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Hey, Thomas. Could you call the intern, please?
-- How's it going, Mr. Origen? -- Fine, fine, Jesus. Take a seat.
You know I care a lot about you, right?
And you were highly recommended by Joseph and all...
-- But unfortunately I... -- Oh no, you're firing me.
I'm sorry, sir. I can work harder, I swear.
Oh, Jesus, this is not about working harder.
Look around. You don't belong here.
-- This is a fucking carpentry. -- Shh...
We curse in here, spit on the floor,
we call our colleagues to see the size of our poop in the toilet...
We scratch our balls and smell our hand.
We scratch it and smell it. Get it?
That's the way we are here.
Say a bad word.
Say a bad word.
Your bad word is crap?
Who took the Maria Magdalene's posters off the bathroom walls?
Who did it?
I'm going to repeat. This is a carpentry, we enjoy looking at whore pictures on the wall.
We're filthy here!
We're motherfuckers.
You know, a 100% mofos. We're motherfuckers here, Jesus
I'm a motherfucker too. Let me be a mofo.
You don't know my friends, ask Matthew.
Jesus, anyone can see that you're a polite boy.
You're very clean and neat.
It's not just that, you're also not being very efficient.
I'm sorry, sir. You can say whatever you want, but when I'm working,
I'm really, I'm being efficient, you can't say I'm not working hard.
-- Aren't you? -- No.
Then tell me. What's that shit over there?
That is a chair.
I'm in this business for 20 years, and you're trying to convince that it's chair?
Just so you know, your "chair" got stranded.
Yeah... the chair... the chair got stranded.
Together with that stuff there. What are those?
I usually call them "gadgets".
-- Gadges? -- "Gadgets".
They're gonna be trendy in the future.
They can't be connected anywhere!
Well, I didn't think that through.
And what's trendy, my friend,
is people willing to buy beautiful wooden chairs, get it?
That's it, son.
Is that it, are you dismissing me right now?
Or could I stay here at least until the end of the month?
No, you're dismissed, Jesus. Thanks.
Look, I just wanna clear up that what you're doing to me...
Is a...
Mistake. Okay?
Son of a gun.
Tradução e legendas: Melissa Prado