for you.
Write it Down !
We have just receiveD news from Mumbai. .
. . boxes filleD with human organs. .
. .were founD at the shores of the sea !
These human organs were filleD in 20 boxes.
AnD it is believeD that it was being sent to Europe. .
. .anD Arab countries as a part of. .
. . international human organ trafficking !
Right now, you can see pictures of Mustafa. .
. .who was killeD in this encounter.
Hello! - GhorpaDe! - Yes.
This has happeneD because of two of your officials!
Rehman anD RathoD !
But we Don't want them.
We want their informers.
It is important to avenge brother Mustafa's Death.
You will be rewarDeD hanDsomely.
RathoD ! I. G, Intelligence, GhorpaDe speaking.
Yes sir.
Mustafa's killing has put everyone unDer shock.
You mean the unDerworlD. - Us too.
Mustafa's brother is a very influential Don in Egypt.
There is a lot of pressure on us.
What pressure, sir?
They feel, Mustafa was killeD because of one of our informers!
Hello! Hello, RathoD !
Hello! Hello! - Yes, sir.
Sir, I Don't know anything about it.
Do you know the Sp of Intelligence of Mumbai, Rehman?
I Do know him, sir.
Someone tolD him about Mustafa.
Then. . it will be better if you ask him about Rehman sir.
He won't tell !
AnD anyway, Rehman just got the information !
AnD not the name of the informer.
What can I Do, sir?
I want the name, RathoD.
The name of one person.
That's it!
I Don't have any such name, sir.
They are offering 20 lakhs.
Think about it.
Oh no!
Don't forget. - Fine!
Baba !
Soon 12 lakhs will be DepositeD in your account.
'But I can't get you out now. '
'Everyone will come after you anD seek you out. '
'Wait for some more Days! '
'There is a lot of pressure on me too. '
'AnD stay alert! '
Bring everyone out?
Come on !
Who gave the information about brother Mustafa !
Who DiD it?
What are you Doing? - Leave me! - What happeneD?
Come on, move from here!
I DiDn't Do anything !
Tell me!
But, what has he Done. - Quiet!
Let go of me!
Who gave the tip? - I Don't know! I Don't know anything !
I Don't know anything !
Who was it? - I Don't know anything !
Tell me!
What are you Doing?
Don't take this matter lightly?
We will have to take the responsibility. .
. .of brother Mustafa's Death !
Now, either the informer Dies or us!
How Do you know that one of them is a betrayer?
Who else can it be?
This Yusuf, Razaq, Shrikant.
They are my people.
It can't be one of them!
So, who else is left?
Why can't it be you?
I DiDn't think from this point of view.
Yes, it can be.
Either you leave these chilDren alone.
Or else, I will tie you up the same way anD ask you.
Careful ! Careful !
The Doctor has saiD that. . - I will Die after you.
Not before. Don't worry.
You shoulDn't Do that to your future son-in-law!
You Don't know, your Daughter is pregnant.
How Do you know that you are the father of that chilD?
Fine, I won't ask.
Move asiDe!
RathoD. - Sir, none of my men are on thatjob.
You collecteD a rewarD from the Department too. .
. . in the name of your unknown informer.
AnD you say there is no one.
They are more stubborn then you are.
Who is he?
Is it your son?
Final offer, 30 lakhs.
pasha ! Kill him!
What happeneD to him.
Mamu's entire gang is present here.
Come, come, the frieD rice is reaDy, come one.
Come, come, come.
Come. Serye yourselves.
You take this. . - Brother, please pass it on.
Don't barge in.
Who is he?
Come here!
Everyone come here!
Come on, everyone come here!
Come on, everyone go!
Eat later. Come on !
Go aheaD !
Take a look at him!
He is the murDerer of brother Mustafa.
Are you listening, S. p sir?
All we want is a name, that's all.
Just point at him!
I will respectfully Drop you home
pasha's promise, sir.
'You have put Kailash's life in Danger. '
'Kailash shoulDn't Die! '
'promise me! '
'This mask shoulD never be revealeD ! '
'Because this mask is your truth ! '
'Because this mask is your worlD ! '
'Your fact! '
You were crying ! - No, not at all !
ScareD. - Not at all.
You shoulD be scareD ! - Come here! Come here!
Take a look at him! - DiDn't you recognise him?
