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Dad, bless me that l win in gambling today too!
How wonde_ul, brother! You're seeking blessings from father...
to win in gambling? - Don't you interrupt me, Madhu.
This is my profession. So what if l'm seeking his blessings...
before leaving for work.
Return early at night. - Yes, l will.
5 rupees in blind. - Me too.
5 more. - Me too.
5 more. - Me too.
Opt for a show. Else, l'd win if the cards are opened.
ls it? Let's see who wins.
Here... 20 rupees for a show.
What's this? - Let go. Else...
l'll make you remember your father! - You dare drag my father into this?
Arrest everybody! Don't let them escape!
How long will you run? Come in. - Who are you?
l'm your friend. My name is Rafiq.
My name is Jai. - You're so fortunate!
You should be playing where biggies stake in thousands.
l'm a small fry. How can l reach that level?
l've come to take you there. Come on in.
Boss, l've brought Jai. - Bring him inside.
Greetings, sir.
So your name is Jai? - Yes.
Be seated.
l hear that cards change colours once they're in your hands.
ln fact, it's my good fortune that makes cards dance to my tunes.
From today, you will play for me. - What?
Arrange for drinks.
What're you thinking? - l'm thinking...
how come you're ioking like a drunk without even drinking?
Joke? - Then what? You're a wealthy...
and affluent. Why should you be interested in me?
You don't realise the ways of the world.
The bigger a person, the more he needs wealth.
That's why l've opened a grand club...
where affluent people come to amuse themselves...
and enioy themselves by winning or losing in millions.
They seek enioyment in losing in millions too? How amazing!
You'll show the amazement by making some special people lose.
What's in it for me? - 100 rupees daily.
100 rupees? That's all? l catch the prey who provides millions...
and you eat the fruits? No, sir. This won't do.
You're mistaking me. This 100 rupees is just your pocket money.
You will have a share in the winnings too.
That's good. - Then it's a deal.
All right, sir. l'm leaving. - Listen... one more thing.
People from high society frequent my club.
Your street lingo and your dress style won't do.
Be concerned about the winnings. Why worry about all this?
lf you insist, l will change my style, Seth Ratandas.
1 ,2.3,4,5... 5000 rupees in blind.
5000 too! - What're you doing, Mr. Nath?
Go for a show. You've lost 50,OOO.
So much excitement in gambling is not right.
l don't need your advice. Carry on.
l'll carry on, if you insist. Here... 5000 blind.
5000 more too. - You sent for me, Mr. Nath?
Yes, Mr. Ratandas. l need counters for 25,OOO more.
You've already been given 50,OOO according to the club limits.
But l can't refuse you since you're my friend.
Give Mr. Nath counters for 25,OOO more.
1 O... 1 5... 25,OOO. Please sign the receipt book.
For the club records.
Carry on, Mr. Jai. 5000!
Me too!
Me too!
Blind show in 10. - Show?
ls that all? The jack is your biggest card?
lf you don't mind, why don't you show your cards too?
My cards can't be lesser than this. Here!
Hey! The iack is the bigger card?
You're very lucky, man! - How amazing!
What happened, Mr. Nath?
l'm ruined.
Till Ratandas is around, you cannot be ruined.
How will l return 75,OOO rupees?
Forget about it. l can sacrifice many such 75,OOO rupees for you.
Come with me.
What now, Ratandas? How will l repay you such a big sum?
Why worry?
Nath, l'll give you 50,OOO more. If you do something for me.
What kind of work?
The government has taken out a new plan, isn't it? The K-2 plan.
l want a copy of it. - A copy of the K-2 plan?
What're you saying, Ratandas? - Don't worry. Nobody will find out.
lt can't be. It's a top secret plan of the government.
The country's security is dependent on it.
That's the reason l want it. You're in-charge of the place.
You can do it very easily. l'll pay you 50,OOO more.
No, l can't do it. - Think it over.
Would it befit you if you rot behind bars...
and your kids find themselves on the streets?
You can't do that. You're my friend!
l want you to fulfill your duties as a friend, and l my friendship.
l'll telephone my friend that you've agreed.
We're very glad that you burdened Mr. Nath with a debt of 75,OOO...
and got him to sign the document.
Lily, serve whiskey to Ratandas.
Nath is in our clutches. He will have to do what we wish.
lt means we've conquered the fort? - Oh yes, sure.
So we will know the secret...
of the government's latest scientific invention?
By when will your Mr. Nath succeed in his mission?
Friends, you will be glad to know that our scientists...
have planned an electronic machine which will prove...
to be useful and important for our country's security.
Through a film, l will present to you a brief outline of that machine.
This is our country's coastline.
lf that machine is installed at this spot...
an area of 50 miles will come within its attack range.
lf the enemy's ship enters this range...
it's image will appear on the radar and our machine will be activated.
Rays will come out of it, and destroy the enemy's ship.
Similarly, if any enemy airplane enters its range...
it will meet with the same fate.
Ratandas has done a good iob.
Send a message to Marconi through the dance film.
The scientists here have devised a new automatic device.
Just one of its beams can destroy any metal from a 50 mile distance.
We can provide its plan and formula. Find buyers.
We will call this plan K-2 plan. - K-2 plan. least half-a-million dollars.
But what will be background code of the dance?
What's this? - Film.
Yes? Inspector Viiay here?
What do you feel, Viiay? - The dance seemingly appears normal.
lt does look normal. But it isn't.
Else, they wouldn't have taken such a risk to smuggle this film.
Only this dancer can give a correct reply.
The light won't be switched on. - Who is it?
l've removed the fuse.
Who are you? - Your fan.
lf you're my fan. why hide yourself? Come out.
l will, if you put the pistol back. - Come out. Or l'll shoot.
You're surely intelligent. But such weapons...
don't look good in your delicate hands.
Who are you? What do you want? Why did you come in my room secretly?
You're under police custody now. - What?
Yes. l want to know who makes the films in which you dance.
And where are they sent? - No, l don't know a thing.
l don't work in any film.
A girl who keeps a pistol can easily speak big lies.
But it won't be difficult for us to make you speak the truth. Come along.
No, l won't come. Go away. - You will accompany me. Come on.
Who were they?
Sethi? Sethi who? Tell me. What's the mystery behind those films?
Hurry up...
