Это бобёр! ^v^ [This is beaver!]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Apr 24, 2012

Sup, I'm Stas Davidov.
This time you didn't sent us a lot of good vids.
So we had to search for a kitty video ourselves [Oh my Duct tape!]
And not just a regular kitty but a high kitty!
What? Reminds you of your shit club at 4 am?
Yeah-yeah, that one drughouse with schoolies getting high.
[drughouse on acid :O]
[kitty on catnip]
Nodding your head, eh?
[he sees everything, the bugger!]
Hey, I know how to twist your neck!
[cat-cat stomache full of stuff like that]
Okay, who has a glassy stare?
Were you hanging out with the street cats hitting cars and dancing to car alarms?
Bad kitty!
Went to a disco, got a pussy!
[pickup mastaa]
So is he waiting for ... queen's rebirth?
[oh, ok]
All the kitties in the club are on fire, waiting for the queen's rebirth...
Normal cats like cream and sausages.
And this one prefers acid.
And here you are, sitting in internets and watching kitty vids.
Watch kitties today, die of overdose tomorrow.
And this is cats-drugs!
*song with same lyrics*
2nd vid was sent by Beowulf. Only without a wulf.
So you're riding with the instructor trying to get a licence.
And then you ask him a question.
What do I do if there's Gandalf the Grey on a longboard?
Every normal instructor will give you a backhead and advice you to stop watching those kitty vids.
[u better quit it]
[oh, ok]
Gandalf has the hood mofo.
[fo real!]
That's what you get for polluting the nature, you dirty orks.
You Mordor scum!
And when he reincarnates as Gandalf the White - he'll ride a scooter [serious shit]
Oh, I've seen those mages on the streets many times.
Wearing uniforms and stripy [and shorter] sticks.
They wave it and that's it, cars are stopping. Magic!
Need a Balrog vs those.
[Can I see]
[Can I see some ID]
Before you only needed to take traffic into account.
And now you gotta fear a bearded troll with a staff.
[he's a sergeant]
What weed did he stuff his pipe with?
That old...
Mage [see what i did there? %)) ]
Then he was caught by the cops, put in a cell where he got beaten by the angry urks.
And this is Horosho!
3rd vid was sent by Vizzka.
And so that your ears wouldn't hurt from the amount of swearing.
[your sweet ears]
We substituted it with the sound of a harp. Enjoy ^^
I'm telling ya!
It's really a beaver!
Alexander, i think that this young man with a camera wants to say that it's a beaver.
It's a beaver! Sasha! *Sasha is a short for Alexander*
Sasha! Answer your friend!
He'll piss everyone around!
Tell him "yeah dude, it's a beaver".
"it happens, don't worry, the effects will end soon and there will be no beaver"
It's really a beaver!
You don't saaaay, a beaver?
Maybe a nutria?
It's a beaver!
Or a wombat?
It's a beaver!
Oh right. Capibara?
It's a beaver!
Careful there mate, it could be an angry beaver!
Mess with a beaver, hit you with a log!
OMG it's unbelievable! There's a beaver on Kharkovsky! A beaver!
I'm no beaver pro, but it, pardon me, took a dump [yum!]
This guy is so hyenicly enjoys the beaver, it's like he can't see anything around him,
Way to lmao from the beaver.
What the hell.
Sasha, he's...
I'm telling ya.
Btw, according to the author, the beaver successfully made it across the street to a lake.
Guess Gandalf stopped cars for this reason.
And this is Horosho!
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Why does Winnie the Pooh need an oar?
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So, how to you spend your time in the summerhouse?
im 20, i have a beard so i spend time on 2ch
I don't smoke and drink while in summerhouse
I feed mosquitos
In the summerhouse i collect teeth of Polish harbor whores.
*some text that noone reads coz everyone's looking at boobs*
I do digxercise but i still can't lose weight(((
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