Peugeot RCZ review

Uploaded by autoblogger on 27.12.2010

We've complained to Peugeot for years about them building very ugly cars.
But they've made up for it, with the RCZ.
And this is it.
Peugeot introduced this car in 2007 as a concept.
And I never thought they'd build it...
...because they haven't built very exciting cars over the last couple of years.
But they've proven me wrong...'s in production now. The RCZ has become a very nice car.
With its two bulges in the roof and the polished aluminum roof arches.
It looks very nice.
A car in this color almost never looks nice...
...but this car is a beauty. I think it looks great.
I'd never thought I'd say that about a modern Peugeot.
I'm stunned.
Do you see my stunned look?
That said, looks aren't everything.
This car should also handle nicely.
There's a reason why we waited a while to test the RCZ.
At first, there only was the children's version...
...the 1.6 turbo with 156 hp.
That sounds nice, and it probably drives fine too...
...but it isn't something to brag about to your mates.
They'll say their wive's Panda also has 156 hp.
It isn't very impressive, while one of the reasons for buying this car is to impress.
Fortunately there's a new engine which is the most powerful at the moment.
It's also a 1.6 turbo, but with a few upgrades.
It has 200 hp. That is still not enough for this car.
That's also a hint about how it handles.
There's nothing wrong with that.
You can corner it nicely, just like Peugeots of the old days.
But not really like the Peugeots of the old days, like the 205 GTI...
...because that car was frankly dangerous for the untrained driver.
It doesn't have that character.
You can also say that's a shame...
...because that playfulness and trickiness are a kick for the experienced driver.
Driving your car on the limit.
This RCZ isn't meant for that.
I'd like an even hotter version of the RCZ, to be honest.
It puts those 200 hp on the road with great ease.
Even when you're being a bit of a hooligan, something I hardly ever do...
...only for testing purposes.
It handles it easily.
This car begs for a quicker version.
Maybe an RCZ GTI, an RCZ S or whatever... long as it has more horsepower.
It also looks like it's very quick...
...with those nice smooth lines and its pop-up spoiler.
It comes up at speeds which are illegal in Holland, at about 77 mph.
If you look at its performance, you can see that there's some space left.
0-62 takes 7.6 seconds, that could be quicker.
This car deserves some extra power.
Its top speed is 144 mph...
...that's fine.
There's also a diesel for those who drive a lot.
That's allowed nowadays since Audi has done that with the TT TDI...
...and Alfa Romeo with the Brera and the GT with all sorts of JTDs.
Nowadays it's fine to have a diesel in a coupe.
This is a car that should primarily make you feel good.
The exterior helps with that, but the interior should also be right.
And, with the exception of a few small things, it does.
It has a nice low roof line, nice seats.
This test car is fitted with leather seats, so it looks the part.
They do cost 2700 euro, but beauty hurts.
The dashboard is covered in something that looks like leather, I don't know if it's real.
It does feel like leather. It all looks very nice.
Nice dials. It has an ugly Peugeot steering wheel though.
There's optional sat nav.
Some small details are different from the 1.6...
...the steering wheel is a bit smaller and the gear stick is half an inch shorter.
Another difference is that the 200 hp version has a soundbox.
It makes a kind of suction noise when you hit the throttle at about 2500 and 3000 rpm... I'm doing now. So when I step on it you hear it roar...
...and suck in air.
You don't hear that on the outside, so you won't disturb your neighbors.
Pretty neat.
The only real letdown in the interior, is behind the wheel.
There are some buttons to control the cruise control and the audio...
...and you don't really feel it when you press them, there's not much feedback.
And that plastic looks really cheap.
They would never have done that at Audi.
The French don't really seem to care about stuff you hardly see.
This RCZ is quite a good car... I can imagine people wanting to buy it.
That's why there's a long waiting list in Holland.
If you were to order one now, you'll probably get it some time next year.
It sells really well.
We've taken a good look at the car, and it's very easy to make a convertible version.
Just take the roof arches off. The roof easily fits in the spacious trunk.
Of course there'll be one.
For the 34,700 euro for the 200 hp...
...or the 31,5 grand for the 156 hp, you get a very fun car.
I can't really think of a competitor that matches that.
The Audi TT is more expensive, but also quicker.
The Scirocco is much more like a three-door Golf.
Other manufacturers just don't have cars like this.
So Peugeot's done great.
We only need one with more power.
Can I put it here?