DiDn't you recognise him? - You are his informer! - No!
He is your boss! - No! I Don't know him!
I never saw him! - You Don't know him! I never saw him!
Take a look, closely!
Look! Look! - Why DiD you cry, tell me.
Why DiD you cry?
Tell me! He killeD brother Mustafa ! - So?
He was our brother? - So?
Our business runs because of him! -Yes, so?
So I was feeling baD that. . - You were feeling baD.
Tell me, why were you feeling baD? - Tell me!
Brother Mustafa DieD because of him.
That's why you were crying?
So saD about brother Mustafa's Death ! - Yes, brother.
Do one thing !
Come here. He killeD your brother Mustafa, isn't it?
You kill him.
You have one bullet. I have one bullet.
Number 6 ! Start!
'No matter what happens! '
'Even if someone points a gun at you. . '
'But your true iDentity shoulDn't be seen on your face. '
You killeD him!
Very gooD.
My gun was empty!
Are you all listening?
This policeman DieD !
AnD we DiDn't even finD out the name of the informer.
We still haven't avengeD brother Mustafa's Death.
If you sit at home anD play carDs. .
. .then this is bounD to happen.
Thanks, man.
You are very lucky for me!
ThirD time lucky!
'ThirD time lucky! '
'Hat-trick! '
'Who are you?'
'Mummy! '
'Who are you?' 'Mummy! . . '
'I will always keep my heart clear, father! '
'I won't kill anyone, no matter what happens. '
'Fire! '
'Fire! '
Mamu. .
I have hearD that our kinD of work is going on. .
. . near Mumbai.
Can I go there?
You want to go!
You have completeD a hat-trick!
That's it! Go!
Listen !
Won't you stay for Mamu's funeral procession?
He passeD away!
Last night!
The heart searches!
For ages.
In unknown paths!
A moment of. . love.
In the arms of. . life.
Even if your feet halt, the caravan Doesn't stop.
Convey your message through your eyes!
Your face tells a story.
The call of love.
Will you have a puff?.
Forget him, he is insane.
A moment on my breath !
In the path. . of life!
DiD you finD anything?
In the path. .
The water here is very Deep.
Sometimes big fishes come here.
Once, I got my hanDs on a big fish too.
Very big fish.
It haD a name too. Mustafa.
Rehman !
Sp, intelligence.
RathoD tolD me about you.
He knew that his life was in Danger.
When I spoke to him for the last time he saiD to me. .
. .take care of Kailash ! Don't let my promise break!
Now you Don't have to Do this work.
Your 12 lakhs are safe anD sounD !
You are free!
Come along with me, right now.
I will give you a new life anD a new name.
Rehman sir. - Yes!
Will you Do one thing for me?
Will you take that 12 lakh rupees. .
. .anD give it to RathoD sir's wife anD mother on my behalf.
Give it to her.
AnD tell her that, your son has given it, accept it.
AnD if possible, forgive him!
There is a very big operation going on here.
Explosives are being importeD.
There are many foreigners too.
In this small village, I can only sit at the shore. .
. .anD keep a watch on them.
If you can take to their roots. .
Then, I will finD out their secret.
You won't change your minD, isn't it?
To get you out of here, anD plant you there. .
. .I will have to sacrifice two scapegoats.
Sir. How DiD you know my whereabouts?
Why? What Do you think?
You are the only informer of the Department!
This corpse cannot be iDentifieD.
The fishes have DevoureD his entire face.
This. . this shirt belongeD to Vinayak! Isn't it?
His heaD is missing.
The one you killeD in my place.
Who was he?
Was his crime worthy of being killeD?
You Don't have to know about that.
But sir. .
The people hanDling the operation. .
. .were Ismail's men !
Ismail is from the Mumbai unDerworlD.
But he has influences in Egypt, Yemen anD the Russian unDerworlD.
Maybe he. .
But that can be founD out only after going in.
I am reaDy! - Are you sure?
Why are you Doing this?
Why am I Doing it?
To avenge my father's Death.
He lay Down his life to keep me alive.
There is one problem!
Ismail won't let any HinDu come close to him.
You will have to go in as a Muslim!
So what? I will become a Muslim.
It is notjust about changing your name, son.
The entry ticket is very expensive.
They will give you an injection anD make you say everything.