You've done a good iob, Sethi.
Did that man see you? - Perhaps...
Perhaps? That spells danger. And you're in danger.
lt's not wise if you remain here.
Ramesh! - Yes?
Send Sethi to Rome. He will handle the job there and make merry too.
Ramesh will send you your ticket and passport.
Take Sethi away.
Didn't l say that there's danger in 'perhaps'?
The danger should be eliminated. - l understand.
Let Sethi reach Rome. l'll telephone Marconi.
One more problem. After Monica, we will have to arrange for a new girl.
There's a girl in my mind. Beautiful, charming...cabaret dancer.
Can she be trusted? - A lot more than that.
Hold your hearts
l'm here to steal hearts
You won't believe, l'm here to set water on fire
My Narcissus eyes...
my fair cheeks....
my silken tresses...
O crazy ones hold your hearts...
l'm here to steal hearts
You won't believe, l'm here to set water on fire
l'll come to you...
using beautiful excuses...
l'll have few words with you...
then l'll blush...
l'll fleece you...
and say goodbye forever
ln a while, you will see...
how eyes cast a spell
You will never know what hit you...
in romantic talks and meetings...
and in this romantic night
You won't believe, l'm here to set water on fire
My Narcissus eyes...
my fair cheeks....
my silken tresses...
O crazy ones hold your hearts...
l'm here to steal hearts
What brings you here? - l've good news for you.
Really? What's the news? - l'll tell you. Let's relax first.
Hello, Chow Min? Marconi here! Army post has sent information.
Pay the balance and take away the information.
One more big news. The government there has made an atomic device...
whose rays can blast in a second within a range of 50 miles...
planes, ships or submarines. Does your government need it?
The price will be half-a-million dollars.
50 per cent advance. Delivery within 3 weeks. Tell me if you need it.
Hurry up. Fast. Else l will give it away to some other government.
Who is it?
O Sethi! - Marconi, my dear!
How're you? - l'm very happy.
You came after many days. - l'll live here for some days.
Happy with my work, boss asked me to go on a holiday for a few days.
Your boss is great. l was just decoding his message.
The new dancer of your boss is very beautiful.
She's Ramesh's fiancee. - l see. Let's have some drink.
You came after so many days. We will celebrate.
Yes, l got the film. l've decoded it. l spoke to Chow Min too.
Yes, Sethi is here. Do you want to speak to him?
There's a disturbance in the line. l'll speak from another telephone.
Sethi, excuse me.
Ramesh, what did you iust say? Sethi has to be murdered?
Yes. He's a traitor. The boss has ordered.
Don't worry. l will take him out rightaway and eliminate him.
Finished your talks, Marconi? - Yes.
l've to go to Hotel Delta for business.
l've to talk business with Mr. Abdul there.
Ramesh said so? - Yes.
Why don't you come along? - Come on. Let's go.
Rascal! You wanted to go for business? You wanted to kill me?
Bastard! Somebody who can kill me is yet to be born.
l will make your boss dance to my tunes now.
What did you say? Sethi took away the code book and the tape?
lf the code book remains with Sethi, he will ruin us.
lnform all your agents. Obtain the code-book from Sethi and kill him.
l will try.
You sent for me, sir? - Yes, Vijay.
Our officer from Rome has sent this recorded message. Listen to it.
Do you want to know who killed Monica?
Do you want to know the secret behind the dance films smuggled from Bombay?
Do you want to know the names and addresses of the agents of the gang?
l've the answers to these questions. Price... only 50,OOO dollars.
l'll call up your Delhi agent at 9 pm. Give me his telephone number.
lf he agrees to the deal, it will be very good. Over.
Did you hear? - Interesting.
This fellow is surely from that gang.
And these films are the same whose mystery we wish to unravel.
What do you feel? - l can see a ray of light.
He has been given the phone number. Let's wait. It'll be nine soon.
Let's see what he has to say.
Marconi hasn't sent us any news since the past two days.
Contact Rome over the wireless and enquire what happened of Sethi.
Sir, long-distance call from Rome.
Did you get my message? - We did.
So what've you decided? - We are ready.
But how'll the deal go through? Where should our agent meet you in Rome?
Speak to Rome.
Not in Rome. There's danger there.
Your agent will reach Lido casino in Venice on 20th June.
Make a note of everything carefully. - Sethi's voice...? Tape it.
20th June. In Venice. Lido Casino. Where gambling goes on.
At 6 sharp in the evening. In the main hall...
a blonde will be seen playing roulette on 13 number.
Your agent will approach her and play on the same number.
l'll give you the telephone number of our agent there.
lnform him of any change in programme. The number is 770021 .
Note. The code word for this operation will bËDelhi friend'.
lf you try to play dirty with me...
this precious information will be sold to some other country.
For this deal, send the same agent who had caught Monica...
so that we are able to recognise him. Over.
Before that rascal succeeds, go there and eliminate him.
Take everything in your custody. - Okay.
Find out who has been appointed as the police agent.
l want his photograph. - All right.
How come you've called me at this odd hour?
l've called you for a personal and private work. Be seated.
Jai, l've a dear friend called Mr. Deepchand.
After partition, he went to Lisbon and settled there.
You Portugal. - Yes.
He has a daughter named Mala.
He wants his daughter to be married to my son.
According to his wishes, l've given him a nod.
But, sir, you don't have a son, and you approved the alliance?
l might not have my own son...
but the outsider whom l've treated as my own son...
l've sent his photo to Deepchand. - Is it? Who's that fortunate one?
You? - l...?
Thanks for considering me as your own.
But you should've asked me before taking such a major decision.
ls it very necessary to ask someone on whom one has faith...
a right and belief? Look at the girl's picture.
She's educated, from a good family, and her father is a millionaire.
The girl is very nice. But... - No ifs and buts...
lf you refuse the marriage... - So what?
She'll be married elsewhere. And... - And what?
And we will lose a lot of wealth. - That's enough, sir.
l've understood the main issue. You're after Deepchand's wealth.
Possibly, but as it is, l'm favouring the father and daughter.
Where can Deepchand get a son-in-law like you?
Besides, you're such a great gambler. Play one more game.
You mean gamble with my life? Marriage for wealth.
This is a simple business where you've to become my fake father...
and l've to become your fake son. And it has to be proved that...
we're real fathers and sons. - Correct.
