Cast Away (3/8) Movie CLIP - I Have Made Fire! (2000) HD

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The air got to it.
The air got to it !
Come on, come on. Come on.
[ gasping ]
I did it. I did it.
Fire !
There you go !
Light it up ! Come on !
ś the time to hesitate is through ś
Ouch ! [ laughing ]
Ouch !
ś no time to wallow in the mire ś
ś try now, we can only lose ś
ś 'cause girl we couldn't get much higher ś
ś come on, baby light my fire ś
Here you go ! Here you go !
It's a signal fire !
And it spells out s.O.S !
Whoa !
It's a meteor shower !
Fireflies ! Go ! Run !
You're free ! You're free ! Ouch ! Ouch !
Yeah !
Yes !
Look what I have created !
I have made fire !