Only then will they let you come in.
Then. .
You will have to accept Islam! With a true heart.
There is no other way.
Do you accept Islam with your own will anD with a pure heart?
Yes, I accept Islam with my own will anD a true heart.
Your name is ShehzaD Khan !
Your father's name is Ghulam AhmeD Khan !
You were born in Aligarh !
Your eDucation, till 7th stanDarD !
In Aligarh Government school.
After that, you spent 5 years in the MaDrasa !
Then you were sent to JalalabaD.
But the Doctors there, consiDereD that. .
. .you weren't capable of training with weapons.
You kept working in their Arabic kitchen for 3 months.
AnD then you were sent back to Aligarh !
AnD they kept you on stanDby!
Kailash ! - Forgive me, mother.
Look, son, what are you apologising for?
What else coulD you have Done?
Your mother is always with you !
They are taking aDvantage of your innocence.
The path you have set out on. .
. .you won't be able to come back from there.
I have lost my husbanD, I Don't want to lose my son !
Come back to your mother, son !
Come back.
Sir, you are killing an innocent cook anD senDing me there.
We DiDn't kill ShehzaD.
We Don't kill innocent people.
He realiseD his mistake in JalalabaD, anD came to us.
He came to his senses!
We sent him home to wait for the right moment.
AnD now, the right time has come.
Tomorrow he will ask for permission from his local leaDer. .
. .to come to Mumbai.
AnD as soon as he leaves from there anD comes to us. .
You will leave from here anD go to Ismail. .
. .taking his iDentity!
Who is brother Yusuf!
ShehzaD Khan ! - Yes!
Take your pants off! - Why?
Take it off.
Sir, what was the neeD to cut me off like this?
They will check you from heaD to toe.
AnD by the way, it is the sign of a real man.
AnD then. .
The image of your eyes, meaning. .
. .they will Do your retinal check.
That's why we have entereD the image of your eyes. .
. . in their computers by the name of ShehzaD !
All the best.
You will pass this test!
We will take you insiDe the lion's cave.
But after that. . what will the lion Do with you. .
. .that's what I am worrieD about.
Greetings brother Ismail ! - Greetings.
So son, get to work. Go!
Will you have a cigarette?
Where Does this vehicle go to? - DaDar!
Tell me, what Do you want?
Give me four chocolates.
How much? - 50 !
Want one? - Thank you !
Thank you !
Who operates this fax? - I!
What is your name? - Manjoor!
I am ShehzaD ! I work in the mansion, there. - Fine!
We will meet later. - Fine.
250-300 foreigners have arriveD !
They have been kept at Different places.
How Do you know?
Ismail has openeD a special kitchen.
Special Arabic fooD is being prepareD for them.
Is there anyone else along with Ismail? - No!
Sure? - Yes!
I have seen this picture before too.
His coDename is Saaya !
But I haven't seen this man before.
Keep Ismail as your target!
You will surely finD out something.
Have you. . founD a way to senD message in an emergency?
I will !
Manjoor! Manjoor!
Keep this, I will be back soon !
Here, eat this.
I have maDe it for you, how is it? - Very nice.
Give your brother too. - Okay!
Brother ShehzaD, will you come tomorrow too?
Go! Go!
Wake him up!
What happeneD? Where DiD you get this phone from?
- I Don't know anything ! - Tell me.
Where DiD you get this phone from? - I Don't know anything ! Tell me!
Brother, leave me! Leave me!
Where are you taking me? Bring him along !
Leave me! Leave me!
Come on. - I Don't know anything !
Hey! - Hey, WasiD !
I Don't know anything !
Brother ShehzaD, I DiDn't Do anything ! - Bring him!
Here! Take it!
If you want to be with us. .
. .then you will have to become one of us!
Lie Detector.
What is your name?
'My name. . my name. '
'Vinayak Marathe! '
'Before that, it was something else. '
'Before that, it was something else. '
'Before that, it was something else. '
'I have many names. '
'I have many names. ' 'Which one shoulD I tell you?'
'I have many names. '
'I accept Islam with my own will anD a true heart. '
'Your name is ShehzaD Khan ! '
My name is ShehzaD Khan !
My name is ShehzaD Khan !
What is the name of your father?
'Why shoulD I answer?'
What is the name of your father?
'Why are you asking?'
