Mosaics - My Tile Craft Project

Uploaded by DiamondTechMarketing on 27.06.2011

Hi, Rita here from Diamond Tech
Lets create something fun using My Tile Kits
The great thing about My Tile Kits is that it allows you to transfer images and photos onto the back of the glass shapes contained in each kit
These kits come in three different sizes; large square, small square and pebbles
Kits contain Image Art paper and instructions
Today we're going to make these vintage style dishwasher magnets using the large tile kits
Scan your images and using the photo image software on your computer set the paper size, 5.5 X 8.5
Now your margins
Insert your images
Try to completely fill up the paper with images, as not to waste
Now print
Allow your images to sit for about 15-20 minutes so that the ink dries
Then use sharp scissors to cut around the shape of your image
Once you have your transfers cut, just go ahead an drop them into a small bowl of water,
distilled will be perfect and let them sit for a while
While those are sitting were going to go ahead and clean the tile surface, so just remove them from their protective sheeting
And use a little alcohol to remove any kind of dust and debris from the surface
Leave them sitting in the water for about 30 seconds, you'll know they are ready when the decal starts to slide off
Just bring that right over, put it on the back of your glass tile and simply just slide the backing off
And then just pat it to absorb all the water
And allow it to dry
Let your tile dry overnight and place them, transfer-side up, in an oven
Set your oven to 345F for 15 minutes
Once your tiles have cooled, make the image pop by applying a small amount of white paint to the back of the tile surface
Now you're ready to add your magnet, just peel off and apply the magnet to the back
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