Windows 8 | "Decor8" by Stardock

Uploaded by FlippinWindows on 08.11.2012

and this will contact you know the wind is eighty three oh so the three listing
of the day's top include installed
the court is brought to you by start obviously customization toward for the
start screen allows you to customize your background and allows you to change
the color tiles on your live tiles or your other tiles and also select the
color for the be slacking part of this error here for instance and a bunch more
so what i'll do is all walking custard into deeper aid we can see that there's
plenty of options here we also have sample pictures that we can choose to
if we wanted to it says house to the background and education meeting you had
updated we can't have it fill out the entire screen or just pilot or we can
you know a bunch more stuff i'm gonna get inside the phil also if we wanted to
be compressed the shuffle option by selecting the control button then select
e any image that we want and that chapel image for
we can have it every thirty-seconds we can have it to whereas shuffles and a
bunch more stuff
undercover sting
light grey here as you can see we can use
a bradley uh... areas to go in
user colors using a standard when this color scheme we can do that or we can
use our own now the background color could be any color that you wanted to be
for that matter
press ok or black and then we can have the accent color which could be
uh... this color for
and the text color could be i don't know what's check whites and the tile color
can be
so this could be like the whole to make us in the position that we can possibly
find in our windows eight customization for the star screen under options we
have the number of rose i don't know if you remember in my last idealize showed
you how to you
make different rose either all way down to one all we have to say it's but here
we can go all we need to a predefined area
to wears as one row
to rose the rose and for those also out for us and we'll see what that looks
on the house to the collects rolling over
our parents really is the at that point the background is moved about scroll
but at a slower speed than the tiles above it
now we can either stop the pilates affect women that would be edge of the
images reach rather than piling on the wider than
screen size image i'm going to go and see what that does and and and i can go
and press the reduced collects that and they have composed the applied apply the
color scheme to the charms bar as well as the starts so we'll leave that alone
and then we'll come back into the star screen now as you can see we do have our
cousin the bodies
star screen we have our red tiles which i did
made to find that we have our white font and the terms of our should be black so
that's pretty cool and if you haven't noticed the transition in the background
has changed
so that's really really
awesome now this program is freakin data and also does cost in beta and what i
mean by that is
do you pay for the data right now you get more features and on top of that
just like starting when it becomes the full version that you also get to keep
the full version
right now the version is and believe me point nine five so if you decide to go
and buy it which is find box which is not the you guys really considered
the fact that that's just like a
a starbucks coffee nowadays
then you guys can go ahead and further customize your windows eight so i would
say that's the good deal five bucks is not that
businesses the de cort if you guys like this program downloaded off said you
guys are you going to be a startup and if you guys decide to buy it and it's a
fun program at until next time take their guns