What's my fees for marrying the only daughter of the affluent Deepchand?
You've already made all the calculations.
All right. Let's go ahead with this. One more thing, sir...
What if l expose the truth after the marriage?
You won't do it. - Why?
Because there's honesty between thieves.
You're going by flight to Rome on the 14th.
This girl will receive you there at the airport.
Here's your passport and ticket.
So this programme is final.
ln this operation, your name will be Jai, not Vijay.
After reaching Rome, you will telephone on this number.
The code number will bËDelhi friend'.
Our agent there will arrange for the amount.
And if there is any change in programme, he will inform you.
Here's your ticket. On the 14th. At 9 o'clock. Air India flight.
So he's the C.l.D? Smart guy! Ramesh, buy him off!
lmpossible. He's very honest and sincere towards his duty.
Every man can be bought. If not with wealth, buy him with a woman.
l don't understand. - Your Shabnam is charming and young.
Engage her for this.
Both of you will take the flight which he will be boarding.
After obtaining all information from him...
l've understood.
l've a request. - Yes?
Mr. Jai, who has iust left, if the seat adjoining him is vacant...
Welcome to Air India Airways. It's 2 in the morning now.
We will be going to London via Cairo and Rome.
You're requested to fasten your seat-belts, and do not smoke.
The 2,969 mile-long iourney to Cairo will take about 5 hours and 5 minutes.
Perhaps you're sitting on my seat-belt.
You? Haven't you already checked in?
No, l've iust come. Look at my ticket. Where've l checked in?
How strange! If it was not you, who was that gentleman?
Which gentleman? l think you're mistaken. the name of a pleasant journey and a charming companion.
How did you know my name? - You were ahead of me at the counter.
My name is Shabnam. l'm a dancer.
l often go to foreign countries for my programmes. What about you?
l...? l'm an ordinary artist.
You dance on the people's hearts. And these cards dance on my fingers.
So you're a gambler? - You're right.
But l'm not like the usual gamblers.
What do you mean? - l mean to say...
People who gamble with money can be called gamblers.
But right now l'm going to gamble with my life.
So if you wish, you can call me a gambler.
Sir, Viiay here. The flight reached here late from Delhi.
So l missed the Air India flight.
l will reach Rome by tomorrow evening's flight.
You may telephone the agent in Rome, if you wish.
Let me hold your bag. - Thank you. It's light.
Where are you speaking from? Who're you?
What's the matter? - Someone said over the phone that...
there's a time-bomb on Flight 125. - What?
What now? - Why do you have to be so worried?
l'm also there with you. - But l've to reach Rome.
Somebody is waiting there for me. - We're helpless. What can be done?
Send a cable from the hotel. Let's collect our baggage. Come on.
lt's not very far. We will get a taxi close by.
Hello Abbasi, how come you are here?
l came to see off a friend, and found you here!
That's great!
My name is Meedi Gulfam.
Such a big name? Will iust Abbasi do? - It will surely do.
You're most welcome. And for your special treatment...
But he is in a hurry to go to Rome. - It doesn't matter.
l can surely treat you for a short while.
Come on. l've a car.
Not like this. Light it with the spark of your lips.
Lighting needs no spark to light it.
What if the fire flares up?
Then we will send for the fire brigade.
Jokes apart, Jai. It's strange!
We didn't even know each other a few hours ago.
And you will go to Rome a few hours later...
and then perhaps to Venice.
Not Venice. Lisbon. - Lisbon? Why Lisbon?
l'm going there for a round of gambling with life.
Take me along. - No, Shabnam, impossible.
Because the gamble that l will be playing...
only one queen can be there with the king.
Oh! So your queen has been finalised?
Good news. - What happened?
Your plane will now leave only tomorrow morning.
What great news! - Thank you.
l'll get an opportunity to spend an evening with you.
Why don't you try to understand? - Don't be upset, sir.
You may make merry tonight with youth and love.
Lose yourself in wine and women, and experience heaven.
Amazing! What a beauty! What a heaven! What a gem!
Thanks. Now see what's in store for you.
l'll present you with something which will make you jump with joy.
What a fellow he is!
All of you will be glad to know that...
to make the night even more intoxicating...
lndia's leading singer and dancer is amongst us.
l request her to put her heart and her soul into her song...
to make this wonde_ul night an unforgettable experience for us.
To do the honours, Ms Shabnam from India.
l'm your danseuse
Salaams to everyone
Tonight, let me entertain you
My charm, bewitching. l make...
eager hearts go crazy
Now that l'm singing, l can hear someone's heart beat
My lyrics suffuse a fragrance...
into the gathering
You are exquisite
You are beyond compare
You are worth praising
You are a deadly beauty
Give me a look, sweetheart
ln your love, l wish l could earn a bad name
You are a danseuse
Salaams to everyone
Tonight, let me entertain you
l'm your danseuse
Salaams to everyone
What do you want?
What do you want? Why don't you speak?
l'm Ramesh. l've been following you from Bombay.
From Bombay? But why?
The assignment for which you're going to Venice...
Now you will do it for us, and not for the government.
Venice? Government?
l don't understand. l'm heading for Lisbon for personal work.
We've found out everything, Mr. CID agent.
CID agent? - It'll be in your interest...
to extend your hand of friendship with us.
We'll protect you and reward you with a generous amount too.
Come on, Mr. Viiay. - Vijay?
My name isn't Viiay. - A lie again?
Believe me, l'm not lying. You are mistaking me for somebody else.
lf you are somebody else, then who is he?
Shabnam? You...?
So you too are with these people? - Shut up.
First tell me whether this photo is yours or not.
lt appears to be my photo. But...
Then we aren't mistaken at all.
But neither am l Viiay, nor a C.l.D. agent...
Nor am l on any government duty. l'm heading for Lisbon.
l'm going to be married to Deepchand's daughter.
Look... my passport, the ticket, and this letter from Deepchand.
Do you believe me now?
Even if we believe that you're not the same person...
our work can become even easier since you're a lookalike.
What do you mean? - It means that...
ln his place, we'll present you as a CID agent. You will do his work.
No, no. l can't do this work. - Don't worry.
You'll be rewarded handsomely. - No, l can't do this.
What difference does it make, great gambler? Just another gamble!