'I tolD you, my father is DeaD ! '
'What else Do you want?'
'Remember, ShehzaD only knows Arabic, UrDu anD HinDi' !
What DiD you say?
What is the name of your father?
'Remember your father's name is Ghulam AhmeD Khan ! '
My father's name is. .
. . Ghulam AhmeD Khan.
You sit in the store all night?
Yes brother, but sometimes I fall asleep too.
Listen, I want to fax a love letter to my girlfrienD !
But no one shoulD know about it.
I am there, brother.
No just one, I will senD as many as you want.
ToDay evening, I will senD your paper by folDing it like a rocket.
Fax it! AnD after the job is Done, whistle.
Our personal signal.
Eat some more, come on !
I love you too!
Sir! Come sir.
The name of the four informers.
Four of your people work with me.
How many of you are there?
Why Do you want it?
We paiD you 1 crore for every person.
What other reason Do you want?
Even call girls earn money!
We have to look out for our reputation too.
You know we haD golD business.
After a long time, we are restarting that again !
Very big consignments are arriving.
We wanteD it for its protection.
Those explosives. Those foreigners!
Your men tolD you only half the story.
All that is for export.
The explosives are for inDustrial purpose.
AnD those foreigners are our guests.
They have arriveD, tireD from the Iraq war.
They will go back there.
What can be Done?
If you want to gain reputation in the international business. .
. .then we neeD to Do all this.
Why DiDn't Rehman come?
He is insane!
I haD tolD you !
That means, amongst these four men, Rehman's man is also there.
There is one.
He DiDn't say!
We founD him out.
There can be some other informer of his too.
Doesn't seem like it.
Keep an eye on him!
The Department keeps an eye on everything.
By the way, are you alone in this operation?
Or is there some Saaya along?
Saaya !
I G sir, I have been Doing this business for so long. .
. .that, I Don't neeD a partner.
We will neeD 2 crores more.
Have it sent by tomorrow morning.
Why DiD you look towarDs me?
He suDDenly askeD me, that's why. .
The bullet will be fireD suDDenly too.
I apologise, sir.
RounD them up!
Yes! Yes!
Come on, come. Sit here!
Are you an informer?
Say the truth !
You won't have to enDure anymore pain !
I have seen him!
Saaya !
It's him!
The Department has solD itself.
The fools have maDe a report. .
. .that only golD is being smuggleD in.
Everyone has solD themselves.
Four people were killeD yesterDay.
They were our men.
One of them was my informer.
A very big operation is being unDertaken.
But this isn'tjust about smuggling !
I have a bit of an experience, sir.
please listen to me.
Bring the eviDence, Kailash !
What Do they want to Do? What are their plans?
Then you see, I will turn their worlD arounD.
I will take it Directly to the Home Minister!
But right now, I am being followeD. .
. . by the people of my own Department.
I Don't want them to reach you through me.
Listen, if anything happens to me. .
. .then, there is another way to Deliver the eviDence.
Your mother! - Mother!
'It is calleD enDoscope. '
'AnD that's the camera ! '
'With that, you click the photos of insiDe the stomach ! '
What the hell ! Hello!
Sir, this is inspector Rao from HyDerabaD ! - Yes!
Sir, pasha is coming to Mumbai. . by toDay 5 : 30 Jet Airways flight!
pasha is coming to Mumbai !
AnD you are telling me now!
It is 6 : 30, the flight must be lanDing.
Sir, I am very sorry, sir, actually. .
Do you have his latest mobile number?
Greetings brother pasha !
I want to track a mobile number in Mumbai !
The number is. .
What happeneD?
Why have you maDe such a face?
By Driving the vehicle at 20 kilometres per hour. .
. .we are DeaD tireD !
Do you have a GpRS tracker?
I am activating GpRS tracker!
Was there any problem?
If there woulD have been any problem. .
. .then we woulD have been blown along with the explosives.
Satellite tracking has starteD.
Leave for the bus stanD.
You can sleep in the bus for HyDerabaD.
His information is DownloaDing on your system.
You can listen to his voice, anD stop it too.
Greetings, brother pasha ! - Greetings, brother Ismail !
AnD if you want, you can take over the call too.
Was everything fine from our siDe?
The right way, on the right time.
Thank GoD !
Go anD tell this to sir too.
He will meet you personally.
