New Vegas Weapon Guide 7 - Melee & Unarmed

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Trigger action, that's what most people think of when facing combat in Fallout New Vegas.
However, for a select few people close range combat is where the real action is. Weather
it be a sharp edge, blunt force, or fisticuffs there's just some business that's better off
completed up close and personal. If you're one of the people who prefers to dodge bullets
and get your opponent's blood allover yourself in the ensuing fray, then the following seven
weapons should represent the pinnacle of combat for you.
For any player looking to work off melee from the very beginning of the game, reasonable
weapons to use are few and far between. For that reason, this stab happy little toy is
a glowing gem for early game melee enthusiasts. Chances Knife, which is a blood covered version
of the combat knife, does much more damage, and also deals more critical damage. Even
though it doesn't hold up against later melee weapons it's perfect at the beginning of the
game. To get this knife you first need a shovel.
One can be found at the good springs source, or bought from the general store in Goodsprings.
Anyway with a shovel in your possession you can head to a burial mound north of Goodsprings,
on a ledge right near a tribal village, west of a makeshift great khan camp. When you find
the grave activate it with the shovel in your inventory to dig up Chance's knife. Something
worth mention here is, if you intend to grab this knife at the very beginning of the game
you should save before traveling north out of good springs. The road to the burial site
is infested with cazadors, and while it is possible to kill them, it's not easy, and
dying is a very likely thing that will happen. Also, just as a trialing note, the easiest
way to reach the burial mound is by not taking the road.
Oh, Baby! (clear throat) Sorry. That's the name of of the improved, albeit rusted, super
sledge. Oh, Baby! is hands down the best blunt weapon in the base game of New Vegas, having
both improved standard and critical damage over the base model. To deliver blunt force
death with this weapon you'll first have to head to the Charleston Cave, found far west
of the New Vegas strip, and just north of Jacobs town in the snowy mountains. Deep inside
of the mine the Oh, Baby! super sledge can be found lying on the ground.
When it comes to bladed weapons Knock Knock is a stand up arm that can truly make mincemeat
of your enemies. An improved version of the Fire axe it has better standard and critical
damage levels, though it is more brittle than it's vanilla a counterpart. No matter it's
short comings Knock Knock is a great melee weapon to have. In order to get your hands
on this blade you need to travel to the heavily irradiated camp searchlight, which is the
town located on the cross roads south of of Novac. When you arrive at searchlight you
need to go into the basement of a ruined church not far from the small NCR camp outside of
town. In the basement is a prospector named Logan. Logan has the keys to get into the
firehouse where knock knock is located. There are two ways you can get the key off of him.
You can either help him in scaving what he needs from the town during the quest "Wheel
of Fortune", or you can simply kill him and loot the keys off his body. No matter if you
choose to further his cause or end his life, once you're inside the fire station Knock
Knock can be found in a bathroom stall on the second floor next to a toilet with a skeleton.
A single word of warning when finding this weapon though. Be prepared for a surprise,
and an incredible fight when you first enter the forestation.
Amongst all the Melee armaments found in the Mojave wasteland there are two which truly
are unrivaled in the base game of Fallout New Vegas. Those two weapons are the Thermic
Lance, and the Chainsaw. Both these deadly arms are very rare and unique within how unorthodox they are. While both
are incapable of ever scoring a critical hit their sheer power fully makes up for any shortcomings,
keeping in mind that the lance deals superior damage over the chainsaw.
When it comes to finding the thermal lance there's no set location, but it can be purchased
from the crimson caravan, gun runners, or the armoury at hoover dam. However, there's
no guarantee that any of those vendors will have the lance in stock. Alternatively legionaries
will sometimes carry a thermic lance, but again there's no guarantee you'll have luck
running across one that way. It's unfortunate, but finding one really comes down to luck.
The Chainsaw however can be found in two set locations. The first is vault three located
in the south Vegas ruins, which are more south than west of the New Vegas strip. This iron
tomb is inhabited by fiends, and on the lowest level you can find their leader, Motor Runner.
On his back is the coveted chainsaw, and you need only to kill him to acquire it. The second
is found inside of the Cesar's legion safe house. It should go without saying, but you
have to be in good standing with the legion to gain access to their safe house.
The thermal lance and the Chainsaw, no matter which one you like more, both are weapons
that represent the pinnacle of melee armaments in Fallout New Vegas, and therefore shouldn't
be overlooked.
With the powerhouses of melee combat covered we now arrive at unarmed weapons. The first
is rivaled by almost no other first weapon, Pushy. An enhanced version of the Displacer
Glove, Pushy degrades slower, deals more damage, and is more powerful when scoring a critical
hit. In addition it has an extra feature that "pushes" your opponent away from you, knocking
them off of their feet. This powerful glove is found in the Ruby Hill Mine, located more
west than north of the New Vegas strip, along the mountain trail leading to Jacobstown.
Inside the mine, in a room filled with water, is the body of a jackal gang member who has
the Pushy power glove on their person. To get it just loot it from the body like you
would any other item. A word of warning though, look out for all of the lake lurks.
When beating down on your opponents with your fists no unarmed weapon surpasses the Ballistic
fist for sheer impact per hit. The ballistic fist has the highest damage per swing out
of any unarmed weapon in the game. Even though it doesn't have a unique counter part this
deadly arm could be considered the holy grail of unarmed combat.
Because the Ballistic Fist is not a unique weapon, just rare, finding one can be a bit
tricky. If you're interested in killing for this weapon they are held by Cesar's personal
praetorian guards. However, getting one this way without dieing can be a real challenge.
The easier method of acquiring the Ballistic fist is to buy it. Blake, a vendor at the
crimson caravan company, sells them from time to time, but his stock is random, so there's
a decent chance he won't have one to sell. The alternative vendor to purchase it from
is quartermaster Bardon located in in the offices section of hoover dam. Bardon won't
trade with you unless you are liked by the NCR, and even then you have to pass a level
fifty speech check. But his stock is also random, so there's just as much chance of him carrying one as Blake from the crimson
caravan having one. Getting a Ballistic fist is troublesome to be certain, but the power
honestly makes the trouble worth while.
Even though there are more melee and unarmed weapons in Fallout New Vegas than what I mentioned
here, the seven covered are undeniably fantastic choices. If you choose to use these arms hopefully
your bulletproof nature, and tolerance for pain will outshine your suicidal tendencies
when binging close range weapons to a gun fight. However if you're interested in having
the immediate advantage by being able to shoot your enemies from a distance, then check out
the rest of the Fallout New Vegas Weapon Suite from Visage Guides and Kerosene Dreams.