What if l refuse this gamble? - In that case...
a bullet each from their pistols will pierce through you.
And do you see these age-old cemeteries?
Your corpse will be buried in one of its corners.
Think it over. Do you want to do our work and proceed for your marriage...
or do you want to sleep here for good?
All right. l will do your work.
But what if the real agent reaches Rome before l do?
Don't worry. l will fix it rightaway.
l'm Jai speaking. Delhi friend. From the Rome airport.
But the deal has been fixed for the 20th in Venice.
Yes, l know. But the headquarters asked me to reach 4 days earlier...
so that some information can be obtained...
about the person we are dealing with.
No new information as yet. - It doesn't matter.
My accommodation has been arranged at Hotel Hilton, l suppose.
Yes. - If there's any change...
in programme, or if there's any message from Delhi...
give it at Hotel Hilton. Okay? Bye!
l was so worried about you. - Worried? For me?
Then what! You were to come on 15th. But you came on 16th.
Know how many times l visited the airport?
Yes, l missed my flight. But... who are you?
What? You don't know me? Don't you pretend!
Didn't you recognise me? l am Mala.
Yes. Didn't your father give you my photograph?
Oh...yes, he did. But l forgot it there.
But l've kept your photo very carefully. Look!
Now don't tell me that you don't even recognise your own photo.
lt indeed is my photo. But...
But how could you not recognise me?
Actually, l had met with an accident many years ago.
Because of the iniury to my head, sometimes l forget things.
We'll stay back tonight. We'll take the morning flight and go to Daddy.
Daddy? - Yes, he's in Lisbon.
l'll make a phone call and come back soon.
A lookalike is a dangerous thing is my profession.
lt'll be in my interest to accompany Mala.
Perhaps l might get to know about the real Jai.
l suppose you have brought a car. - Yes, there it is.
Let's go. - Here...
Should l drive the car? - Yes, l will guide you.
l suppose your life is insured.
l don't understand something. - What?
l had to go to Venice. Why're you taking me to Lisbon?
Because we live in Lisbon, not in Venice.
l had forgotten!
What happened? - Looks like somebody's following us.
Strange! We don't know anybody here. Then why this enmity?
l don't understand. - Could it be...
that they must be mistaking us for someone else?
l don't know. At least we're safe, so is your insurance money.
Let's eat something first. - Fine.
How do you know of this restaurant? Have you come here earlier too?
Know what this is called? - What?
What does that mean? - An Italian pancake...
which is eaten by two lovers.
How does it know that both of us...? - It can be seen on my face...
ever since l saw your photo. And... - And?
And your heart's condition was known from your eyes.
Do you have a coin? - A coin? Yes, l have. Why?
lt's believed that by putting a coin here, one's desires are fulfilled.
ls it? Here's a coin for you, and one for me. l'll put it rightaway.
Not like this. Turn away first.
What did you pray for? - For the purpose of my visit...
to be fulfilled. - Really?
Yes. And you? - My goal has been fulfilled as it.
You're already addressing me informally now.
Don't address me formally henceforth.
Greetings. - How do you do?
l'm sorry, dear. l couldn't come to receive you in Rome. l don't keep well.
Please, sir. Why did you take the trouble of coming to the airport?
No trouble at all. l've been waiting for this joyous occasion since years.
You were such a little child when l cradled you in my arms.
Like Ratandas, l too have placed my hopes on you.
How about proceeding for home now? - Let's go. Come on!
Our friend, Mr. Jai. - Friend...?
How did he accompany you? - What do you mean?
As soon as l got your call, l reached here and attacked him.
But he got saved. - l see. It means, he's here too.
Who's he? And who's this one? - He's his duplicate.
He's useful for us. Now he will do that agent's work. Understand?
l understand. Very good.
Did you get any news about Sethi? - No, that bastard is a cheat.
Because of him, all our customers are after me.
l've ordered my boys to shoot him the moment he is sighted.
Don't worry. We will find Sethi. Where can he go?
Which hotel have you booked? - Hotel Hilton.
Looks like that agent had come and stayed in this hotel.
And left before receiving the message. - It's also possible that...
Mala must've left that message. Let me ask him.
Let's go to the room and telephone from there.
Dial this number, Shabnam.
Jai, you lift that telephone.
Say that you got the message and that you are Jai speaking. Okay?
Hello, l've got your message. l'm Jai speaking.
The code-name? - Delhi friend.
There's a slight change in the programme.
The deal will be done on the 19th now, instead of the 20th...
because Sethi has informed that he expects danger from the gangsters.
Ask him where Sethi is? - Where is Sethi?
He didn't reveal. Our representative will meet you this evening at five...
alongwith the 50,OOO dollars for the deal.
The same code-word.
Bravo, Jai. You have been amazing.
We got the entire secret all by itself. And the 50,OOO dollars too.
l suppose l too will have a share in it?
Perhaps he's the one. Go and check. - Don't be scared. Go!
Where are you running, idiot? - This is murder!
But you guys killed him! - Not us, you killed him.
What do you mean? - He came to meet you...
you took the dollars from him... and killed him. Finish!
You make me do your work, and then level accusations?
Speak slowly. Nobody will accuse you. But if you leave our work half-way...
we'll be forced to inform the police. Understand? Now come on.
You think too much. But we are helpless.
All this is part of our profession. Come on.
No, l'm not in a mood.
Perhaps because you've seen death for the first time in life today.
l cannot bear all that is part of your business.
That's the reason why l've brought in this atmosphere so that...
you forget everything. Come on, drink. Everything will be fine.
What shamelessness is this? - We've got such a big sum!
l want a taxi to the airport. - Over there!
Sorry, baby! Obstacles! Better luck next time!
So you tried to escape?
You forgot that the police can arrest you for that murder.
Who's trying to escape? l was feeling suffocated in that atmosphere.
So l came out for fresh air. - Shut up! Don't try to act smart.
lf you repeat such a thing again...
all the six bullets will be pumped inside your body. Understand?
Don't scream!
You cannot harm me till your work in Venice is completed.
ls it? Where's your passport?
Now you can go wherever you like. Come on, Marconi.
Let's go.
What're you doing, Jai? - Love.
Liar! You were dancing with that girl there. You were running with her.
All that was a rehearsal. The real scene will begin now.
