[Interview] Bas Rutten (3/3)

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How long will it take for the ambulance to get here?
We can leave him there do you still need him?
Everything will be alright. I will do it.
Good luck.
Say when. Go! Anytime!
Was it hard Dennis?
If i say its brutal, it really is.
Do they ever go KO? No.
What's nice: behind these mountains is Malibu beach.
Where they surf.
Yeah you go through the mountains, tunnels.
And then youre on the best beach of California
Your last fight was in 2004. 2006.
Against Ruben... Ruben Villareal.
Yeah, not a very good opponent.
A last minute replacement for Kimo Leopoldo.
Like i said, it was a lot of money and i was happy that he got in.
So that was easy.
I cracked a rib, tore a muscle, my knees were swollen.
So i didnt have a lot of torque in my punches.
I hit him hard but i thought: low kicks.
Three or four low kicks and it was over.
Was that your last game?
Your last match? Oh yeah.
Do you miss it?
Yeah, a lot. I miss the training which i cant do anymore.
Because of my knees, kicking bags is very hard:
I have to make sure that i kick in exactly the right spot.
If i kick a straight bag upwards, my knee will twist which is a nightmare.
But I still do some strength training.
I just started training. I had this group of soldiers visiting me
I didn't do anything for a year and two weeks ago they left
they inspired me so much that i started working out again.
Now we've got to get back.
That'll be fun with my knees.
Uphill is ok, but downhill is awefull. It hurts.
Shall we say goodbye here? Sure, ok.
Thanks for exhausting me. You're welcome.
No i like this better
And i've talked to Bas Rutten.
From Holland with love, we always say.
Beautiful, isn't it?