Gönülçelen )) Episode 49 - Part 2/6 [English Subtitles]

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Who is it?
my mom
why don’t you speak to her? She must be worried about you
Hasret my mom must learn
she can't have it her own way every time. It'll change from now on
It’s all because of me
Please Hasret, we've talked on this subject
Nothing happened because of you
My mom always likes to intervene and control the lives of others
But she felt that it is impossible now
she needs more time
Very soon she will understand things more clearly
you think she'll change the way she thinks?
she will change it
she must do it
I think it's going to rain
It's just a little cloudy.. the sky will be clear shortly
Is it a good time to catch the fish you think?
probably no
Look two hours and we couldn't put two fish side by side
This is not a fish.. See that it is very small
You're right. These can't be eaten
In brief, the idea of eating fish just vanished
Well that's good, I didn't want to eat it anyway
What do we do?
I don't know.. You suggest something?
I know a nice fish restaurant.. What do you think?
so you're saying we will eat fish no matter what
along with whatever you want
Let us go then
let's go
you know it was difficult to me
I said this man is crazy
No I mean I did not say crazy.. I thought
this man wants just to pass some time.. this is what I said
I wanted to meet you but I was afraid
Do you know.. the same thing also happened to me
I did not come that day because I was afraid to meet you
In fact I did not have work
and usually nothing scares me
darkness, height, cockroaches ... but when it became to
yes.. It became strange
Look Nakiye
I'll tell you something that may find strange .. I know this, but
Believe me, this is not a hasty decision
we musn't waste time.. we're destined for each other
What are you saying Shewket?
Would you marry me Nakiye?
Yes.. You
Yes, Nakiye Sharbatji will you accept me to be your life partner
If you agree I will come tomorrow to request your hand
Yes, yes, yes
why are walking there?
I'm fine like this
I think you're cold
No, I won't feel cold in this weather
You're shivering?
it's cold
Shall we go back??
so you won't be cold
he's no where to be found..
as if the earth cracked and swalled him
maybe Cobra escaped
listen to this
The look in his eyes and his actions said he wanted to escape
Oh, aunt kadriye would Cobra escape and leave me alone..
let's use reason and logic, and talk properly
He is a man right? All of them are not worth five pennies
Shame on you aunt
go away
Why all these bad thoughts.. He'll be here soon
If he comes between today and tomorrow it'll be good
otherwise those two men will make disater for us
yes girl
What are you doing tomorrow?
I don't know.. I've nothing to do
this means you'll remain unemployed
Maybe we can go to the cinema?
And later we can wander in the museum
I do whatever I like
The day will come when you'll have to work again levent..
you know that right?
I'll think of this day when it comes
In fact I think a lot of whether
you'll go back to music before a long time has passed
.. Now see Murat's offer..
A toast for all the unemployed people in this world.. lift your glass
I did not understand how a man who passionatly loves his work
gets to this state.. I don't get it
You know what I'm thinking?
How I used to work like crazy in those days and now Look
I am very satisfied
You know that one day you'll get bored?
I don't think so
you'll get bored, because we can't survive without work
Who are we?
Toast to all people.. Come on
are you drunk?
You don't know me, I've never got drunk in my life
Hello!! Cobra or Jafar which one of you?
sister it's me Hasret
this is you Hasret... It's Hasret
what? aren't you happy it's me?
of course I'm happy.. it's just that your call came in a confusing time
How are you?
- Ask her if they would be back - wait a moment
I wanted to call you and hear your voices
It's good that you did.. your mom is asking if you're coming back?
I don't know.. this depends on Murat
she said it depends on Murat
how are you all?
Don't ask about us Hasret
I'll explain everything to you when you're back
nothing bad happened?
No, it is concerning Cobra
Tell her to bring cotton candy and chocolate when she comes back
aunty it's not the time for cotton candy
if she can't find it then let her bring any sweet
Ok if I find it I'll bring it
Hasret just come back and never mind aunt Kadriye
she always has a huge appetite
ok sister..
Most likely will come back soon.. I will ask Murat.. see you
see you
Nothing happened dad.. we're following our training
Is there any development with Levent?
So far No.. but I will try to convince him again
Don't worry son.. Levent will accept the offer
do you think he'll produce the single?
Most importantly is that he agrees and the rest will be solved
Mrs. Nesrin, can I sit with you a little bit?
of course, come
You know they will come tomorrow to propose marriage?
will you be in my mother's place?
what kind of question is this? Of course I will Nakiye
Can I invite Mr. Ethem?
there might be few of them and I don't want us to be alone
Maybe Murat can also come
You can call whomever you like no need to question
I don't know if Murat will really come
Why are you crying now?
I remembered my mom and dad
Let's not be sad
Look tomorrow is your engagement day
Do you want your eyes to swell
I don't want
I better finish my work
You also don't like to be approached to this extent
I don't want to bother you
If you had refused to accept money from the man, stupid
See how they came to our door
How much did he take
3000 EURO
can't we gather up the money ourselves
we'll give them their money and they would leave
Where would we find 3000 Euro Mrs. Saime
I have money and Hasret has
this can't be Mrs. Saime
everyone's situation is bad and we can't solved it this way
I will say something .. isn't Cobra the guilty one
of course he's the one
why did this man come to us and scared us
are you crazy .. They did not find Cobra, therefore, they came to us
Let's go look for these men and explain everything to them
let them resolve the issue with Cobra when he comes..
Why interfere us in this issue
this is true
we will resolve it
yes my dear let's go and talk with them
They have changed the quality of the drink
You know.. I never got drunk before
You are going to sit here and I will drive the car
you know how to drive a car
I know
look, this car is very valuable
I don't give it to whomever
Ok.. Let's get in the car Levent
I shouldn't have drunk that much
get in..
Why did not you get drunk?
I did not drink much
wait a minute.. did I drink this whole bottle myself
The second bottle also
A Scandal!! So it's normal to be like this.. right?
come on.. press on gasoline.. press
what happen?? Did you wanna say something to your mom??
You are also angry at your father
he's been like this his entire life
Look.. I warn you don't be like your dad.. Be like your mom
I am afraid that you'll turn out like your dad
2 new Cobras with the original Cobra makes 3 Cobras
I will die then
But .. He has some good qualities
I mean, I'm talking behind his back.. But I miss him
I'm tired of talking a lot .. I'm sleepy
Come on let's go to sleep
My mother .. My father
I wish you were beside me too
Oh Nakiye what is going on?
I got really scared when I saw you suddenly
What are you doing up at this hour?
I couldn't sleep
I couldn’t either
I guess it is marriage stress
come sit down let's have a chat