NX Hints and Tips - how to rapidly create a gasket with sketch

Uploaded by SiemensPLM on 04.06.2012

In this Getting Started example, we'll create this gasket.
We'll sketch and revolve this profile.
Click New.
Type a suitable file name.
And click OK.
The Model template includes a Datum CSYS.
On the Direct Sketch toolbar, click Profile.
Click the XZ plane of the Datum CSYS.
Right click in the graphics window.
And choose Orient View to Sketch.
Move the mouse to a suitable start point for the gasket profile.
And click points to create the profile.
Press Esc twice to stop the Profile string and exit the command.
We want to constrain the bottom curve of the gasket to the X axis of the CSYS.
On the Direct Sketch toolbar, click Constraints.
Select the X axis of the datum CSYS.
Select the curve.
Right click and choose Collinear.
You can capture the rest of the design intent for this part using sketch dimensions.
Click the Dimensions button.
Create a dimension from the Y axis to the outside edge of the profile.
Create a dimension from the X axis to the top edge of the profile.
Single click to dimension the horizontal curves on the bottom of the gasket.
Double click the remaining automatic dimension and change its value to 2.4.
Next, we'll add the rounded gasket top.
On the Direct Sketch toolbar, click Arc.
Select the end points of the vertical curves.
And select a point on the arc.
Double click the automatic dimension.
And change its value to 5.5.
Right click the horizontal line.
And choose Convert to Reference.
On the Feature toolbar, click Revolve.
NX infers the sketch curves automatically.
Click the middle mouse button to advance to the next step.
And click the Z axis of the datum CSYS.
NX infers a rotation point and previews the gasket.
To complete the revolve, click the middle mouse button.
On the Resource bar, click the Part Navigator tab.
Use the Part Navigator to understand the history of a part, and to edit its features.
Next let's suppose you want to hide the sketch and the datum.
On the Utility toolbar, click Show and Hide.
Click the minus sign for Sketches and Datums.
And finally, let's change the color of the gasket body.
Move the cursor over the body.
When you see the three dots, click to open the Quick Pick list.
And choose the solid body from the list.
Right click.
And choose Edit Display.
Click the Color swatch.
Select a color.
And click OK.