Ep 14 - The Morning After - 12-STEPS TO RECOVERY

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SHERYL Oh Parrish, that was so wonderful.
You really have that magic touch. Having you back in my life is the
greatest gift ever. Wait til mother hears we’re back together, she’ll
jump for joy knowing that marriage and children will soon follow.
Ooh, I think I’m pregnant.
Sound of food cooking.
Omelet sizzles in skillet.
SHERYL Hey sleepy head. I hope you’re
hungry. I’m making your favorite. A feta cheese and spinach omelet with
bagels. You look a little on the thin side.
PARRISH That usually happens when you’ve
been food poisoned or had your heart tapped dance on with stilettos.
SHERYL Parrish, I thought we said we’d move
on from what happened in the past?
PARRISH Is this past in dog years, cause
you speak about it like it was years ago? It hasn’t been six weeks.
SHERYL You don’t have to be so technical.
PARRISH And when did we have this discussion?
Last night after you spiked my drink?
SHERYL Don’t be silly. We had a few drinks
that’s all. You know you can’t hold your liquor. And no need to worry,
I didn’t take advantage of you. You fell right to sleep. (and
I read a little.
Loud buzzing noise from vibrator.
SHERYL After a few minutes, I got tired
and just slept in your arms like old times.
PARRISH Don’t go walking through the pearly
gates so fast Sheryl. I don’t forget that easily.
SHERYL Yes, you have a memory like an
elephant. But you can’t deny it Parrish; You still love me.
Don’t you?
SHERYL Remember how you use to massage
my feet?
Sound of Tyler Perry’s Madea saying a joke.
SHERYL Or how we use to watch Tyler Perry
movies? He left us in stitches.
Old school R&B music plays.
SHERYL And the times we’d slow dance to
old school jams?
SHERYL Oh Parrish, don’t you miss it?
PARRISH You wanna know something? I hate
Tyler Perry movies and sometimes, your feet smelled a cheesy, but I
did those things because I wanted to be with you. Then you go and tell me
I was not in your league.
SHERYL You’re exaggerating Parrish.
SHERYL Ok, maybe I did say that cause of
fear and pressure from my mother, but I was wrong. I’m willing to make it
up to you over and over and over again. No denying our chemistry baby.
PARRISH What about the Jack Rabbit from
Yale? He still in the picture?
SHERYL How did you...? That was you below
my patio? Parrish you kissed a man?
PARRISH NOT! That was an extremely hot French
model with an affinity for the insane and adventure. Just my cup of tea.
SHERYL Oh, so she’s one of these dates
you’ve been going on, like the girl you were kissing in the park?
PARRISH What do you know?
SHERYL Chauncey filled me in on your silly
PARRISH Chauncey? Oh, wait until I see Mr.
Yoga Master.
SHERYL This isn’t about Chauncey. This is
about you numbing your pain over our foolish breakup. These women
don’t mean anything to you.
PARRISH You’re so skilled at sizing up
a person’s worth and existence.
SHERYL I’m sorry, but...
PARRISH Let me tell something, I’ve met
some umm, nice ladies through all of this and I’m seeing what’s out
there. The world doesn’t revolve around Sheryl Woodson.
SHERYL I don’t care about the world. I
just want you Parrish. You’re all that matters to me. What do
I have to do to prove this to you?
PARRISH Make my breakfast to go. (Beat)
Look, I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I need to do this.
SHERYL You know what Parrish, do what you
have to do. I know that when all of this is over, you’ll see that I’m
the woman for you. The one who truly loves you.
SHERYL So you want some butter on your muffin?
PARRISH I think I should probably eat here.
No need to let all that hot food get cold. That’s the least I can do.
SHERYL Whatever you say baby. You’re the boss.