First, let us eat something. - Yes.
HyDerabaDi kebab, especially for you ! Here.
AnD along with that if we can get breaD from Mumbai. .
. .then that's even better!
Bring the frieD rice.
What is the matter, brother pasha?
DiDn't you like the fooD?
No! Eat.
That boy! I saw him after a long time.
What is his name? - Vinayak Marathe!
No, no his name is ShehzaD Khan !
He is the kitchen help.
He is our boy. Eat!
personal !
Wow, brother!
pasha ! - Sir.
You fulfilleD your promise!
Now it's our turn !
I am your slave, sir. This was my Duty.
We will meet in the evening.
Sir. . sir, just a minute, the signal is a bit weak here.
There was a small thing, sir! - Tell me.
I feel, the situation here is very strange.
We Don't keep any place for anything strange, in our camp.
Yes, I know sir.
But. . what can I say, there is one thing. .
. .that you are not aware of!
Or you weren't informeD about it.
What is it? Who DiDn't inform me?
Hello, Ramesh ! Ramesh, what are you Doing? - Sir!
What? What? What? What? What is the conDition of the market? - Hello!
What is the rate of Reliance? - Sir.
Hi Bubba, what's happening with the wave, man? Hello!
What's up! What's up! What's up!
What's happening with the wave?
Everything is Done! Let's check it out.
What are you saying?
You want me to slap you !
You Don't listen to anyone!
What can you Do? You tell me! You Don't listen to anyone!
What can you Do?
This. . - What DiD you want to say?
There is a boy, sir.
At your place.
Hello, police control room!
Hello, police control room!
Who is speaking?
What is the Disturbance?
Fine, Ramya, senD a car there.
Who is this speaking? Hello. . hello. . - SenD the entire squaD !
The entire squaD shoulD go there! Sir! - Not on the phone.
Come near the film city lake near powai !
I am coming, sir.
Sir! - Where are you, pasha?
I have reacheD, sir.
But I can't see you !
I will be there, soon.
'Oh no! '
'He has come completely prepareD. '
'I will have to Do something or else that boy will be in Danger. '
Hello! - Hello, son.
Son, you have returneD from school ! - Yes, papa.
Son, give the phone to your mother.
Mother has gone to the market, papa.
Son. . always take care of your mother! - Fine, papa !
But. . papa, where are you?
I am right here! No matter where I will be. .
. . but I am always with you, son.
Thank you, papa !
GooDbye, son ! - GooDbye, papa.
I love! - I love you too, son !
I love you too, son !
Brother pasha, come behinD !
Who are you? Who are you, you fool !
Move it!
You will kill pasha !
Just one bullet, anD that too wrong.
I haD saiD, the situation is not right!
Sir. . there is a boy. .
What about him?
That means the angle wasn't wrong !
Which man, pasha?
What is his name?
Greetings! - Yes, sir!
What is the situation? Is the operation unDer control?
Yes! - I wanteD to know the Details.
SenD it, like always!
On the secret e-mail ID !
To Defeat the new technology. .
. .we have to resort to the olD methoDs.
Net, mobile, nothing is safe now.
Example! Is there any threat to the plan?
The plan is safe.
'The plan is safe. '
'The plan. . is safe. '
What happeneD to the kitchen?
Everything has been closeD.
We Don't neeD you from tomorrow.
AnD the guests.
They are all leaving. Where are they going?
What Do you care about that?
Go anD look after you work.
Listen, what are these empty suitcases for?
The foreigners that are leaving.
Maybe it's for them! - Okay!
'In this worlD, no one is a frienD or a brother! '
'We have come alone anD we will go alone! '
'Like always, I haven't come to beg for my life. '
'I am reaDy to Die. '
'But even after every possible efforts of mine. .
. . if I Don't reach my Destination ! '
'Then holD my finger anD help me walk those last few steps. '
The mansion is ablaze! Won't you help?
I have to stay here!
By the way, what are you Doing here?
How DiD this happen?
Go anD gather all the boys. - As you wish !
Sit Down !
Who's left? - The new cook!
Search for him! - As you wish !
I want him alive!
We founD him unconscious near your room.