No, Jai. Don't do that. - This is what you want, don't you?
No, please...
No! Oh no!
ls this how one makes love? - l'll teach you that later.
First tell me who you people are! What's the reality about you people?
What's the secret behind the government's documents?
Under whose directions did you trap me? Tell me!
l don't know anything. l don't know anybody except for Ramesh.
Who's Ramesh's boss? - l don't know anything.
Lie! You're lying!
Do you know which floor this is? The fifth floor.
l want the truth. Or you go down! - No, don't be mad.
Even if you throw me down, what'll be the outcome?
You cannot run from here. Your passport is with Ramesh.
And only l can get it for you.
l know that you hate me. But remember...
lf there's anyone who will help you, it will be this shameless girl.
How do you do, sir? Let me take you to your favourite seat.
Mr. Golmes is from Goa. So he can speak Hindustani well.
What'll you drink? Whiskey? Brandy? - No, l don't drink liquor.
Really? Then how about orange iuice?
Mala, it has only been a few days since you have met me.
Still, you've accepted me as if you know me since years.
One doesn't need time to accept someone.
But... - But what?
Do you see this pool?
Looks like the two shores have merged with each other.
But when we reach there, the closeness will remain a distance.
l didn't understand what you mean to say.
Supposing our closeness becomes distanced?
Don't say so. We haven't been united to be separated.
We'll always remain together. - And if you were to know someday...
that l'm not the Jai, whom you expected. What then?
You're fooling me again! Even if l were to accept what you say...
then l'll remove him from my heart. And l'll continue to live...
in the heart of the one... whom l've set in my heart.
Yes, but what about my habit of forgetting?
What if l forget everything after marriage?
ls that all? Even if you forget, l'll remind you everything.
Do you remember when we first spoke about love?
l do
l remember everything about you - Really?
l remember the time when we first spoke of love
l remember everything about you
How could you forget our romance?
What do l call you? - Madcap
What do l call you? - l told you,... madcap
l meet so many, and l forget them
l know
l'm absent-minded
l know
l meet so many, and l forget them
l'm absent-minded
Look, l forgot something... please remind me
What's my name? - Of all, you forget your name?
What's my name? - Stranger
What do l call you? - Madcap
All right, l'll make note of everything
l hope you'll remember to do that? - Of course, l will
l'll write down all the promises and vows l made to you
Don't forget to do that. - No way
l'll make note of everything
l'll write down all the promises and vows l made to you
l'll write your name first
What's your name?
What's your name? - Sultana
What do l call you? - Madcap
Hello? Who're you? - Delhi friend.
What...? Where're you calling from? - From Lisbon.
Lisbon? How did you reach there? - It's a strange incident.
After speaking to you in Rome, l learnt that l've a lookalike...
who's coming to Lisbon. l had a couple of free days.
l reached here on his track. But he's not here.
Oh! Now l understand! He's surely come here.
And he has spoiled things for us. - What do you mean?
Don't ask me anything. Come to Rome immediately, and meet me.
l fear that he might reach Venice before you do.
You've pulled a long face, Mr. Jai? The beauty in Venice is so fantastic!
l was thinking something. - You're always thinking.
This time l was thinking for you people, not for my sake.
There's Sethi there. He recognises you guys. If he sees me with you...
the tables will turn even before the task is accomplished.
l will shoot him the moment l see him.
You've spoken wisely. - It'll be in our interest...
to stay in separate hotels. You and Marconi in one place.
l and Jai in a different place.
Dear Mala, l'm sorry for leaving without meeting you
But l don't want to keep you under a wrong impression any longer
l'm not the Jai whom you were waiting for
l hope you will surely meet your Jai
l'll never forget the few days spent with you. Jai
No, Jai.
Can l sit here?
Don't drive me away. l will go away in a short while.
lt's a beautiful place.
lf one has a companion, a few days can be spent very merrily.
But you will leave tomorrow itself.
Perhaps you've forgotten that the devils who have trapped me...
will wipe out all evidence of their crime after the job is done.
One of the bullets in Ramesh's pistol is intended for me.
No, Jai. l won't let that happen.
You'll be free after the work is done. l promise.
Girls like you make promises so that they can be broken.
Say whatever you like, l won't mind it.
But l'll surely say that when l ensnared you in my trap...
l hadn't thought that the hunter will herself become the prey.
Anyway, hadn't you asked me the secret of the government's documents?
Listen...if an enemy country were to get some of those notes...
our country can be at a great risk.
Despite knowing the truth, you are hands-in-glove with these traitors?
l was merely following Ramesh's directions.
Remember, the day Ramesh's work is done, he'll kill you too.
But l don't care about it now. l've decided what l need to do.
Here...if one bullet from Ramesh's pistol is meant for you...
all the bullets in this pistol are meant for your defense.
And here's your passport.
Why this sympathy for me all of a sudden?
Not sympathy. It's an ordinary gift from an abominable woman...
in the name of my failed love.
l don't know whether l should love or hate this gesture of yours.
You always hate.
Why don't you love once and see for yourself?
You will go to the world of your own people tomorrow.
Can you not give me just this evening?
What does that mean? - He's missing his beloved...
he says... - No... sing it.
All right
Romance is a tale so short
lt could be love, it could be passion
The boatman says...
he's missing someone
Reminiscing old stories, old memories...
it could be love, it could be passion
Life is short...
yet it gives nothing but pain and sorrows
Life is short...
yet it gives nothing but pain and sorrows
Embrace me, the weather is inviting
This could be love, this could be passion
Romance is a tale so short
lt could be love, it could be passion
Where have the two of you been? - For a ride in the boat.
You haven't come here to romance. Understand?
l haven't come here. You've brought me here.
So before doing your work, l was doing some of my work.
Shut up. We've to reach the casino this evening at six. Here's the bag.
lt contains the dollars. - Real or fake?
Fake. The real ones are meant to be given to you.
l know very well what you'll give me. - Is it?
This parrot is speaking too much now.
l'm Delhi friend.
You've been too delayed. l'd been waiting for you.
Tell me, what's gone wrong? - l think your lookalike...
has shot dead our man, and has escaped with the 50,OOO dollars.
lt means he knows about all our movements.
l'll have to be alert at the deal this evening.
The deal is scheduled not for tomorrow, but this evening itself.
