Modern Warfare 2 meets Metal Gear Solid - part 4

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Translated by (your name here).
Liquid and Makarov are creating a new weapon.
Who killed my mates?
The name is Bobby…Kotickovich!
Holy BLEEP! What is that?
Modern Gear!
Snake and Ghost!
Oh crap! Crap! Crap!
It's been a long time, old friend.
Ohhhh yeahhhh!
Alright. Here we go. Here we go. OK.
Hurry up, let's go! Let's go!
Let's gooooooooo!
Alright…um…how do I work this?
Um…robot, activate!
Turn on!
Uhh…Autobots roll out!
Voltron assemble!
Oh wait, whats this?
If I can just re--
Oh…oh, that's not good.
Oh great…this is fantastic.
Yeah, brilliant.
This was a great idea.
Yeah..that's exactly what I need.
It's been a long time old friend.
John, what are you doing here?
You haven't heard?
I work for ActivistSun now.
No! You're better than that, John! You're a hero!
Your age of heroes is over snake.
Now drop the gun!
You drop yours!
I'm serious, Snake.
I asked you first.
I'm not playing around - wait!
No you didn't!
Oh yeah. Just keep spinning.
Yeah, that's fantastic.
Oh come on you metal bastard!
Quick, before Bobby Kotickovich-
Ohh shi-
Drop the weapons, Snake!
I can't do that!
Yes you can.
Physics says, if you let go it will simply fall.
No! I mean, I understand that.
I can't do that because I have a mission to do.
Think about it, Snake. Only one of us is wearing bulletproof armor.
Yeah…but these are REALLY big bullets.
Then take you best shot.
John, don't do this.
Just shoot already!
…I can't.
Now kick it over hear.
Ow ow! That's heavy! Owwww…
(sigh) Come on.
I knew I shouldn't leave my toys laying around.
Oh great, I'm gonna die in a bloody spinning teacup.
Goodbye Ghost.
Oh. Well at least I stopped spinning.
Oh. Yeah. Here we go. Thank you for doing that.
That's very, very helpful at this point. Thank you.
Keep moving, Snake.
I don't want to have to shoot you.
So John, you've been with the Spartans for, what, 10 years now?
I figured an expert like you would know better.
Leaving the safety on is a rookie mistake.
Nice try, Snake. I'm not falling for that one.
Fine. Let's get this over with.
Oh I always knew it would end like this.
Where the hell are you, Snake?
(codec sound)
Snake here.
Snake! I'm in a big robot! There's another big robot kicking my ass!
Got any ideas?
Uhhh...that sounds like an Otacon question.
Um…I gotta go, Ghost.
Where were we?
Oh no! A triceratops! RARRR! RARRR!
Otacon, save me!
Snake, I've got this.
Oh Otacon. You saved me AGAIN!
Just put it on my tab.
Oh Otacon, you saved me too!
Oh Ariel. I liked you better with the tail.
But whatever - Let's ride!
Oh Otacon, thank you!
Uhhhh…is this a bad time, mate?
Ghost? How did you get this number?
I can call back later, but I got this big robot situation.
Probably gonna die.
I was just, uh, running some simulations.
HEY! I recognize that cockpit! Ghost, you're in METAL WARFARE!
Wait, you know what this thing is?
I should! I designed it.
That was before it was stolen by the military. It's actually a funny story…
See, I was 14 at the time, and I just got a new puppy-
Otacon! Big robot! Shooting at me!
Oh right. I'll tell you later.
Metal Warfare. Voice authorization Otaku 69.
Reset automatic controls. Primary target: Modern Gear.
Oh hell yeah!
Alright Kotick-o-bitch. Let's go!
I thought you'd be better.
How disappointing!
Ow, my nose.
Where am I?
Who's there?
Don't you remember me, Solid Son?
Big Boss...
Call me Naked Snake.
Let's just stick to Big Boss.
Suit yourself.
Hey, wasn't I just fighting Master Chief?
Fighting? More like losing.
Hey, didn't you see me elbow that guy's punch?
Hiyah! Ha!
And then…look! A penguin!
Grab the gun! Around the back! Turn around! Over the shoulder!
Waahhhhhhh! Ha!
And then, gat! Gat! Gat! Gat!
Ohhhh kay.
Bet you couldn't have done that!
You're right. I can't believe the chief beat you!
Wait. Did I die? Awww fu-
You're not dead. This is just your subconscious.
Everybody you care about is here.
Hey! Snake!
Go way Otacon.
Sorry Naomi. What were you saying?
Remember what I told you.
The fate of the world rests in your hands.
Ow…my nose…
Huh? What happened?
Just finish it, Snake. I can't live like this any more.
Put me out of my misery. Finish it.
What? Why?
We can't do this alone.
Out of the way!
Move in! Move in! We have eyes on tango!
Awwwww crap.