Ramya SMS - Telugu Short Film with english subtitles

Uploaded by reversegearcreations on 06.05.2012

ohh!! I should get ready before my friends come.
Should I call or message to Ramya.
Don't know how she reacts, Will ask my friends and proceed.
Strong is mine...
Hey wrong guy why do you need strong?
No it’s mine...
Take it...
First you drink buddy we will talk later...
Hey beers are getting warm, first you drink...
Dude u should get promotions again and again .
Now tell me dude...
Thanks, finally you gave me a chance to talk...
Ramya sent me an SMS
You are following her like a street dog from last 1 year and she never responded .
How can we believe you...?
Look at this message sent by her...
It's just congratulation in it, why do you over react .
Hey dude, colleagues say congratulation. But loved ones only say hearty congratulation...
This is love only
R u sure??
Its love only. U send message I will take care.
First attempt is like fun, Experience attempt will be extraordinary.
So wait for few days and propose her.
Who is that?
I will be right back. My darling is calling.
See him...
Dude he is asking me to wait some days. What do you say?
He is jealous. Ignore him first you send I love you, I will take care.
Why are you still thinking dude. Send I love you
Shall I send?
Don’t think again, send it man
Don’t shake me , I am tensed
Why are you typing my name, type her name.
You are confusing me.
Sent the message
Wonderful dude.
Hey she is killing me yaar.
What’s wrong with him
I sent message to Ramya.
Is it?
Dudes I think we got reply.
Open it . 0:4:47,0:4:50 This is not good time to open.
Dude we are drunken now. if we get odd response we can’t bare it.
Yes party will be disturbed.
Morning 4:45 is very good time, we will open at that time.
Shut up and drink
Ok lets wind up and go to bed.
dude switch off the light.
Message dude.
I will break your mouth if you ask about message till morning.
What do u want?
Message dude.
I want beer can u get it now.
I beg you, please don’t disturb me.
I will kill u, if you wake me till morning 4:50.
Dude get up good time started.
If I knew that you will f**k me like this i could have given the mobile night itself
Hey what happened to this guy?