This evening? - Yes. And there's no flight...
to Venice before 8. - Charter a plane or a helicopter...
but if that man reaches the casino before me, there'll be chaos.
Come on.
Such a big responsibility on the two of them is not the right thing.
You're right, Marconi.
After today, our paths will be different.
l don't know whether we will meet again or not...
but l'll never forget all that you've done for me.
Take care.
Go to sixth floor toilet.
Sixth floor toilet.
Who? - Delhi friend.
You've reached in time. Shut the door.
How do you do? l've heard a lot about you.
Have you brought the amount?
First the tape, and the code book.
What if l don't give you anything, and shoot you dead?
You won't do that because you've promised.
l know how to keep a promise.
Here's the film, and the code-book.
Stop! Do you mind if l listen to the tape?
You may listen to the tape later. - Listen to it...
while we count the money. Business is business.
Reverse your revolvers.
Now give me the revolvers one at a time. You first.
Give it to me.
Now you...
Now let me see who shoots whom.
Job done? - Yes.
Very good. Where's the tape? - With me.
Give it to me.
Catch me if you can.
What're you doing? - Why did you do this?
Swine! You saved him! - Shut up! l've saved you, not him.
Firing a bullet here is sure to land us behind bars.
Go there, Shabnam. Marconi, follow me!
Damn it! What now? He has escaped! - Where can he escape?
Must've gone to Lisbon. Come with me. - Hurry up.
You bastard! How dare you cheat Sethi! Take him!
You bastard! How dare you cheat Sethi!
You wanted to run away with the tape and code-book for free?
Tape and code-book? l've iust arrived. - You liar! 50,OOO dollars.
Or code-book and tape book. - You see, l...
lf he doesn't agree easily, eliminate this rascal.
What happened, Martin?
Where did you go without seeing me? Tell me, Jai.
Mala, the thing is that l...
Never mind. Now that you've come, l'm very happy.
Daddy, see who's come. Come on, Jai.
Where had you gone for the two days? - Greetings.
l'd some work. Dad has given this letter for you.
A letter from Ratandas? You're giving it to me after so many days?
lt so happened that... - What could the poor guy do?
After all, he's used to forgetting.
l hope you remember you had been here? - Yes, l do remember that.
lt's all right. There's only one way...
to correct the memory of forgetful youths like you.
l'll send a telegram to Ratandas and ask him to come here...
so that both of you can be married.
Go and take rest. - Come on, Jai.
Look, l got this photo after you left.
Remember we had got it clicked in Rome? - Yes... l remember. It's nice.
After you left, l used to speak to the photo.
About what? - As to why you went away...
where you've gone away, and when you will return.
You came back because of my true love.
Here...keep your letter. Why did you write that you aren't my Jai?
You know, Jai. l couldn't even eat or sleep properly for the two days.
You got so close in a mere two days?
One doesn't need time to possess somebody or to submit oneself.
Perhaps you are right.
But there are people, who are unable to get love despite deserving it.
You will go to the world of your own people tomorrow
Can you not give me just this evening?
Hey! Where are you lost?
The song... - So you remembered a song?
Song? No, actually l'm very tired. l want to rest for a while.
l was so happy at meeting you that l didn't remember.
Take rest. We will go to Golmes restaurant in the evening. Okay?
What do you want to drink? - l'll have a pineapple.
You had said that you don't drink alcohol?
l did. But that was a lie!
There's a lot of difference in the Jai of that day and today.
ls there a casino here where l can gamble?
You want to gamble too? - Yes.
Perhaps you don't know that l am a gambler.
And l never lose in gambling.
But today it seems as if l will be losing in the gamble of life.
What's wrong with you? Have l made some mistake?
Not at all. Relax.
Long time no see
Where have you been?
What do l call a friend who ignores?
You don't know me, you haven't recognised me yet
lt's sad
Not even a handshake at meeting
lt's sad
Not even a handshake at meeting
lt's sad
Not even a handshake at meeting
Why do you ignore me?
Look into my eyes...
call me closer, and ask me why l'm complaining
Ask me
You don't know me, you haven't recognised me yet
Let's go.
Carry on, Mala. - You...?
Just leave.
lt was nobody but you
lt was nobody but me
lt was nobody but you
lt was nobody but me
You and l were friends... there was a fire in our hearts too
l don't know if it was infatuation, or if it was love
You don't know me, you haven't recognised me yet
What happened? - Jai beat us and ran away.
Do you have his address? - Of course! l'll call up Deepchand.
My child, he got violent in the hotel with somebody.
l wonder how he has become so different suddenly.
After what happened today, even l've become suspicious.
Could he be another person? - You're right, Mala.
You? - l'm not that person.
Then who are you? - l'm not Ratandas' son...
but his partner. - What?
Yes. l don't know the Ratandas that you knew.
But today's Ratandas is a cheat, fraud and a wicked person.
You're accusing my friend! - He's not your friend...
but your enemy. His son died long ago. - What?
Yes. He sent me here as his son so that l could marry...
your daughter and acquire your wealth.
But after coming here, when l saw how decent you are...
l was forced to reveal the truth. - Then who is the other person?
He's my lookalike, whom l don't know. - Lookalike?
And you didn't even try to know who he is?
l too got to know about it just a few days earlier.
But l should say that whoever my lookalike is...
he is a patriot, and his work is of honesty...
not of cheat and fraud, like mine.
lt's a strange coincidence that both of us worked for the other...
without knowing about it. Whatever happened has happened for good.
l wish that you forgive me, and the one whom you've considered as Jai...
you should favour him.
But what'll you reply to Ratandas after you reach Bombay?
That Umashankar's son cannot become Ratandas' son.
Whose son? What name did you say? - Umashankar.
The one who was in Lahore before partition?
Come with me.
Here, identify Umashankar in this album.
He's my father. And this is you! How did you get this picture?
Son, we are childhood friends. We got separated after partition.
Ever since, l had been searching for you folks.
With God's grace, l've met you today.
Then who could be that lookalike? - It must surely be your brother.
Look, the picture of you two.
He? My brother? My real brother? - Yes.
He was lost at Ambala station in his childhood.
lt means he must have Ieft for that job.
What iob?
To get this code-book and tape...
after which dangerous criminals are hankering.
