El Gato Razurado (Parte 2 de 4)

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What are we going to do, Abuelo?
Look, bastard, you have to know this.
We won't do anything. It was your idea to buy that fuckin' cat.
You told me you liked shaved cats.
I was talking about something else, moron! You are...
Don't be such a traitor, Abuelo!
Don't interrupt me, ass...
You, don't interrupt me!
Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
If you are thinking that you are a fuckin' asshole, then yeah.
No, man. Let's shave that cat and get it back to the store.
For the first time, you are not saying anything stupid.
I'll shave it. I have a Master in Cat Shaving.
Hurry up, Abuelo, it's running away.
Come on, Abuelo, get it!
You get it, I have arthritis
Come on, Abuelo!
Come here, fuckin' cat.
What the fuck! What the fuck!
That's what I get for hanging out with you.
My holy mother told me not to hang with orphans!
What did you call me, bastard?
I said nothing, Abuelo. What are you talking about?
What am I talking...?
I told you, fucker!
It's not me, Abuelo...
It's a parrot, Abuelo!
Faggots! Suck my ass!
This isn't going to work, Abuelo!
Shut up, asshole!
Jonathan, Jonathan?
Where are you, mijo?
Johnny, where are...?
What the fuck?
That was nice and relaxing, daddy.
What the fuck?
Why does it have a beak? eeee... I don't know...
Do have turtles? It grow a beak, I don't know. Abuelo?
Escaped, faggot. Escaped.
Sir, that labrador is on fire!
Gimme a fuckin' break, Abuelo, wait for me!
Abuelo, I know you don't like me and you think I'm a bit of an asshole but...
TOO asshole.
Whatever, but now I think it's the moment to work together...
My God! Look at those fine asses!
Hey, ladies, by any chance, do you have a mirror on those panties?
Abuelo, what the fuck?
'Cause I can see me on them.
Abuelo, you don't stop saying stupid things...
Shut up, asshole!
Abuelo! I know what to do!
Look, Abuelo, there's a soccer game tomorrow.
Abuelo! I know what to do! Look, Abuelo, there's a soccer game tomorrow. We'll wait for El Ejotito (The Green Bean) to come out. He is Chivas best player.
We'll run him over. Without killing him obviously and then. We bet against Chivas.
And we'll get rent's money back.
And what are we going to bet, asshole?
Easy! We'll pawn Gaspar's car.
I mean, surely we'll fuck it all and we'll be losing the rent and the car, but it would be the comical way isn't it?
Ok, but we don't kill him.
No, Abuelo, only a sprained ankle. We'll just have to wait for him to come out.
Abuelo, abuelo! We fell asleep!
Rub my balls, Armando... what? I fell asleep, what happened?
We fell asleep! What do we do?
-Let's pawn the car anyway. -Ok, Abuelo, but... -Tomorrow we'll run Ejotito over.
Ok, abuelo, that's ok. We'll have to get the car's papers.
Let's hope Gaspar doesn't suspect anything. I'll come up with something.
Hey, Gaspar!
What is it, Noruego?
Can I borrow the car's papers? I need them for...
Yes, Noruego, You can have whatever you want. They are under the...
No, no, they are for...what? Really?
Yes, there they are. Right now I have other things on my mind.
Really? Hey, Gaspar, can I borrow 200 pesos?
Yes. I have them in my wallet.
Gaspar, is there any problem if I make out with your sister?
Whatever you want, Noruego.
Me too, mijo?
Yes, Abuelo. Hey, Gaspar...
Gimme a fuckin' break, Noruego!
Ok, ok. I'll go get the papers.
What is it, mijo? You look weird.
I think I caught Jonathan jerking off, Abuelo.
I mean, I know it is normal, but he's only 10 years old.
Look, Gasparcito. I'm gonna tell you a story.
Your asshole father...
Don't call him like that, Abuelo.
Your asshole father masturbated for the first time when he was 16 years old.
Gimme a break.
That unleashed a storm of abuse. They called him "The Slow-Jerk off".
They made a fool of him in front of everyone.
What the fuck? Who did that, Abuelo?
Mostly me and your Great Grandfather. Abuelo, what the fuck!
16 years old! What the fuck with you, mijo?
I found the papers , Abuelo, let's go.
We'll keep talking later, Gasparcito. I love you.
Gimme a fuckin' break.