Advanced Ski Lesson #5.2 - Shorter Turns

Uploaded by elatemedia on 01.12.2011

In short turns it's important to keep the upper body calm and facing down the hill.
Watch how my feet are turning but my body remains calm. The arms are in front and I'm
looking down the hill. A great exercise to help you achieve that, is take your hands
out of your straps, hold your poles about halfway down and put the handles together,
making a nice arrow.
Now put some smooth turns in, keeping that arrow facing directly down the hill. Start
on a nice easy slope, but it's going to be a really good guide for you to keep those
arms in front, and keep that chest facing down the hill.
This might feel strange to start with, but give it time and it will become easier. It's
a really good way to train the upper body to remain calm. I now have the poles back
but the same rules apply. My body is calm, my skis are turning beneath me with a good,
constant, rhythm.