Both these items are very precious for our Indian government.
l'm convinced that my brother will come here to obtain these items.
l want you to give these to him. And if he doesn't come, hand it over...
to the Indian Embassy. - You don't have to take the trouble.
We, who've a right over it, have arrived.
So you've come here too? - For your sake.
Hand over these items to us. - Not at all.
Telephone the police, Mala.
Telephone line cut. And servants are tied up. No use, my dear old man.
Hand over this tape and code-book to us without making any fuss.
Otherwise... - Not even if l've to lose my life.
You will lose your life later.
First, the dead bodies of your future wife and father-in-law will be seen.
One last chance... hand over that tape and code-book. Otherwise...
lf you become too difficult, l'll pull the trigger...
and your face will explode into pieces like a water-melon.
Tie him up. l'll tie both of them and fix a time-bomb. Take him away.
How long will it take to reach the airport via the hotel?
Say about 45 minutes. - 45 minutes? It's 9 now.
When our plane takes off, these guys will take off from the world.
Why not take this car with us? - Good idea.
Ramesh! Has the iob been done? - Yes. Have our seats been confirmed?
No, there's no flight for India before 12 o'clock tomorrow.
This place is not safe. - Why not proceed to Madrid...
and catch a plane from there?
Confirm our seats. Meanwhile, we will pack our luggage.
Mala...? How did this happen? Who did all this?
Two crooks. They've even tied up daddy.
Switch off that clock first. It's a time-bomb.
All this...
So l've found you finally.
Do you know who he is? - Very well.
He's the person who made a wrong use of being my lookalike.
He traded the country's security with traitors in return for money.
l won't spare this traitor alive. Tell me, where's the tape?
What're you doing, dear? You are hitting your own brother?
l he misled you too. And you believed him?
Perhaps you don't know that l'm the only son of Colonel Chopra.
No, he must have raised you.
Actually, you're the sons of my dear friend Umashankar.
Your name is Viiay, and he is Jai.
There's a mark over here on your body.
There indeed is.
Viiay, he told me about everything.
We've the same blood flowing in our veins. We are one.
My brother!
First we should search those crooks who have taken away...
that tape and the code-book.
ln which rooms are that Indian dancer and her associates?
They've already gone. But they have left a note for Mr. Jai.
But who's Mr. Jai among the two? - l'm the one.
Jai, l'm taking them to Madrid through Lisbon Express
l hope we will meet. Shabnam
Brother, the train is coming. Jump carefully.
l'll meet you ahead on that road. All right?
But where is she? - Who're you referring to?
Because of whom such a difficult mission has become successful.
You mean...Shabnam? She's tired. She's relaxing in the compartment.
l'll also go and relax with her in her compartment.
lf there's no Shabnam, there's nothing. You see...
What's up?
Our days of union have come very close, darling.
Boss will be so happy by getting the code-book...
that he will ask me to ask for anything.
What'll you ask for? - l'll ask for you.
But you've left the code-book behind in the compartment.
What if somebody steals it? - Don't be silly.
l keep that code-book very carefully on my person.
Didn't l say that life is nothing without Shabnam around?
Beautiful girl!
l'm sweating for you!
l want to give you...
l want to give you the status as my special queen.
What nonsense! - How wonde_ul!
What a voice! What a style! - Gosh!
What nonsense is this? Who are you? - Secretary...
l'm crazy about you. - What're you doing? Leave me.
Secretary, l could die for her indifference.
Present everybody with a bottle of... - Champagne.
Ah, yes. Champagne!
His Highness is asking for the names. - l'm Ramesh, and he's Marconi.
Not you two people.
Beautiful girl! Tell me your name yourself.
Secretary, where's that necklace which l bought for 2 million dinars?
You had presented that necklace to the airhostess in yesterday's flight.
Did l? - Yes, Your Highness.
lt doesn't matter. As of now, as a symbol of my love...
l present this necklace of mine to her shapely neck.
Please accept it.
l'm Jai.
Come on, madam. Take leave from them. Come on.
What nonsense! She's my fiancee! l'm going to be married to her.
Your bad luck! Marry somebody else.
Yes, marry someone else.
Come on, beautiful girl.
You cannot take her iust like that. - Secretary!
Give him dollars, pounds, dinar, or... - Minar...?
Yes, give him whatever he likes. l'm buying this young and beautiful girl.
Listen, Ramesh...
collect whatever dollars and pounds you can, from this idiot.
l'll make him a double fool, and be right back.
Let's go, beautiful girl.
Sell her off, Ramesh. And collect the cash.
Give the money, secretary.
Drink champagne. Meanwhile, l'll bring the money.
l'll go with you.
l'd never imagined that l'll meet you again.
lt's all thanks to you.
Know who the secretary is? - Who is he?
He's my twin brother. - Really?
Yes. He has come here searching for the tape and code-book.
Any idea where Ramesh has hidden them? - He has kept it hidden on his person.
Scream! - No, no! Don't!
Open the door, Shabnam.
What's the matter? Open the door.
What happened?
Who are you? What do you want? - l'll tell you rightaway.
Stand near the door. l'll deal with him.
Where's the tape and the code-book? - l don't have it.
Where's the tape and code-book? - l don't have it.
Where is it? Tell me. - It's not with me.
Jai, search him.
Move off, you shameless girl!
Till yesterday you were faking love for me and today, you are on his side?
What's this, eh?
Run, Marconi.
Let's go, brother.
See you.
Jai, our work is not over yet.
You go to Bombay with the tape and code-book.
l'll telephone the police chief. He'll meet you at the airport.
Hand over these items to him. - Don't worry.
l'll protect these items with my life. - Offer my love to the sister...
whom l don't remember at all. l'll meet her the moment l reach there.
You...? - Dear, l'm Deepchand.
She's my daughter Mala. - l see! So you are Mala?
Please come inside. Brother Jai had written to me all about you.
l had met both your brothers. They asked us to come here.
Both brothers? - Yes. Jai and Vijay.
Viiay had been lost in his childhood. Fortunately, they've got united.
They'll reach here in a day or two. - Is it? Please come.
You've called to say that they escaped with the code-book and the film?
Come back with Shabnam immediately.
And ask Marconi to await my instructions.
Lily, give me the photo of that CID agent.
Alert all our men at the airport.
And when this man comes back from abroad, bring him to me.
