Cat on a houseboat - interior design video

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SOPHIE: My name is Sophie.
TRAVIS: I'm Travis
SOPHIE: And we're at DiMillo's Marina in Portland.
TRAVIS: Why don't you come down and check out our boat?

TRAVIS: Our first boat was the Catalina 27.
It was great for one person and a cat.
SOPHIE: We started looking for a bigger boat.
It was like, all right.
I'm living on it, it's comfortable, but it's not that
But did you know that there's a make and model that's the
same boat for sale in South Portland for a little more
money, but in good condition.
TRAVIS: So we called the guy up and we looked at it.
All the things that were wrong with the other boat had been
fixed in this one.
SOPHIE: So the engine runs?
You're sure the engine runs?
It really starts, it does.
It's good?
He was like, yeah.
Started it up.
We're like, wow.

TRAVIS: So some things that are different on a boat than a
house is everything moves.
SOPHIE: We needed a special rack for books, and a special
rack for our spices and things that wouldn't fall over.
TRAVIS: If it really gets rocky in here, the stuff will
just end up on the floor, so it's a good test of
how clean you are.
SOPHIE: The biggest challenge was finding
storage for all out stuff.

A U-shaped galley is a really common galley shape for boats,
because there's always something to brace yourself
on, no matter how the wind is going.
We've got the added benefit of this back here, three-burner
propane stove and oven.
We don't have refrigeration.
We have ice boxes, and we have hot and cold pressure water.

TRAVIS: This is a seven foot by seven foot triangle, all
cushioned under here.
So we sleep our heads here, and our feet this way, because
there's less of an angle.
Hey, what are you doing?
SOPHIE: Cat's name is Sir Francis Drake.
Sir Francis Drake was the first person to circumnavigate
the world, and it's a sweet nautical name.
I wanted a dog forever, and the rule was that we couldn't
have a dog, until we had a 35-foot boat.
And then we found this boat, fell in love with
it, bought the boat.
It's 32 feet on deck, but it's 35 feet overall, or 36.
The dog and the cat love each other.

TRAVIS: Apartments are pretty expensive,
houses are really expensive.
This is a way to own your house and sail it.

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