Canadian Australian Journey

Uploaded by ImmiTV on 01.02.2011

When I came here and had the experience of living in the country, I decided I wanted this
place to be my home.
I came over backpacking when I was 25 years old and decided to go around Australia.
I loved Australia from the time I got here actually.
The atmosphere for me was fantastic.
I really felt comfortable coming from Canada.
I do believe that the Australians and the Canadians have a very good relationship whether
you're Australians over there or Canadians here.
I met my partner up in Darwin, feeding crocodiles and, yeah, we stayed around – we
stayed around since then.
I went back, got back my permanent residency and came back a year later.
I just love the country, I love the people.
The lifestyle is great.
I mean, Canadians and Australians aren't that different but, here everything revolves
around outdoor.
The other thing that really got me with Australians was they love sport.

I want a 'd' up here, after the pass, swing around.
Settling down and raising a family, then, of course, the first thing you do is you look
for your leisure time and I was playing ice hockey with lots of guys from all over the
world - people who've come from all over to play hockey here.
No, I didn't bring my hockey equipment, well, not the first year.
Didn't think there was any hockey in Australia!
Well, I'm from a small town on Vancouver Island called Port Alberni.
It wasn't a real big hockey town but, it was good.
And I went back to my hometown and had an opportunity to come to Australia and that's
what I did.
So, I went through my citizenship test, I then actually became a police officer in New
South Wales for quite a number of years.
That was a fabulous experience.
It was just then my time to really start giving back something that I had.
Because it was ice hockey that brought me to Australia.
And now I can actually return all the big favours Australia did to me.
I grew up in Canada on the West Coast of British Columbia.
I arrived in Australia in '74 and I got my citizenship just a couple of years later.
I had no doubt that I wanted to be an Australian citizen.
And then the only way I could play for Australia too was to get onto the hockey list to
become an Australian citizen.
Whether they're Canadian, Australian or playing over in Canada, I don't think it really
matters where they're from.
We're all Australian.