Lily, contact Ratandas.
What's the matter, Mr. Saxena? You sound very worried?
Ramesh said that you'd sent somebody to Lisbon to get married.
Yes, that's Jai. He worked in our gambling gang.
Do you know that he and his twin brother...
have taken our code-book and the tape and escaped?
l didn't know that he had a twin brother too?
Anyway, don't worry. His sister is here itself.
Kidnap her, right now!
Mr. Jai, wait here. Mr. Senverma will meet you right here.
Our man hasn't arrived. - Maybe in the next flight.
l'm Senverma. - Good morning, sir. l'm Jai.
The tape and code-book is in this. - Thank you, Jai.
You aren't safe, Jai. Come with me. My car will drop you.
Dear partner, your sister Madhu, Mala and Deepchand are my guests as of now
Come at once if you wish to meet them. Your partner, Ratandas
Come Jai.
Where are they? - In my guest-house.
They're comfortable. It was my duty to look after them in your absence.
l've come to take them. - What's the hurry?
l'm telling you... - Yes! Deepchand tells me...
you're Umashankar's son. He was my friend. l'm glad.
Forget the past, and Iet's start afresh.
Welcome, Mr. Nath.
l've done your iob. But... - Why hide from him?
He's my partner. In fact, he's like my own son.
Got it?
Here's your K-2 plan. - Let's see.
The priceless secret of the country's security.
What're you doing, Mr. Nath? - All this is because of you.
lf you hadn't made me Iose in gambling...
l wouldn't have had to come here to repay the debts.
l want to seek shelter in some other city with my wife and kids.
Return me my possessions and the balance amount.
Settle his account!
Ratandas, you did well.
This should be the punishment for a traitor...
First you fleeced him. Then you made him steal government documents.
And now you killed him? - If you're sympathetic towards him...
Where's my sister? Where's Mala, and where's her father? Tell me!
Wow! You changed colours the moment you got hold of a pistol?
You tell me first...where's the tape and the code-book?
What? Does it mean that you too...? - Just answer my questions. Else...
Tell me, otherwise l will shoot everybody dead.
Whenever l give this pistol to my assistant...
it contains only one bullet. And it has already been fired.
Take him away. - What? K-2 plan has been stolen?
How? Where's Nath? Find out where he is.
What happened of the tape? - We played the tape.
Sethi has conveyed that there's a businessman named Saxena in Goa...
who traps government officers and obtains military secrets from them.
And through dance films, he sends those secrets to foreign governments.
Even he doesn't know the whereabouts of Saxena's hideout.
Surely this man has stolen the K-2 plans.
Looks like l'll have to go out and check if the car has come or not.
Check our baggage. Meanwhile, l'll go out and check.
Don't worry. l'm with you.
Take this lighter. It's fitted with a camera.
And this revolver is for your protection.
Lift? Hippy Colony...? - l'm sorry. We aren't going that way.
Let the poor fellow come. Come on. - O beautiful lady!
You get inside. Driver, Ieave him at the Hippy colony!
Will you take me there? - Yes, sir. Please come.
What place is this? - This is the place where boss lives.
Hey! Who are you? - Hare Rama Hare Krishna!
What nonsense! - l'm the boss' man!
Look! l've brought drugs for him. From Rome. Marconi has sent me.
Oh! Marconi? Lobo, take him to boss.
Boss, Marconi has telephoned!
We have found the K-2 plan.
Come quickly with the plane to the private airport.
We'll leave the place shortly.
You're beautiful, young and smart, with a lovely name. Shabnam.
He's my partner. Ratandas.
l'm glad that you staked your life for my work.
But l regret that we lost a game which we had won.
Doesn't matter. Winning and losing is part of the game. What say, Ratandas?
Both of them fooled you and escaped. But one of them is in our custody now.
Jai...? - Yes.
The same one whom you loved, and who cheated you and disappeared.
lt's a lie. l never loved him. - You didn't, did you? l'm convinced.
But you've to do one more work.
Enquire from Jai where that film and code-book is.
lf he doesn't reveal, eliminate him.
Panaii Police Station?
This is Viiay speaking, from the Central Intelligence.
Where are you speaking from? From Saxena's hideout?
l'll reach there with the police. You hold them there.
Are you surprised that after you Ieft us at the train to die...
how come we survived and came here?
Anyway, forget it.
l'm feeling very disturbed to find you in this condition.
By the way, l've convinced boss to release you.
All you have to tell is where's your brother, the tape and the code-book?
You rascal!
This is the reply of your abuses and this is for your slaps in the train.
What's this? After all, you have Ioved Jai... of course you faked it.
Move aside. Let me ask him.
Jai, you're my partner, as well as my friend.
lf you don't reveal everything...
alongwith you, these poor people too will lose their lives.
l've already told you... l don't know anything.
You know everything. And you will reveal too.
There is still time. Reveal everything.
Else they will all die within 5 minutes.
Come on...hurry up.
Come on.
Alert all the guards and surround the place. Nobody should go out.
Bravo, girl. l applaud your courage!
You killed one of my associates in my own den?
l'll reward you for this bravery.
Shoot dead this girl's beloved in front of her eyes.
No, Ramesh. Don't!
Who is it? - One brother to save another.
Viiay! - Brother!
Your game is over, Saxena.
My pistol is aimed at the middle of your dreadful eyes.
Before l fire, ask your guards to drop their guns.
Guards! Drop your guns!
You too.
Kill him!
Let me tackle him, brother!
Watch out, Jai!
Open the gate.
Here's your bag, boss. All the items are kept in it.
Don't let anybody pass through.
Open the gate.
Arrest all of them.
Saxena has escaped with Shabnam. Jai's after him. We've to follow him.
Hurry up.
Start the plane, Marconi. - The plane won't start now, Saxena.
You? - Yes, it's me.
Your destination is not abroad, but the police station.
And he won't take you there. l will.
Arrest him. And take possession of the plane.
Sir, this is the K-2 plan. - Thank you.
l'm proud of you and your brother.
Both you brothers risked your lives...
and did a great iob for the country.
And Mala and Shabnam too have co-operated you very bravely.
Mr. Deepchand, on this happy occasion, get them both married.
So that you could be made to host a grand party.
Just one party won't do.
lf there are two marriages, there should be two parties.
One from him, and the other from you.