Cranial Nerves Dirty Mnemonic Tutorial : Clinical Neuroscience: Names, Test and Function

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A dirty cranial nerve mnemonic is:
Only optimistic octopus tentacles try and feel
very good “vaginally-accessible” Hymens
Only Optimistic Octopus Tentacles Try And Feel Very Good “Vaginally-Accessible”
One. Olfactory: What was the last thing you smelled?
Coffee with breakfast.
Two. Optic: Close one eye. What's the top line say?
E Close the other eye. What's the bottom line
say? Copyright 2012.
Three and Four. Oculomotor and Trochlear:
Follow my finger with your eyes
Five. Trigeminal: Sensory: Say “Yes” when you feel this
cotton wisp on your face Yes, Yes, Yes
Yes, Yes, Yes
Motor: Have the patient move their jaw and feel the muscles contract.
Six. Abducens: Follow my finger task - Previously assessed with cranial nerves three and four.
"ABducted by aliens” means you're moved away from the middle of the earth.
The “ABducens” moves your eye away from the midline of your body.
Seven. Facial: Sensory: How does this cube taste when you
lick it with the tip of your tongue? Motor: Make funny faces.
Eight. Vestibulocochlear: Vesitublar: Test for dizziness.
Cochlear: Which side do you hear this?
Nine. Glossopharyngeal Sensory: Gag Reflex
Motor: Say “Ah”
Ten. Vagus: Sensory: We normally don't actively test visceral
sensation in the abs and chest Motor: Gag Reflex
Eleven. Accessory: Shrug your shoulders
Twelve. Hypoglossal: Stick your tongue out straight...move it side
to side.
Only Optimistic Octopus Tentacles Try And Feel Very Good “Vaginally-Accessible”
Hymens. Eeek!
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