Move-In Day 2010

Uploaded by UniversityRochester on 27.08.2010

'Where are you from?'
I'm from Des Moines, Iowa.
I'm from Buffalo, New York.
I'm from Brazil, but I live in Rochester, New York.
I am from Melbourne, Florida.
Duxbury, Massachusetts.
We're from Olney, Maryland.
I'm from Portland, Oregon.
New Haven, Connecticut.
St. Louis, Missouri.
I'm from Syracuse, New York.
New York City.
I'm from Rochester.
'What are you most excited about?'
I'm excited about the people. Everyone seem so excited, and all the
a cappella groups are going around. I also excited to try out for one
I really like singing, so I'm definitely going to try out for one of those.
I want to take part in the Take Five program
and I want to get involved in the clubs and activities.
I'm one of those people who just like to do a little bit of everything, kind of get my feet wet.
My town's really small, so I guess really, like living at a
university that's bigger than my town.
Freedom, complete freedom. And living on my own, with my roommate.
Getting orientation done and getting my class schedule fixed.
There is an ultimate frisbee game that I was looking forward to,
and there's like a quidditch at night - that sounds fun.
Theater. The theater program, I think it's cool, Todd Theater - I can't wait to join.
Just all the research opportunities.
no, parties.
Just meeting new people. I'm ready for new people.
'uh oh- uh oh-uh oh- What did you forget at home?'
I forgot my alarm clock.
I forgot my coffee mugs.
Forgot light bulbs.
My social security card. Yes. That's a big one.
Hangers. I forgot hangers.
I forgot all math. That's going to be a problem.
What is the first thing you plant to do once your parents leave?
Take a nap.
Study a bit.
Join a club.
Take a nap.
Don't sleep. At all.
Once my parents leave? I'm gonna go find my ECO buddies.
Once my parents leave? I'm just probably gonna
yell, as loud as I can. Just to get it all out.
I don't know yet. We'll see what happens.
'What's the first thing you're gonna do
once your kid has left the house?'
Celebrate! Get a keg and tell your kid and celebrate!
Clean her room.
Have a beer.
I don't know, maybe go to Disneyworld?
Redo his room.
Rearrange the rooms.
Good question. Rent out his room? Is that what everyone says?
No, we're going to miss him a lot, so I don't know. I hope I don't cry.
Not cry.
Probably cry, to be honest!
When I'm gone crying, I guess I'll have to figure it out, after then.
Then enjoy my life, without her being home.
That's the hardest question.
Do you have any parting advice?
Just have fun,
and just be free.
Be the person that you are.
Stay out of trouble. Study hard.
Just do good, make lots of friends, and be happy.
Make sure that you're having fun. and studying...
Have fun, but not too much fun!
Take care of yourself, eat right, and work hard.
Be yourself.
Take advantage of as many things as possible.
Trust your instincts.
And keep in touch.
Just one of many new beginnings and an awesome future.
We've been giving him little pearls of wisdome all along the way.
The whole five and a half hours up here.
Just to make the most of it. - it's been a long drive hasn't it?
Too long!
This is the University of Rochester.