'Mother, this is my first anD maybe my last letter to you. '
'Rehman sir is no more. '
'Except for you, there is no one else in this worlD ! '
'Believe in everything I say, mother! '
'Their plan was so Deep but still so easy! '
'I have just unDerstooD them. '
'Tomorrow morning, between 9 : 20 anD 9 : 2 7. .
. .within 7 minutes, 20 human bombs will take. .
. . 20 suitcases filleD with explosives. '
'AnD trigger a blast in 20 builDings of the city. '
'Where Do people run when there is a blast. .
. . in the builDing, where Do people go?'
'Millions of people will come on the street. '
'To run away! '
'Thinking that this roaD will leaD them to safety! '
But Death is awaiting them on these streets! '
'200 more human bombs will stanD at Different places. .
. . in taxi's with explosives in the suitcase. '
'I am senDing you all the Details. .
. .of their place of hiDing anD the blast. '
'This will be the worlDs biggest terrorist attack, mother! '
'Millions of innocent people will lose their lives. '
'Mother, you are the only person that can. .
. .take this news to the right people, anD stop this from happening ! '
Don't move!
Go! You go!
I can't feel anything.
Neither fear, nor pain.
That's the sign of a brave man.
Well Done!
Multiple fractures! Arterial rupture!
Slowly, this grounD will soak up your blooD.
AnD then, your life too.
There can't be a better Death than that.
If our eviDence woulD have gone out. .
. .then what woulD have happeneD to our mission?
I praise your intelligence more than your courage.
You are a genius, ShehzaD !
Or, whoever you are.
Truth serum, the lie Detector test.
How DiD you DoDge that all?
You were unconscious at that time.
You accepteD what was false.
Truth always remains the truth.
AnD false will always remain false.
I have accepteD Islam with a pure heart.
AnD until I Die, I will remain ShehzaD Khan !
I am asking about the lie.
Lie is killing those innocent people in the name of Allah !
Stop this Destruction !
It is against the norms of Islam!
I beg to you on behalf of those millions of innocent people.
Spare their lives!
If you haD time. .
. .then I woulD have thought you to walk on my path.
But regretfully, you are Dying !
Die comfortably.
Here is your enemy's salute!
Greetings! How is it? - Everything is fine.
An informer got to know the plan !
But we caught him.
What about him? - He will Die along !
Where is he?
Right in front of me!
He is breathing his last.
What about the plan? - Just like we wanteD.
GooDbye. - GooDbye!
What a strange wish you have?
That I shoulD Die happily.
My blooD repaiD its Debt!
I have no regrets with anyone.
Without your will. . no one can Do anything !
O LorD, I have a few moments left.
No one shoulD suryive!
Spare no one. - Yes, sir.
Sir. - Sir, the information was right.
It is surprising that. . - We are preparing for the attack, sir.
We will attack in the next 30 minutes.
The smear on the fax, was it blooD?
It seems so, sir.
That means he is injureD.
It is our Duty to save his life.
But sir, his name, face. . we Don't know anything.
You mean to say that one man. .
. .that can save the entire Mumbai.
We can't save him!
Go. Finish the operation this night itself.
In the morning, no one shoulD know that the country. .
. . passeD through such a great threat tonight. Go.
'Unknown life. Unfamiliar paths. '
'The Distances walk together. '
'The Desire to live. . maDe me an informer. '
'The Desire to live. . maDe me an informer. '
No suryivors! Kill them all !
'Every time I DonneD a new mask. . '
50 stinger missiles!
50 grenaDes!
Do you want to start a war?
I pay you for the gooDs anD not for asking questions.
Fine, this is my new assistant, Emanuel Gonsalves!
He will hanDle your orDer.
His, I am Gonsalves!
Everything will happen accorDing to the plan.
Don't worry.
Oh LorD.
We have to live on. .
We have to live on even after Dying.
We have to live on even after Dying.
Live on !
Live on !
Let the oceans of your pain, thrive in you !
Let the oceans of your pain, thrive in you !
So what if you are lonely!
Live alone.
Live on !
Live on !
You will finD shaDe in the sunlight.
Walk a few steps along with me.
You will finD happiness in your sorrows!
Let the oceans of your pain, thrive in you !
Let the oceans of your pain, thrive in you !
So what if you are lonely!
Live alone.
Live on !
We have to live on. .
We have to live on, even after Dying.
We have to live on, even after Dying.
Live on !
Live on !
Live on !
Live on !
Live on !